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  1. I just ordered this http://bestchoiceproducts.com/products/fish-canister-external-3-stage-filter-pump-for-aquarium-pond-pump-fish-tank to add to my 55 gallon to supplement the Sun Sun canister I already have running. Does anyone have experience with the Best Choice canister? How do you like it?
  2. Thanks guys This little fellow is full of personality!
  3. Here is our new little buddy, who we have had for awhile now. As the fish grow I may rehome the comet, or if I am able upgrade. Edit: Also sorry about the algae, but the fish like it
  4. Here are new photos of the little brats Parents gave me new LED hoods for Christmas, makes such a big difference!
  5. Your fish are so cute and look so happy!
  6. I know, she was quite a find and she reminded me of a jellybean for some reason haha
  7. Thanks! I'll get some more pics when she? settles in!
  8. I got a gift card from my parents to our awesome local fish store, and I couldn't resist this lion head. Here is Jelly
  9. Aw thanks, he is a cutie
  10. Here is a photo my girlfriend took of Artie last time we were home:
  11. Adorable! Blacky actually looks like pictures I've seen of koi/goldfish hybrids.
  12. Sorry I didn't respond to this sooner, the tropical fish do ok, I try to keep species that like cooler temperatures with the goldies.
  13. I like that idea, maybe I will pick up a new air pump
  14. Thanks, and yeah I've been worrying about that too, maybe I will seal it up next time I'm home
  15. Here are the pictures you asked for! Artie,Vinny,and Moe (comet) seem to like their new home. I know Moe will grow too large for the tank, we will be renovating our outdoor pond come spring, so he will live there when it's ready. There are some small species with them (cherry barbs,glowlight and zebra danios,platies cories,and a few loaches). There are a few rasboras , a gold barb, and a tetra that were too fast to catch, but when I catch them they will be moved to the tropical planted tank. Everyone is doing great, and they all seem happy. I just rearranged the decor so the sand made things a bit cloudy. The tank has mostly plastic plants so far, but also has some small live anubias and what I think is ludwigia Also here is my yellow-finned Hillstream loach (Gastromyzon viriosus)
  16. Artie and Vinny in May 2014: (sorry the bottom of the tank looks gross, I had just removed the gravel) Artie and Vinny in October 2014: I can't believe how much they have grown and changed in such a short period of time.
  17. Guppies are great and hardy. Do watch that you don't have ornaments or fish that will rip their tails. My male guppies have oddly done better than the females I've tried, but they seem to do well in my water which is somewhat hard with a neutral p.h.
  18. Blimp is so cute and has such a great name! Also love the color on Betty
  19. The setup looks awesome, but I'm a little worried that the top rim is removed. They usually put the top rim on for stability and it plays a large part in holding the tank together. Its such a nice tank, and I don't want you to end up with 100 gallons of fish and water on the floor .
  20. Yeah it's super great of my parents, I really appreciate it. And I hope he isn't too mad , I did some research and the 29 should be ok for him though.
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