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  1. Hi everyone, I have a loooong rant/story ahead, if you care for the backstory here. I would really appreciate genuine responses because this is a really big decision for me and I’d like to make an informed one. Dividing this between story and the actual question. (Story=Quote) The Ropefish. I adore my ropefish so very much. They’re considered an oddball fish – not terribly common, more of a weird-people only fish. I’m sure I’ll need to explain what these are like. Here’s a profile: http://www.seriouslyfish.com/species/erpetoichthys-calabaricus/ I have already witnessed several accounts of Ropefish and Discus co-habiting, but what about fancies? Now look, I completely and totally understand why goldfish are generally kept in a species tank. They're filthy. But just as I am aware of that, I am aware that there are fish that break the mold, much like Dojo Loaches (which I know people have successfully kept with Orandas). Now before you look at Ropefish and scream and shout at me for even considering this, imagine a ropefish as a large but much more calm Dojo Loach. A predator yes, but playful and nothin’ but gentleman. They aren’t aggressive and only consider small fish to be food. They are hardy, and they eat from my hand so I don’t really need to worry about the goldfish out competing them for food. In my opinion, the only thing that’s up in the air is the recommended temperature for the ropefish. Some sources say 73-86, some say 79-86. I would get more opinions about the specific needs of the ropefish before going forward with anything, but basically I wanted to get opinions from the goldfish experts first. My ropes are currently with my lone Angelfish and kept at 79F. Not comfortable with keeping fancy goldfish at higher than 75F. I feel confident that my set up and water change habits from raising discus will enable me to keep a happy and healthy goldfish tank. The tank is a 105 gallon w/ two Marineland C-360s and I have a nearly automatic water change setup with aged municipal water. So keeping up with water quality really isn’t a chore for me. So… thoughts? Anyone ever try this combination?
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