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  1. Thanks!!! Going to so that now. Don't know where I would be without this forum. [emoji13]
  2. Here is the somewhat finished look. Thanks everyone for your recommendations. I will consider a few more plants to add in another suction cup as pictured. Possibly two more cups at most then I am officially done. Hoping the Mapani would doesn't give me to much trouble in terms of coloring. I don't believe it will as it sat since yesterday in the same temp of water that I use for the tank without running. There are a few other plants that caught my attention that I am unsure of. I will post them momentarily.
  3. I have one other question. Would the same application manner apply to plants that resemble grass. Wondering how they can be attached. The roots are completely different.
  4. Here is an image of the wood. It's wet from soaking. I poured the water it was soaking in off and it was extremely light from tannis barely noticeable. It sat in a two gallon bucket. My tank is a 30 gallon. Decided to refill and will check on it later on tonight. I boiled it for about 4 hours yesterday changing out the water every time I noticed a dark red tint until it began to lighten.
  5. I recall seeing ferns. How do you attach them as the root structure is different?
  6. Thank you so much. Super excited. Can't wait to add plants to the wood. Thank you so much!!!
  7. Is Gorilla glue sold in aquatic stores or in stores such as walmart? Walmart should carry it. I use superglue Gel from walmart. Thank you. I have a few errands to run and will look for it. Any particular brand?
  8. Thank you and I will . What is holding your plants near the filter? Nice setup The basket at the top? That's a bath caddy from Walmart. Wow that is very creative!!!
  9. Is Gorilla glue sold in aquatic stores or in stores such as walmart?
  10. Thank you and I will . What is holding your plants near the filter? Nice setup
  11. Nice! I do a lot with Anubias and this is beautiful! Any photos of it in your tank? Here's one...sorry it's not the best photo: Very nice. What was used to keep them rooted to your wood?
  12. I have a bare bottom tank for my two Orandas. I started out with gravel and decided to remove it. I did a water change today and decided to alter the tank a bit more. I received a few suggestions for bare tanks and one included adding Mapani and or driftwood for live plants. I removed the fake plants as it looked odd in a bare bottom tank and purchased a bubble disk which is working much better than the wand. I brought the Mapani home, boiled it for about five hours then allowed it to sit in room temperature water. I then changed out the water for a larger bucket so that it can sit overnight. Appears that the tannis from the wood is no longer bleeding. When I changed the cooler water, the water was no longer a tea color. It ran clear....will see what the water yields tomorrow. I swung by a few pet stores. Petco had a fern that is sold on decorative shapes ornaments. They look really nice however I declined to purchase because the fern was in tanks with schools and communities of fish. I was worried about what I might be bringing home to my girls. . Our one and only reputable aquatic store, I'm in charleston, SC were all out of fern. Wish my options were better. My question is what other types of plants would be good for attaching to Mapani that are fancy goldfish friendly? I have an automatic light control that runs for four hours in the morning and three hours in the evening. Please if you will kindly recommend the ease of growth and the amount of light source needed if known. The temp in my tank is 69 degrees not sure of this information is helpful or not. Also I thought of using suctions attached to the side glass for holding some plants as well to give the impression of a fuller look. Is this to farfetched? Finally how are the plants attached to the wood? I was advised by a Petco associate that all aquarium plants must be anchored by covering with gravel which I do not have. I knew this to be incorrect as I have seen many tanks without any gravel. Thanks everyone!!!
  13. Hi justin. It's part of the intake flow I believe. It allows you to control the flow by adjusting.
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