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  1. I just ordered this http://bestchoiceproducts.com/products/fish-canister-external-3-stage-filter-pump-for-aquarium-pond-pump-fish-tank to add to my 55 gallon to supplement the Sun Sun canister I already have running. Does anyone have experience with the Best Choice canister? How do you like it?
  2. Thanks guys This little fellow is full of personality!
  3. Here is our new little buddy, who we have had for awhile now. As the fish grow I may rehome the comet, or if I am able upgrade. Edit: Also sorry about the algae, but the fish like it
  4. Hi everyone, Sorry I haven't been on in quite awhile. I'm afraid I have bad news. Last month we had to put our beloved ryukin Vinny to sleep. I'm sorry,I couldn't get you better little buddy. His swim bladder finally got the best of him Little guy is missed
  5. Here are new photos of the little brats Parents gave me new LED hoods for Christmas, makes such a big difference!
  6. Your fish are so cute and look so happy!
  7. Thanks! and yeah I'm pretty lucky
  8. I know, she was quite a find and she reminded me of a jellybean for some reason haha
  9. Thanks! I'll get some more pics when she? settles in!
  10. I got a gift card from my parents to our awesome local fish store, and I couldn't resist this lion head. Here is Jelly
  11. Aw thanks, he is a cutie
  12. Here is a photo my girlfriend took of Artie last time we were home:
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