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  1. Today after checking my cement tank for capturing photos really i couldn't figure out my fish . I mean quality and variety does lack of guanine effecting my fry ?

    Is it refer to the parents or environment ?

    * I'm never culling at all






  2. I hope that you're able to find exactly what you're looking for. Both of my fry were only discovered when they were dime sized, so I have no good info to share with you. Lol!

    When you managing 5 fry aquariums in one time a logbook will be the solution i think [emoji6]
  3. My father used to do this. He didn't have a template, but used an ordinary diary-style notebook. It's fun to read his obsession with his hobby now. He bred guppies, not goldfish.

    Your father is a real aquarist [emoji106] I remember Cichlid and Catfish fry breeders using a logbook but i lost it, its a PDF .

  4. Hi! Sorry this baby isn't feeling well. Could you please fill out this form, it will help the mods to understand the issue.

    You might wanna wait before doing anything, please don't put salt directly on the tail.

    Test Results for the Following:

    *Unfortunately no any shops that selling water test kits in our country .

    I can't provide you accurate info about my water parameters.

    * water temperature about 20 C

    * 30 gallons running about 1 year ago

    * BOYU filter 1500 L/H

    * every two days 35% W/C

    * Yesterday about 35% W/C

    * my food called White Rose pelleted size + Misquote larvae , consumed in 7 mints three times a day.

    * yes two new (looking healthy [emoji54] ) fish added from my cement tank week ago .

    * no any medication before even no salt before no Prazi etc .

    * Fish under normal observation excellent condition and active no any up normality observed .

  5. Today early morning i so one of my little baby fish tails white and bloody as i think its like fungus , i remember some one told me to use normal salt direct to the tail if its okay ? but will never prevent contamination others !


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