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  1. Are you looking to use it as a cap over dirt? Actually I want to fill up about 3" of river sand 2mm to 4 mm particles and some sand . will that be suitable?
  2. Not tyring to hijack the thread... but I want to ask a question here if I can use thin river sand in my tank?
  3. Ok fine... I added agar agar a whole pack about 50gms powder and warmed up for 4 mins. I stirred it well while warming. Yes I fo have a blender but its already too thin to blend again. Suppose if it doesnot set, then it will melt again (since I am re-doing it again)
  4. So you think I should add more gelatin? And.. No I simply let it cool down for an hour after mixing and then it goes in the freezer.
  5. Can anyone post a picture of the gel food please. I also make food for Goldfish, but unfortunately my food clouds the water. Recipe 1. 1/2 kg pumpkin gritted and boiled 2. 3 bunches of spinach blanched 3. 3 pcs of carrot blanched 4. 1 capsule multi vitamin 5. 1 capsule of garlic powder 6. 1 bunch ( about 200gms) asparagus blanched 7. 50gms of red chilli powder paste 8. 1 bell of red pepper I blend it into a paste and pour it into a bowl and then I add 2 tb spoons of gelatin in water, melt it till its yellow liquid-seperate jar Pour the water into the mixture and keep it in microwave for 3 min. Let it cool down and after that keep it in the freezer. But the only thing is, that when i bring it out and cut it into small pcs its melts and clouds the water. What wrong am I doing? Please guide..
  6. Wow that pond picture is soothing to the eyes, its so beautiful. And you write it so well as if I were reading a fairy tale. Well..I love to see my goldies swim here and there. The first thing in the morning I do is feed them, and then I start my day
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