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  1. I recently purchased one of these fish and after a lot of research was extremely surprised at the amount of distinctive traits this strain has. Like Kirin, Edo Nishiki, Bluebelly and other types of specific SVR the black thai ranchu is its own creature. Here is a quick compilation for anyone who owns them or is thinking to buy and wanted to read a quick summary sheet of what I've learned! (Shared with permissions from Wikimedia Commons; under GNU Permissions) ORIGIN: Thailand This fish was developed from Thai SVR and lionheads added on occasion. This is about where sources stop agreeing concerning origin of the strain. At this point in time however everyone agrees that the Thai have produced the best, deepest black with the firmest hold for colour of the black SVR. Chinese SVR tend to colour red, gold/bronze or white up the belly with age. Like all black fish natural sunlight will help the black but there are many Thai Black Ranchu in tanks who have not lost their colour. In Thailand it is graded according to SVR standards and shown under a class called "Tamid". SIZE: Instead of the 6-8/8-10 inches most ranchu are said to grow to many breeders who groom this fish state it's tendency to be 5-7 inches when grown on average. With their considerable rotund girth and weight don't expect this to make a difference with bioload! COLOUR/CONFORMATION: Black is the only acceptable colour. The black is matte, and deep. When a scale goes missing, underneath is usually a bronze/gold colour (Some farms are rumored to keep these fish in ponds with mirrored bottoms to help deepen and maintain the black!). The best specimens will be black even under the head and belly with no lightening of tone. These fish have very small eyes, broad, strong heads and the wen covers the eyes. Most fish are blind, and show quality fish are expected to have this wen coverage. The wen is not trimmed. All other grading, minor and major faults are assigned according to the SVR standard. My black thai ranchu NOTES: All in all a beautiful fish, with its own distinctive traits, pros and cons. Most are said to be vigorous eaters and foragers, having no issues competing with other SVR for food despite poor sight/no sight. Standard grooming practice is a high blood worm diet with a good pellet, and crystal clean water as well (to promote wen and girth). Ocassionally difficult to reproduce this black through black to black pairing. LINKS: Below are a few links to just some of the threads, blogs, sites and photos that I found interesting concerning the "Boxerhead" ranchu! Enjoy! Black Thai Ranchu/ Tips on holding the black: http://thegoldfishhouse.wordpress.com/2009/05/07/how-to-maintain-the-blackness-of-a-black-ranchu/ Black Thai Ranchu/ Grading: http://archive.today/t2BZ1 Black Thai Ranchu/ Size Progression, Microscope and Comparison Photos: http://www.koiphen.com/forums/showthread.php?111124-Thai-black-Ranchu (This thread contains amazing detailed shots of eggs and developing black thai ranchu fry) http://ranchugardens.blogspot.ca/2011/11/full-circle.html?m=1 (This blog details a breeders success in ordering, breeding and raising black thai ranchu. Not a lot of dialogue but a lot of fry and juvenilephotos) Black Thai Ranchu/ Breeding: http://goldfishkeepers.com/forum/archive/index.php/t-740.html (A discussion amongst breeders, mostly in the US, concerning the difficulty experienced in breeding their black thai ranchu to produce equivalent black offspring) http://www.fynnmood.com/articles_banpond.html (This houses photos of a thai black ranchu only farm visited by a hobbyist club. So Neat) Black Thai Ranchu Photos: http://www.rafflesgold.com/forums/lofiversion/index.php?t5293.html (This is a link to a fynmood thread with a great discussion on blindness, some good photos and an adorable black thai ranchu joke signature) http://thegoldfishhouse.files.wordpress.com/2009/05/img_6025.jpg?w=600&h=400 http://ranchugardens.blogspot.ca/2011/09/updated-pics.html?m=1
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