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  1. Thanks so much for your replies. I will try and get some photos on but I'm not the best with technology!! I'm relieved that the fish will be coloured, it will be much easier to find them homes. I love the idea of the red and white shubs too. It will be interesting to see what they look like. I'm finding there's something quite addictive about goldfish!! I just wish I has more space! Thanks again. Shubmum
  2. Hi! I bought my children a couple of goldfish last year, a shubunkin and a common goldfish. We were very surprised to find they laid eggs this spring. I took the eggs out and started googling goldfish ALOT! I think this site is fantastic by the way, its so informative. We know have approx 30 six week old baby fish. About half are very pale with dark eyes, they are starting to get patches of colour so I'm pretty sure they will be like their mum whose a shubunkin. The others are all silvery green and metallic. I was just wondering if anyone knows if they will turn gold or not? I've read that metallic offspring of shubunkins stay green, but does anyone have experience of Shubunkin crosses. Thanks in advance!
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