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  1. Hi again! Since I last posted Titus passed on. He went down hill very quickly (It was maybe a week in total) no bruising or swelling other than a bit constipated.. so it was terribly sad as I felt quite powerless. The others are now fine but I can't guarantee whatever it is - is gone, if the symptoms( cottonny growthy things or funny stools) come back i'll be back earlier rather than later. Thanks Dawn and KOKO for postings. QFF* x
  2. Hi guys I'm so sorry I was quiet for so long with Easter holidays and being sick myself I had to go quiet for a while. Xena got better, I followed my gut and just left her alone and things cleared up and I re introduced her to the tank although she periodically gets white patches on her body she seems otherwise fine... I've honestly no clue with her anymore... Unfortunately my other fish Titus is now on his side ( does it ever end) this coincided with an accidental large feeding. As he did manage a pea and to right himself when I initially moved him to hospital tank and was swimming around I had high hopes but now he is now back on his side and I feel totally helpless. I added some kanaplex to the water ( he has had 2 doses) Can I do anything to help him? I'm also concerned being in a hospital tank with no established filter is making him worse.. So I will take some of the filter media out and put it in his tank too?? Any advice much appreciated. QFF
  3. It's so weird I can see it on my posts on my side!!! how about now?
  4. Hello Again Thanks for advice Artic Mama, been watching her in QT and.. Here is pic of Xena's wen. As you can see this sore in her head is not improving. There was some white stuff coming out of it which I tweezed away ( wanted to see if it was a parasite) it came away as if it were puss (oozing) BUT it was white upon inspection. This is what it looks like now. I'm a little fed up and wondering what to do next?
  5. Hi Guys Here is updated photo- I'm a little sick of this now :/ As you can see the white spots on wen and larger black spots not going anywhere- 3rd round then give up or...? My main concern is whether it is safe to put her in the tank with the other two ryus who are absolutely fine....?
  6. Soo.... the symptoms have stopped reappearing but those two pesky black dots are not going away... Do you think I should do one third and final round? P.s I am sick tho lol no fishy meds for me
  7. I did So what do you think? One more round? x
  8. That's so weird It shows up on my side but not yours? Now? http://i65.tinypic.com/2qdsv4n.jpg I don't get why it's not just displaying the picture after putting in the code either- only way it works is if I cut and paste- but now you can't see it- confused.com
  9. Hi Y'all OK , great news as you can see visible signs of improvement : redness gone, black bits disappearing, but those white fuzzies keep coming... Yesterday was day 7, my gut says to do one more round, what say you? x
  10. Aha! I knew there was something!! First dose tonight.. Hippomenes is in the main tank right on schedule, Thanks so much again Koko community. Will keep you updated. P,s Dawn Michelle,just noticed your post! Thanks for the nice words as ever!! QFFx
  11. I used it once before in combination with Kanaplex a long time ago but it was in conjunction with prazi under jared's instructions for unidentified fish sickness!! Package instructions are: medicate (1 tablet to 22.5 L) day 1,2,3 water change on day 8 = 1 round. x
  12. OK! Thanks so much ☺️?? Should I just follow the packet instructions or is there a special recommended Kokos way, like with the praziquantel rounds!? QFFx
  13. As in hole in the head. OK gotcha....- Should I treat with this stuff it's what I have for it at home...
  14. What on earth is that ladies ;( ? And what do I do? I've only had her 3 weeks it can't be what I've done can it?? Should I move the other fish out of there to the main tank?
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