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  1. Congratolation [emoji4] hatching Tempreatuer upper than 20 C effecting fry spine curve . If you dust adult food to feeding fry its look red stomach in your fry, could you post a photo .
  2. I have a problem in GF variety & quality. No any warmers in our local pet shop , therefore am using Formalin/Malachite Green ones per hatch after one week , I think this is the major fact of fry loose .
  3. Today after checking my cement tank for capturing photos really i couldn't figure out my fish . I mean quality and variety does lack of guanine effecting my fry ? Is it refer to the parents or environment ? * I'm never culling at all
  4. Thanks really impressive [emoji5]️
  5. Congratulation : but the video of fry eating BBS . My question : current like this Will cause fry SBD or broken spine ?
  6. Net applied but still beetles larvae seen . No any opportunistic birds except two big african Frog !!
  7. When you managing 5 fry aquariums in one time a logbook will be the solution i think [emoji6]
  8. So me start using a notebook but am looking for template to fill or to tick . This my note book
  9. Your father is a real aquarist [emoji106] I remember Cichlid and Catfish fry breeders using a logbook but i lost it, its a PDF .
  10. Dose anybody using a logbook for rising and managing fry or any templet for this ?
  11. The one from the back and down is it Tango ?
  12. [emoji4][emoji4][emoji4] Thank you No no Sharon give me a how to .
  13. Yes all other are actively swimming without problem.
  14. Did you mean i have to run a quarantine system
  15. *Unfortunately no any shops that selling water test kits in our country . I can't provide you accurate info about my water parameters. * water temperature about 20 C * 30 gallons running about 1 year ago * BOYU filter 1500 L/H * every two days 35% W/C * Yesterday about 35% W/C * my food called White Rose pelleted size + Misquote larvae , consumed in 7 mints three times a day. * yes two new (looking healthy [emoji54] ) fish added from my cement tank week ago . * no any medication before even no salt before no Prazi etc . * Fish under normal observation excellent condition and active no any up normality observed .
  16. Today early morning i so one of my little baby fish tails white and bloody as i think its like fungus , i remember some one told me to use normal salt direct to the tail if its okay ? but will never prevent contamination others !
  17. Sorry to hear that your Sakura lost , i wish your offspring compensate you .
  18. They are three weeks old but not that too much babies its only 30 fry .
  19. Yesterday i check my first fries and now its like .
  20. Naming Goldfish give a jinx for your fish . As i heard and my near past .
  21. From the photo you post you might see them tomorrow swimming jerky . Congratulation
  22. This is my two glass bottles Daphnia culturing from yellowish water pond but the question is when should i feed it to my fries since its three days free swimming ? Actually my breeding started on 9 Dec, from my observation its little bit bigger than fries mouth ! https://vimeo.com/114467505
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