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  1. I'm so relieved and happy. I know I'll miss him. But knowing he's in a "good" new home brings me joy for him. I was really worried where/who/ how!!! I'm keeping him until winter here is over. I'll meet up next month to see the layout..which is just a few blocks away from me. Here is what his new home looks like! We couldn't be more lucky!
  2. Thank you! I'm SO happy to say I found Felix a pond HoMe. I reached out to someone on Nextdoor. And they still have their pond with Koi & some Goldies. Feeling sad too...I'm gonna miss him...
  3. Hello, I'm currently looking to rehome Felix, my 8 yr old (9 yrs in January) comet. My living situation will be changing, and I won't have room for his 40 gallon breeder tank. I'd love for him to go to a really happy place , where he would be taken good care of & so this is my first post and search. I feel like this is the best goldfish community! I live in Austin TX, & I'd prefer that Felix not have to be stressed with a long journey to his new home...so hoping to find someone here & "here"
  4. Thank you, Jared!! I'm going to check out that recommended thread. We really appreciate it!
  5. Hi Everyone, It's been a while since I visit the forum. I was looking at Felix's (5 yr old Comet) medicine cabinet. And would like to have some reliable medicated food on hand. I have run out of my Medi Gold and Metro Meds, and really would hate to be unprepared. Have any of you found a good replacement? Suggestions? Thanks , Chricel and Felix!
  6. Pretty cool how you repaired it! Luckily the 40B I picked up from Petco was made without the bracket. I filled it and no bowing. I was a bit worried.
  7. They don't have to, but different brands have different designs. I think that it has to do with the thickness of glass used. I preferred one without a brace as it is easier to clean. I concur! Much easier to get around without the top brace.
  8. Sharing the info will hopefully help out the next person who needs it! The key is if the canopy has 2 pieces = braces....1 canopy piece = no brace.
  9. Thanks! Dr. FosterSmith don't carry the 36x18 to fit without the bracket. But Petco has a Tetra brand that does work
  10. Ok.. returning the Marineland one. & called Petco, they got some in and are one piece 36x18! Woot!
  11. I just got my Marineland glass canopy from F&S. I stared at the unopened box for a while, concerned at how square it was rather than rectangular So when I open it I'm a bit relieved as there are 2 pieces which sit side by side...... My 40B doesn't have the top middle bracket, only one in the bottom! I really thought I was setting this today
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