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  1. sorry you never answered my underlying question , but do fish develop a preference for types of food like a kid preferring sweets etc.or kind of develop a sweet tooth (or should i say gums) . ta
  2. Thank you Georgia ,that is excellent info ,just what i was looking for ,by the way i did soak the flakes before feeding them . It is a shame about the oranges cause they love them ,they are sat in their tank staring at me waiting for their orange piece even as i type this message .ok i will be on the case right away thanks very much for your help, all the best David
  3. Hello there,is it possible to ruin a goldfish`s appetite for normal flake food by giving them other things like oranges or peas . i have started trying to vary the fish`s food, but after feeding them orange and peas a few times they now seem to leave the flake food, they normally ate with no problem, they did eat it at first before i ever give them any orange or peas ,if i knew oranges and peas could provide them with all the nutrition they need i would give it them all the time but i`m pretty sure that wouldn`t be the case. any advice is very welcome ,thanks David
  4. yes Bronwyn thank you again for all your help .i found out the name of the filter ,reason i could not remember the name is because i have had it 7 years or so and the only thing written on it is "made in italy" ,so after a bit of surfing i found my filter ,it is a Shark ADV there are three sizes i expect mine is the middle size,i remember buying it and quoting the size of my tank and the guy at the pet shop said it was very suitable here`s a link to the filter http://www.sicce.com/prodottiDettaglio_eng.php/prodotto=shark-adv-mod.-400-600-800/idprodotto=3 the other tank i have is maybe a 60 litre it is a funny shape ,looking down at it from above it is diamond shape and the back fits into a corner of the room i worked it out once and the other tank has maybe 40 more square inch surface area . Shark ADV comes in three versions with different powers: from 400 to 800 l/h, for 60-200 L aquariums - See more at: http://www.sicce.com/prodottiDettaglio_eng.php/prodotto=shark-adv-mod.-400-600-800/idprodotto=3#sthash.sSm9DGwB.dpuf . . oh sorry regarding the spamming i think i got spammed by the Shark ADV filter site i just noticed an advert on the pre-veiw post feature. thanks for the info regarding feeding and everything i will look into it in more detail, thanks for now David
  5. thanks for all yor replys ,wow my hand looks awful, i hope if anybody reads my hand it`s good luck all the way for me. anyway this is roughly a portion i will feed the fish, twice daily .but since i got the big one i also add a couple of peas now and again. the filter i have, i looked on it for a brand name but i can`t find one, it is maybe 9 inches long and just stands submerged in the water, water flows through quite freely, if it slows i will give the filter spong a bit of a squeeze out to free it up, i do have another tank which will hold more water than the one i am using at the moment it is much deeper but it does not have as much surface to air area ,i could maybe put the two smaller ones into the other tank .i am finding it hard to judge how much to feed them cause when i give them food i can`t tell if they have eaten it all within two minutes.thanks David ">http://
  6. Hi there ,i have just recently aquired a 5 inch (from head to begining of the tail) x 2inch (at the fattest point) goldfish from a previous owner who could no longer look after their fish . i already have two much smaller fish 2.5 inch long goldfish .i also recently added a very small comet 1 .5 inch but it died within two weeks of getting it. the tank is 2 feet long x 1 foot high x 1 foot wide . my questions are ,do you think it is wrong to have different size fish in the same tank because the big fish was way bigger than the comet and with the comet being slow and not able to get out of the way of the big fish i think the big fish may possibly have squashed the comet against one of the ornemants and maybe damaged it , another problem is , how much food to give them ,cause i don`t know if the big one is eating too much of the food .or if the smaller fish are eating too much i just don`t know . i must add that i have had one of the smaller goldfish for about 5 years now, then later i got it a companion of roughly the same size, but i have never mixed them up in sizes before . thanks
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