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  1. Thanks, Tithra, I'm sure we perceive colours differently in some respects. I think women seem to have a better vocabulary around colour... Regards, J
  2. Thanks, Tithra and TikiLola, I thought I would test the local water to see what came up, and for ammonia I got that same result as this morning: that is, not a bright yellow, but a very pale yellow, as pale as the green in .25, but with no green hue to it. At any rate, I am pretty sure our local water has no ammonia in it, but I'll have to research it. At any rate, water is crystal clear, fish are happy--so be it.... Thanks, again. Regards, Jeremy
  3. Hello All, I have been using the API Master Freshwater tests for a few months, but I have a heck of time with a few of the colours: the yellow in the ammonia, and the PH low and high. The colours that come up for PH appear so different from the colours on the tester sheet, especially at the top of the low range and the bottom of the high range. In terms of the ammonia, while my ammonia did not fit for any of the colours, it was yellow with no trace of green, but it didn't really match with the yellow at 0 or at .25. Does anyone have any advice on how to match these colours up to a tester or am I using a poor testing kit? If you have any ideas or suggestions, please let me know. Regards, Jeremy
  4. Thanks for the ideas, TikiLola and ChelseaM!
  5. Hello All, This is my first post on Kokos and appreciate the various posts I have read. I'm having a feeding problem with my goldfish. I have 3 orandas of various sizes (2.5 - 3.5 inches) and I added a new ranchu who is the smallest (about two inches). The orandas eat so fast--I feel I feed them a lot, and they're done within a minute. I don't really want to feed them more than I do now--I use a high protein sinking pellet (although I give them flakes and sometimes bloodworms). The ranchu is not as fast and not as adept at getting the food, and I worry that it is really not going to get much food or catch up to the others. Is there a way to feed the fish separately? Regards, Jeremy, Vancouver, BC
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