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  1. Prazi and metro together? What about the 0.3% salt? Did you see my post on asking how to proceed on their quarantine? Wondering if I got the salt amount right and whether to use a heater or not and that they were exposed to ICH and Anchor Worm so I wonder if I should add Dimilin etc.? My fish are still waiting in a 1 gallon bowl until I know the answer on the salt questions, I don't want to add too much ect. Can you go take a look at that post in Quarantine please?
  2. Here is a video of my 2 new goldfish. My Lionhead is always chasing my smaller Fantail goldfish especially at feeding time, should I worry about this behavior? Is the Lionhead being aggressive? Or could it be male chasing female type of chasing?
  3. Ooops, I didn't know that they should be QT'd in different tanks! Guess its too late now, especially seeing I only have 1 QT tank anyway
  4. I have my 2 new fish in the QT tank for the last 4 days and I raised it by 0.1% of salt for 3 days to 0.3% of salt....I think. That is one question I have because I'm not good at math at all. I'm using the Morton's canning salt so the quarantine instructions say 3/4 teaspoon instead of 1 teaspoon per gallon, So how much is that to bring 10 gallons up to 0.3% of salt? I came up with 7 tablespoons, 1 teaspoon and 1/2 teaspoon, which filled the measuring cup up to almost a half cup. Is that correct? It just seemed to look like too much salt. I want to make sure before I add it to their QT tank so for right now I have them just sitting in a bowl of water until I find out because I just did a 100% water change today. Also the QT instructions say salt for at least 1 week. I'm not using a heater but should I be? These 2 fish came from a pet store tank where it appeared that all of the black moor goldfish have a bad case of ICH and several of the Oranda goldfish definitely have Anchor Worms. I do not see any ICH bumps or Anchor Worms attached to the goldfish that I have brought home...yet... but I want to take precautions and treat accordingly if you think it is necessary. Should I keep the salt at 0.3% for longer than a week or not and with or without a heater? Should I start anything like Prazi or Dimilin yet? Can those be used with salt? I thought I'd be able to QT these fish by myself but I feel better with some guidance because it has been years since I last had a new fish being quarantined. Thanks for taking the time to help me out with things I should probably already know
  5. Better put a lock on the QT tank LOL! I like that! "Lisachu" its perfect
  6. I knew it was a bad idea to "just look" at the fish in PetSmart a few days ago.....I ended up with a tiny little bronze colored fantail goldfish. It will probably turn all orange later on, who knows. But it was so cute and he/she was the smallest goldfish in the tank. I don't have a name yet, I'm still trying to think of a good one. But then...... I was grocery shopping in a neighboring town the very next day, when we were passing by the local independent pet store that I bought a couple of my goldfish from before in years past (Tricycle & Creamsicle) ....well you guessed it, I had to go and "just look" here too. Then I saw a goldfish I have never had before, not sure if he/she is a Lion Head, maybe you guys can let me know? It was just labeled as a "Fancy Goldfish" and it is a calico. When I have time later I'll get their weights and measurements.
  7. The Ammonia and Nitrite tests have both been consistently at 0 for one week so far without having to add Prime. Is it OK to add another goldfish now from the QT tank?
