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  1. Really when you culture your GF fry in like this earthen pond will become mature after 3 months and ready for breeding !!

    Did you mean bay warmer something like heater !!

    If yeas i leave in tropical country a very hot climate, even winter its about 75 F or 33 C .

  2. Your fry need clean water to survive. Any uneaten food should be removed as soon as the fry are done eating their food. Changing the water in a fry aquarium should be done more often than with adult fish, since they need to be fed more often than adult fish and are often crammed into less space.

    There are very few alternatives to Prazi. The full name for the medication is Praziquantel. That is what you need to look for.

    Also, I would suggest lowering the level of water in your tank to about 6 inches in depth. Do not introduce the filter until the fry are 2-3 weeks old at least, so that they aren't pushed around by the current during early development. Until that point, use an airstone to circulate the water. Increase your water by 1 inch every week until the aquarium is full. This will help prevent against issues with the swim bladder.

    Dear ChelseaM today i clean my water and siphoning the aquarium but all the fries disturbed and siphoned and am return them back to the aquarium three of patched dead ! And i'm starting to change 1/4 of the aquarium water .

    But bow my fries start to look off white colored . And this its like jinx for me [emoji48] coz this is the starting of mortality as per my past fries caring experience .

    Yet now no any Praziquantel or other prazi medication available in my country . But looking for alternative .

    Dose any recommendation regarding feeding plan !

  3. From the above video dose i need to w/c the aquarium on daily bases? As i know its harm for the fries before completing one month age !!

    I'm never ever making siphoning for my aquarium dose it effecting fries mortality?

  4. Hi Hassan,

    I have no personal experience with prazi and fry. Prazi is a wormer and appears, I believe, in Wormer Plus or in Flukesolve. Here, it is a major ingredient in cat wormer. Perhaps there is a similar product where you are. Here is a short thread about prazi and fry.


    Really i need to know more about prazi !!

    My plan is to searching alternative solution for this medication .

    If you get any new info please let me know


  5. Now its 5 days and my fries start swim freely as per the video and photos its very nice ranchu offspring and its very frustrating to lose this patch again so help me please.

    Sorry for not good quality/cleanse aquariums but, am busy of producing aquarium environment noise me more than showing.

    You see my DIY sponge filter my new idea to put stoned in the free space under the sponge did you think its accelerate the biological filtration !! .

    Start to feed 8-10 drops 4 times/day infsoria.

    Please advise about my next step.






    For more details this a video


  6. 1- preparing my glass aquarium like the one in the video three to four male with one female .

    2- removing parents and let the eggs hatch , no methylene blue no salt no any white eggs removing.

    3- after three days eggs start to look as fish just air stone no sponge filter or any water change .

    4- when all the fries start to swim free am start feeding boiled egg yolk sac three to four eye drops per day .

    5 from the day 10 fries start to look colorless or little bit whit then start mortality

    About 10 - 25 fries per day .

    5 all the patch dead about 15 days !!!

    Note : i'm tray to feed only infsoria then bulleted fish feeds. But no changes

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