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  1. Yes stars are a chive indicator for your fish as male.

    In my near past experience female to female chasing observed i think just to force the other female to scatter her eggs for a meal.

  2. Thanks Helen to whats you give me , that mean its hardly to categorize from the things i mentioned , since its not well known parents .

    Might i kept a fish with deformity because am not culling at all , i got a picture for one of them its not that good quality photo.


  3. Hey,

    I am pretty sure my tri butterfly is female. A couple of the other butterflies are chasing her around the tank. I have no( seen any breeding stars) on these fish but looking at their vents i think they might be male. Its been going on for 2 days now.

    Do you think its spawning behaivour or bullying?

    I observed female to female chasing last week just to hunting the eggs.

    My past experience with males without stars showed no sperm.

    Its looks like lazy spawning behavior.

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