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  1. Normally Mamas eat eggs since Dads chasing [emoji12] , you can check a diary of breeding threads above , its might take 3-4 days to see black eyes . No food another 3 days its will be full of 6 days .
  2. This a photos of one day age https://vimeo.com/114389855 And this video after 3 days for my 2,5" girl babies, so cute [emoji5]️
  3. Yes this my plan to show it as you do ( Diary ) but still am suffering from low space for my fries , my plan to prepare a wooden tank for fries until retching fingerlings size then culturing in earthen pond , to be documented ASAP
  4. From this video and your past Ranchu diary video and after culling its look your patch end with few high quality fish , i plan to earthen pond my patch after one month age , medium quality offspring with good price about 2$ .
  5. That sound very nice ( congrats) , same i got today my Ranchu breeding early morning but unfortunately not documented . Then whats your next plan ?
  6. Its second week of my fries in the new cement tank, Its hardly to capture photos but this what i got . I see small stranger swimmer!!! , i feed them to the parent daily [emoji4]
  7. Fish need space, high quality water and food as needed. I rich about 1 KG wight for my GF in one year (earthen pond )
  8. Its not a circular water change or loop. Normally i use my vacuum tube for siphoning and when its come to refill i use the drip way as you see in this video its take 1-2 hour smooth change to avoid fast water change and spin crack from the current .
  9. Usually i move my fries after 2 - 3 weeks to a big cement tank 2*3 meter for fast rising . But i will post a photos ASAP.
  10. You give me avery massive information from 5% Survive now it's about 7% loose [emoji4]. you deserve half of my treasure [emoji225][emoji226][emoji227]
  11. And this is my first fluke rid session
  12. This video showed drip way of fry water change. https://vimeo.com/113703249
  13. Today after usual checking for my goldfish fries earthen pond Hapa, really thousands of mayfly seen stick on the corners of the Hapa , and many beetles observed on the surface of the pond to gulping air and as i know beetles in the larvae stage is fry enemy . First do you think its not mayfly and larvae for some predators . Second how to fight all this predators specially the black beetles !!
  14. Yes when i googling mayfly its same to what i captured .
  15. Unfortunately when i moved it its dead rapidly !! But i think there are more to rising in my tank [emoji6]
  16. Thanks Lis, now i know it [emoji5]️ And other one in big size observed . I don't think its effecting the fries
  17. I don't really know what this . I see it jerky swim with my fries , Do any body know it ?
  18. Dear Mikroll greetings and thanks for your support. I lost your E-mail for more contact , the medication i have anti whiteSpot and other parasite, my scares are to loose the parents from the medication ! My Temp about 25 C , and my treatment as the normal room temperature also about 25 30 C , its 1 day treatment and changing 1/2 of the water day after and 1/2 water at day 4 . Its only one time medication . My normal feeding after fry yolk sac finished normal aquarium algae plus Infsouria. After about 10 days polluted adult food . Boiled yellow chicken used for my past patch but now stopped , [emoji5]️
  19. ChelseaM greetings from the Nile valley [emoji4] about a week ago looking for Prazi but its not available in our local pet shop therefore I'm using Formaldehyde and malachite green , yes significant fries loose observed but no any alternative solution, should i treat the fries again ? When ? As you see my parents never stop breeding and i plan to reduce my loose , my next plan to minimize my treatment dose its about 22 drops per 11 gallons.
  20. Hello yesterday and today after using FGM for my fries , about half of the fries rest on the bottom of the tank (fluke rid !! ) and others swimming freely without any problem about 5% of my fries rest on the button with spinels crocked and with shape of crescent but still alive ! Could you explain to me is it ok or not ?
  21. Today i use Formalin and Malachite Green at 8:00 AM 22 drops per 12 gallons no any stress showed in my fries . As per medication its not recommended for flukes , as general and after googling i think any parasite cure can do good in Trematoda medication No any hand held pocket in our normal bookshop but this what I got from the market. Its not work well but showed me the fries general condition [emoji4]
  22. Today i use Formalin and Malachite Green at 8:00 AM 22 drops per 12 gallons no any stress showed in my fries . As per medication its not recommended for flukes , as general and after googling i think any parasite cure can do good in Trematoda medication
  23. Thank you mikroll for the valued information you provide me, my plan for goldfish as ornamental for the time being , my past experience in fish farm tilapia , nile perch and catfish so hard for me , As the photo posted above for Sera Co. Parasite medication which containing ; Composition as follow : Malachite green oxalate 0,18 g, formaldehyde solution 5,89 g, Another expert tel me to use it as prazi but with full care But now i confused should i do prazi as preventive medication or wait to see my fries start to change in habits, i mean what are the chive indictor of fry flukes ? And when to start my treatment now one week age ! Thanks again Mikroll
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