  8. Ok I think. Popsicle is doing good back in the 40, but looks like it has 0.25 of ammonia, so not sure what to do about that, but there is no Nitrites. In the QT tank Creamsicle still lays on the bottom but is constantly active and still has a great appetite. Also still in QT is Dreamsicle who now has a red area near the end of his tail, its not streaking, but like patchy red, poor fishy. Not sure if anything can be done for that or not. Thanks for your concern, I appreciate it
  9. I've had back problems again that are ongoing so I didn't get the tank set up until a few days ago. I added the ceramic media from the AC 30 to the AC 70, and replaced with new media in the AC 30. I added the rest of the ceramic media that I had to one of the AC 70 and mixed in the used media. In the 2nd AC 70 I just have a sponge until my new ceramic media arrives in the mail which may be by tomorrow. Yesterday I added one goldfish to the 40B tank, which was Popsicle because he is the one showing no signs of sickness so he is the healthiest of the 3. Today at 24 hours later, I checked the Ammonia and Nitrite and both are zero. I fed Popsicle half of his usual portion of pellets. Are Ammonia and Nitrite the only things that I need to check right now daily? Day 1~ Ammonia 0 Nitrite~ 0
  10. When I fed my snails, I would drop some wafers in right before bed when the lights in the tank were already turned off for a while and the room was dark, by then the fish were asleep and the snails could forage for food during the night un interrupted. Mine like the "Hikari bottom feeder Sinking Wafers" and the "Omega One Veggie Rounds" the best. My snails loved baby spinach leaves, cucumber slices, and zucchini slices held on to the side of the tank by a fish veggie clip. You can get cuttlebones from the pet bird section of the store.
  11. Ok, to say it nicely, I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed and I'm probably the main reason why they published all of the how-to books titled "An idiots guide to-------(fill in the blank) Anyway for those who don't know, 3 of my goldfish have been treated in quarantine for the past 2 weeks, and during that time I bleached their 40B main tank and equipment to nuke it. Well, it seems the goldfish have a virus and not a bacterial illness so they can't be cured My fiancé was against contaminating the main tank again after nuking it, but I convinced him that 3 goldfish can not continue to live in a 10 gallon QT tank forever so I want to recycle their main tank and need someone brave enough and have enough patients to walk a dunce like me thru the cycle process and daily water testing results. I did read the article here on how to do a fishless cycle but still would be more comfortable if I get some help as well. I don't think the fish could handle a fish-in cycle after reading about how stressful that can be to fish. Ok so I bought brand new CaribSea sand and new Aqua Clear sponges for their AQ 70 filters on the 40B. I'm going to order a little more ceramic filter media to add later because I only have 1 mesh bag left. I do have 1 goldfish tank left that has never had any issues yet or any sick fish, that is Wishing Star's 20 gallon tank. Wish has an AC mini (20?) and AC 30 so I was thinking of taking the filter media bag out of the bigger filter to put in the 40B's AC 70. Should I split the bag between the two AC 70s or just add it to one of the 70s? How much sooner can the 40B be cycled with Wish's filter media added? So who is up for a challenge to help me out please? Thank you!
  12. I just finished up the 2 week meds, even though you said it was viral. Dreamsicle is still the same, except his eye looks less puffy now, Creamsicle is still bottom sitting but now she lays on her side when at rest. Popsicle is fine still. If it is a virus, does that mean it is contagious? If so why doesn't Popsicle show any signs of sickness? Is Popsicle a carrier of the virus too now even if he doesn't seem sick? Guess I have to put them back in the 40B now that quarantine is over. Should I keep them in the QT tank until I cycle the main tank, or do I have to do I cycle it with the 3 goldfish in the 40? It has been sitting dry since I bleached it all. Are viruses killed by bleach too like bacteria? Just wondering if I'd be able to reuse the tank in the future with different fish.
  13. We got done cleaning everything plus the tank yesterday. The filters had to be soaked in vinegar first because they were so limed up, then we bleached them, got new AC sponges and CaribSea sand. But now since I read this to him he doesn't want to infect the tank again if it can't be cured and wants them to stay in the QT tank or even go into the 20 gallon long tank that Wishing Star is in and put Wish into the nuked 40B tank. But I told him 3 can't live in a 10 gal QT tank or even in a 20 gallon either. We don't have any money left after the fish meds, vinegar, and bleach etc.so I can't buy any Focus or Paraguard. I haven't fasted them and I haven't given them any green foods so I don't know. Their bellies feel like regular firmness, not really hard and not squishy soft either. Gill colors all look normal too, and no problems breathing or anything like that. How did they get a virus after all these years and no new fish, shared nets/equipment etc. or anything? This is so devastating, plus I'm not even over Tricycle passing away, now all of this bad stuff is happening.
