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  1. Those appear to be Ryukin or short-tailed fantails to me. Whichever they are, they are gorgeous. I really enjoy the ball-like shapes.

    Thanks, about 70 % offspring showed Ryukin signs, but the top view of this fish little deferent .

  2. Ohhhh i really love that fish!!!! Wow!

    I wouldn't call it a wakin. Maybe a short tail ryukin (one of my favorites :heart) but more likely a fantail with a really short tail. :idont

    Do you plan on keeping it?

    Thanks a lot, Ryukin that mean some hump development but still not showed! the grandmother Ranchu This explain to me the curve at the spine,

    No i'm not plan to keep it [emoji17] I need more space for breeding still the Temp 22C .

  3. What were the parents? The body looks more like that of a fancy goldfish than a typical long-bodied fish.

    The Grandmother Ranchu. Matte female , about three males sharing chasing (redcap, calico fantail, and one other ! )

  4. we are unable to see external parasites such as flukes without a microscope....

    if your fish are flashing/darting, then that is a symptom commonly displayed by fish which are affected by flukes.

    Helen, I don't know (How-to/sop's) using microscope even its not cheap in our local shop.

    My plan to get Monocular Bresser asap. But i will do a preventive medication .

  5. You'd use the same stuff that you were recommended to treat your fry with to treat the adults. It's always important to treat for parasites at least once a year, or up to 3 times per year.

    By the way, that little white one is a male. All of those breeding stars he has are just stunning!

    Oky next week i will do first round medication for them .

    Thanks [emoji5]️ After medication i will use the white male with wild female in breeding just to know what my offspring will looks like .

  6. Posting a photos for my fish to know ! Experts note : my fish flashing from Flukes or Worms parasites . I'm confused! if you advising me , should i have to treat my fish from parasite or they are healthy ?





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