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  1. I feed in the main tank , catching larvae from the cement tank then feeding my girls on the other tank .
  2. Yes stars are a chive indicator for your fish as male. In my near past experience female to female chasing observed i think just to force the other female to scatter her eggs for a meal.
  3. I wonder ! Why still not available as freeze , that day you can order a good package of mosquito larvae [emoji5]️
  4. They are so lazy when i feed them pellet food , but they showing real fish appetite when i do this .
  5. This video to showing mosquito larvae feeding two time /day for my Females to influencing next full moon Breeding [emoji4] https://vimeo.com/117788579
  6. Thanks Koko[emoji4] its looks like wait and see issue , from side view a little wen growing .
  7. Seeking assessment for my male GF still he looking like Oranda but not that big win could you advice me.
  8. Wooow thats amazing the last photo [emoji2]
  9. For my second breeding 4 Dec 2014 now they looks like a fish, only about 25% survive .
  10. A new baby's waiting in cool time for 8 days for hatching. Tow days after yolk sac ( a Commit mama with Oranda and calico dads) All the breeding mops busy that am using artificial plant https://vimeo.com/116938608
  11. Thanks Helen to whats you give me , that mean its hardly to categorize from the things i mentioned , since its not well known parents . Might i kept a fish with deformity because am not culling at all , i got a picture for one of them its not that good quality photo.
  12. If your fish showed a curve from the dorsal to the end of the peduncle and tail its like a Ranchu, But with a dorsal fin , its give a looks like Wakin , Ryukin i don't know really still confused , i will capture a photo to make it clear .
  13. Your males must showed stars on pectorals fin and gill This photo may help
  14. When i'm looking for my goldfish from the side view the peduncle and tail looking deferent so i'm looking for advice about variety of goldfish from peduncle and tail !
  15. Ooh Amazing juveniles i wonder how you reach this size at aquarium , very lovely the dot eyes .
  16. The book from internet. " Compleat Aquarium Guide " yes he mentioned it as hummer but he explain the mistake of the bowl keeping . For me any one ad advice to keep goldfish at A bowl he accept to keep goldfish as "disposable animal" just for funny !
  17. GREAT! Its a happy new year for you fish .
  18. May juveniles will become vary, coz i introduced other males for excellent fertilization.
  19. I can't wait to see how juveniles will looks like .
  20. I capture this moment today ! I called it (Twins Chase). I wonder how other males know the pretty female [emoji6] https://vimeo.com/116050779
  21. I observed female to female chasing last week just to hunting the eggs. My past experience with males without stars showed no sperm. Its looks like lazy spawning behavior.
  22. I will tray to improve my fish quality , i will post more photos after high protein feeding .
  23. Thank you so much [emoji5]️, i wish to see his hoods developing, by the way he is a male [emoji3]
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