  14. Update: Dreamsicle is the same still. Popsicle looks ok, Creamsicle went from floating upside down on the surface to now floating upside down on the bottom for the past 3 days.
  15. Ok so my back is feeling a bit better today so I want to get my 40 breeder tank drained and bleached because of a goldfish illness. Ok, so how do I bleach the tank and glass hood? It would be hard to just fill it to bleach it, so can I just pour bleach in the tank with a little bit of water after draining it and just wipe down the sides and glass hood to keep it wet often? How long do I let the bleach water sit for and what part bleach to what part water ratio? I planed on bleaching my pond pump and hose in their 5 gallon water change bucket then turn it on to circulate in the bucket to bleach everything, then use a separate bucket to bleach the decorations, plastic plants, heater, and the Aqua Clear filter cases and media holders. But how do I bleach the AC motor itself? can it be submerged in the bleach water too? I don't know if AC motors are watertight from the outside to be submerged. Also how long to let it soak in the bleach water? After rinsing tank and equipment, I was told to add Prime to neutralize the chlorine in the bleach, so how much prime to add per gallon? Is it 2 drops per gallon like the directions say for normal wc, or do I have to add more? How do I disinfect my decretive vine plant airline tubing? It is narrow green air tubes with plastic plants on it, it's supposed to be made to disguise air lines in aquariums (see picture of vine tubing) I will need to boil their 3 aquarium rocks and bio media, so how long do I boil it for to kill the illness? I'm just going to toss out the old sand and buy new CaribSea sand so I don't have to worry about disinfecting all of that sand and this is going to be more than enough to do with my back aching after my back going out
  16. The measuring spoons arrived today! I added the Oxy this morning using the 1/16th spoon. I added the Prime as 2 drops per gallon today as well. Tomorrow I'll do the 100% WC and re add the Meds. A few questions: Do I need to keep the tank lights off? I didn't know if any of the meds were light sensitive. Am I supposed to be feeding them light meals instead of their regular meal portions?
  17. Good idea, I'll try it out on the scale. If it doesn't work, I'll wait for the spoons, Thanks a million for the info and quick answer!
  18. I do have a digital kitchen type scale that I use to weigh the goldfish, What weight would 1/16 of a teaspoon be? When I dose the prime on non WC days, do I add it as 2 drops per gallon like the instructions say like when doing an actual WC? I did order some of those measuring spoons last night, they estimate them to arrive on May 16th.
  19. Got the rest of the meds late today from UPS. I was going to clean out the QT tank that is still full of water from when Tricycle was in it, but I hurt my back yesterday, it went out so I couldn't clean the QT tank. I'll see if I can do it tomorrow. But what I have is a 3 box set of Furan 2, and 2 tubes of MetroPlex, and a 100 gram jar of Oxytetracycline Hydrochloride. I was just reading the directions for the Oxy and it says 1/4 tsp per 40 gallons, so what measurement would that be for a 10 gallon tank?
  20. Well, I'm still waiting for the meds to arrive in the mail. It is estimated to arrive by the 9th to the 10th of May. The updates are that Dreamsicle is still the same with is eye and bumpy patch, Popsicle has a little bit of red veining in his tail, and that Creamsicle is back to floating upside down on the surface of the water. She was starting to do so well for several days with staying upright and able to swim to the bottom to sift thru the sand and sleep in her usual spot in the corner by the bubble stone and plants. Now just overnight she is back to surface floating upside down and when she tries to swim down at feeding times she can only get down like an inch then pops back up to the surface. I haven't been feeding them anything new, just the same foods in the same amounts. But it seems like she started to get better those few days after I fed them a treat of cook peas 2 days before that, so I'm not sure if that is a coincidence or not. I fed her a cooked pea today to see what happens with that.
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