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  1. Do the parents have big wens?No just one of the males have big wen
  2. Its will be long time, just food and wait, may the sunny climate plus high Temp influencing the wen to grow slowly ?
  3. I put a piece of meat on land and wait small ants to gather then feed them to my fish its really looks delicious .
  4. Second time breeding from Oranda but not big wen development , am never feed bloodwormes or other HQ food . Does it require certain age to develop ?
  5. One of my goldfish hatched on april looks like a redcap but still the hood not developed yet, could you advice me about feeding or technique for influencing the hood to grow fast !
  6. Thanks Mandy, waiting to see them how they will look likes after Three Month [emoji4]
  7. This my first breeding 2015, its like Handel with care [emoji6] I use my air-tube to move my 2days old eggs to anew tank eggs age one day about 17 two days old eggs They are still inside a clear ball
  8. First time to get a big [emoji106] is it my new year wishes come true [emoji5]️
  9. Much appreciated , do you recommend me to to do another spawn like this ?
  10. Thanks, about 70 % offspring showed Ryukin signs, but the top view of this fish little deferent .
  11. Thanks a lot, Ryukin that mean some hump development but still not showed! the grandmother Ranchu This explain to me the curve at the spine, No i'm not plan to keep it [emoji17] I need more space for breeding still the Temp 22C .
  12. This photo from side and other view angles
  13. My camera busy flowing Santa [emoji188] Soon i will do
  14. The Grandmother Ranchu. Matte female , about three males sharing chasing (redcap, calico fantail, and one other ! )
  15. I brod this fish four month ago , when i see this from top view its give me a look like wakin could you advice me .
  16. September Ryukin harvesting [emoji5]️ https://vimeo.com/115621977
  17. Usually some of the fry stay on the bottom of the tank and other buoyancy and gulping, as mentioned above keep you water level Max 6" for 2 week . Some swimming trouble from the food that hard to digest.
  18. Also you can check http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/forum/index.php?/topic/117296-medicating-fry%2E/page__view__findpost__p__1739174
  19. You need to do PRAZI for flukes , if your fry two week age and surface / gulped that mean wormer / parasite could effecting your fry . praziquantel is a common treatment you have to check How-to first .
  20. Helen, I don't know (How-to/sop's) using microscope even its not cheap in our local shop. My plan to get Monocular Bresser asap. But i will do a preventive medication .
  21. Oky next week i will do first round medication for them . Thanks [emoji5]️ After medication i will use the white male with wild female in breeding just to know what my offspring will looks like .
  22. about 20C ideal for fry to rise, i face the same problem and after experts advising me now its okay [emoji4]
  23. Posting a photos for my fish to know ! Experts note : my fish flashing from Flukes or Worms parasites . I'm confused! if you advising me , should i have to treat my fish from parasite or they are healthy ?
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