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  1. same story here, but yesterday I replaced (the same substrate as you have, also leftover from the goldfish) for a dark one. The shrimps seem more red now! But, of course, it's your choice and sure, replacing is a lot work. But if you ever go to start a new tank...
  2. no paper or sticker, so it is sculptural. It's somewhat rough, what is a little bit dangerous in my opinion. But they eat algues from it. 80 gallons, okay I believe you, in Holland we never use gallons.
  3. I like shrimps, and yours too! I also have these shrimps. A few tips for you: - shrimps like hiding places, maybe you can make some for them? - cherry shrimps are tended to look better coloured on dark bottom. If you ever go to start a new tank for shrimps, consider using a dark bottom. Again: your shrimps are lovely
  4. size is 120 x 50 x 70 cm 300 liter the 'back wall formation rock thing' is a background wich you can buy here in stores. nothing special,
  5. Thank you for your replies. uhm... that's a little bit damage from an accident. My fault, I did not pay enough attention
  6. May I introduce my 3 : more recent: Hope you like it
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