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  1. This is a really catching layout, loving that rock wall
  2. Neat! What a great fishiversary woo! Beautiful buggers
  4. I've traveled to Watertown NY to pick up fish ordered from ECR. Besides having to pay a ton of tax, we did fine
  5. Oh ya, they're too big to be lunch. Depending on how everyone grows it may have to be adjusted later, which is fine as I'm not short on tubs. My other half was crushed when I said that the babies couldn't go in the main tank until they were too large to fit in everyone's mouths. He was all "But your big ones are growing so fast! The babies will never get too big for Opal's mouth! Nothing is too big for Opal's mouth!"
  6. He's so pudgy! BBS has made a difference for sure. It's okay, I've been doing the updates in my blog mostly Thanks! It makes it a lot less nerve wracking to have 4 lol Yes ma'am, a full dorsal. I was worried it'd be vestigial but over time it filled right out. So far all double tailed and it looks like 1 of the 3 new babies is going to have a dorsal as well. The BBS has amped growth up and the top surfer is down with the rest now.
  7. UPDATE: The lone fry is 5 weeks old today! Thought I'd update with a few pictures! 5 more hatched from a second spawning almost two weeks ago, 3 survived. Here they are; Thought I'd share, and thanks for looking! All the advice was much appreciated. -Amy
  8. Wow, the blue oranda and Calico ranchu are just fantastic, a great order of fish! Sorry to hear packaging was sub par but glad everyone came out on top
  9. Congrats, they're beautiful! Do you have plans for their destinations?
  10. I have inquired at my local petsmart and I know my location in Kingston, Ontario imports fancies from China. Avalon is from petsmart. Arrival (1.5" tl); 2.5 months later (foreground 3.25"tl); She grows at the same pace as my other fish, though not as eloquently formed I've seen a video interview concerning a petsmart Oranda winning Best In Show somewhere...if you've got a good eye great things can happen! Happy picking!
  11. Thanks guys, I'm glad everyone is enjoying the photos. I had a blast! I'll be sure to repeat process next time I do it
  12. How about combining a pub crawl with an aquarium crawl?! May lead to some bad choices, but hey it would be fun! Yes. Yes. How about combining a pub crawl with an aquarium crawl?! May lead to some bad choices, but hey it would be fun! That sounds like great fun Definitely yes. I want this to happen.
  13. I had to! Such a sharp pattern, there were a few with racing stripes almost
  14. Picking out the Kirin was hard. I stood there staring so long that Will brought me a chair Ah! Danger! Lol I could never, it was extremely difficult to only take two. I would have had room for more but I wanted fish that really jumped out at me and these were the only two that did
  15. Luckys had the best ryukin, but my favorite store had to be Kowloon. They staff were great and I even heard them explaining and advising QT to customers. Neither store had any ill fish although the pearlscale tanks in both had 1 or 2 dead fish that looked healthy otherwise. I will definitely be stopping at both again in the spring, this is really the best season for GF in Canada and until April quality stock will be hard to come by.
  16. If you do...Pictures! Haha and more will come! And aquarium crawling was a blast, just wish I had a better camera and more time. No problem Thank you! I almost became a ryukin keeper lol it was dangerous. Mei alone was worth the trip I was so sad I didn't have a kokonut with me, I kept saying things exactly like that haha and my partner is developing a good eye but even still he rolled his eyes once or twice and gave me a head pat, I was so pumped!The hong kong female will be excellent when she's done. Here are some terribly lit QT photos guys;
  17. On my travels this weekend I decided to go on an "aquarium crawl" and visit the following stores; -Big Al's Hamilton -Luckys Aquarium -Kowloon Aquarium -PJ's Pets Markham I didn't take photos at PJs as they were almost completely out of stock. I neglected to visit Dragon King for similar reasons. Their anticipated shipment did not arrive Saturday and they were running low on goldfish stock. I didn't visit Big Als Scarborough or PJs Scarborough because I knew I'd be able to get red and whites of better quality at luckys or kowloon and they had nothing else. So without further adieu LUCKYS AQUARIUM KOWLOON AQUARIUM BIG ALS HAMILTON They also had two massive 7 ft sharks and other stock. I apologize for photo quality and that I didn't take more but I was in a rush. And my two selections; BIYOU She has tons of blue and a great wen with cute wee jowls And MEI Her back curve and tail angle are much better than I could get a photo of, I'm extremely excited to groom her up. With some good food and lots of WC I'm sure she'll fill out well. Thanks for looking guys and Happy thanksgiving to my fellow Canadians!
  18. Absolutely love what you've done here! Fantastic layout, everything is really natural and cohesive. Welcome and glad to have you!
  19. TOP: Sunny May 27/14 BOTTOM: Sunny October 3/14 4.6" tl, 3.4" growth since rescue 4 months ago
  20. I am beyond jealous of your plant situation. I have never seen such full, healthy plants and some of those buggers are hitting the top. I can only hope some tweaking of my setup will get me there by...next year? Lol I confess. I may be an enabler. You've done fantastic Bronwyn, you know I'll be watching this more than once!
  21. Great to see a pearlie keeper! I've heard of some others who had difficulties with pearls (in store and early in qt) and sudden deaths. A few performed "autopsies" and determined the likely cause to be internal damage, assumed sustained in shipping. I'm glad yours are showing no such issues, they're freakin' adorable! Hard to find Em without the button eyes it's true, and the one in the forefront of the last photo has a great head! You should post a shot or two of them once they're settled in the pearlscale thread! Wishing you a continued uneventful QT
  22. I love relaxing and watching my tank. My life is non stop go go and it's definitely a zen moment for me. Also a huge fan of the reactions of newcomers and friends. A few have started fishkeeping after being involved with my tank/fish. I get a grin whenever someone who giggled at me keeping goldfish meets the chus for the first time...they're almost always speechless. Let's not forget that my 3 year old can say "bristlenose pleco". That's fun
  23. Right? So far so good I'll just have to keep pumping him with food and WC and we'll hope for the best! And you should be. It is such a wonderous miracle of life. I posted my brine shrimp tutorial (with photos) using cut off water bottles here I was a little relieved that my fry batch was naturally reduced to 5 and 2 fry respectively. I didn't want to have to cull or rehome them. Lisa, Waldo must be a teenager by now. Can you post a photo here (if he's still swimming in this dimension?) Thank you! The link is very helpful and hopefully I'll be able to keep updating on his progress
  24. I read through that thread and subscribed, let's hope I can do half as well for growth points! He's beautiful you did a great job
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