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  1. Maybe some of you remember that I have asked alot about Aquaclear HOB filters... yes I have not been able to forget about them I took the change and bought a Aquaclear 70 HOB. I had to cut a bit of the inner lip of the aquarium rim, but no problems now it fit perfectly an I love it. I now run Tetratec ex1200 external canister 317 G/H JBL CristalProfil e901 greenline external canister 238 G/H. Aquaclear powerfilter 70 I still have my 66 gallon (250L), so I believe this give me a total of 855 G/H turn over (12,95 times per hour) Could I with these 3 filters upgrade to a 86 gallon (325L) It will give a 9,94 times per hour turn over. How does this sound? I now have 4 goldies and I would LOVE to mayby get one more if I upgrade to 86 gallon. Is that a no-go? Asta: 10 grams Preben: 16 grams Kaj: 31 grams Oscar: 29 grams
  2. Holy crap...sorry my language........they are so big and oh my god soooo gorgeous
  3. Super beautiful and so active...............
  4. Thank you all for the kind words so nice of you. I can not take credit for the photo's as it is a friend of mine who took them... But glad you liked them...
  5. Not sure what the sex are of any of them but if you can see the gender don't hesitate to write back... I actually think they all are females, though I called them 1 girl and 2 boys name... Meet Asta (girls name) (1,18 inches without tail) Meet Preben(boys name) (1,4 inches without tail) Meet Karl (boys name) (2 inches without tail) Group shot Thank you for watching
  6. I sounds like it is the AC 110 or Aqueon Quiet Flow 55/75 I should buy... Now I just need to find a shop that will ship to Denmark... next big problem... BIG Thanks to all af you: Heidi030 Justin shakaho Fish Of Gold GoldieLover BronwynH fantailfan1 So nice of you all to take the time to help my out...you are the best
  7. How wide an edge/rim could you HOB hang on ? I have copied a picture and pointed the area out what I need to know about... Sorry my english is not the best, hope this helps better to understand my request. I could contact the companies but one thing is what the manufacturers says could work another is what could work in real life...
  8. Could you take a picture of where you get this nummer from? Does this Mean that the AC110 filter could hang on a rim that is 3/8 inches wide?
  9. Yes you are right, perhaps I should try that way around... thanks Is there a list of HOB filter brands on this page ?
  10. Thanks Justin. ... i will look aften this type Would been nice if there where overs that fit. ...
  11. Yes correct I need to know if the underside of the part that fits over the rim of the aquarium could fit my tank. The volume is 66 gallon (250L) 39 x 20 x 20 inches
  12. Hallo all you HOB owners, any brand is welcome I can not leave the idea of a HOB filter on my tank.... Could you HOB owners please take out your measuring tapes and help out... My tank rim is 1,18 inches (3 cm) and looks like this... Could any of the HOB filters out there fit on this? It's ok if it doesn't perfectly, but of cause it should work....
  13. Ohh sorry forgot Your tank looks fantastic
  14. How did you fasten the plants above water? I see the bamboo is in a box but what about the two others?
  15. #19 don't overthink it! Good advice thanks I ended as you with one on each end of the tank with inputs and outputs from the same canister next to one another, as the tubes were not long enough for my idea. I can always move them when I get longer tubes. Thanks for all following and help
  16. The extra external canister has now arrived. Now a new problem occurred, what is the best way to place intake and outflow of the two canister? I have given it som thoughts and this is what I came up with.... see drawing and please do not laugh, I'am so NOT an artist. Should I do it like this or any other ideas? Hope you understand my doodles or else just ask and I will try explaining.
  17. I found out that sadly no HOB filter will fit my tank, so today I ordered an extra canister filter instead. I went for the JBL CristalProfi e901 greenline (hope it's good, don't know anything about it) 238 US G/H 2 gallon compartments filter volume. Which will give me this total: 555 US G/H 5 gallon compartments filter volumen. So If i have calculated correctly, this will filtrate my 66 gallon tank 8,4 x pr hour. How does this sound? Know 10 x pr hour would be better but isn't this fine when only using external canister? I also ordred an extension for my current intake, so it will reach the bottom. Hoping all this will help with the "dead poo" corner.
  18. #11 Thanks tithra that would be nice. #12 Hi motherredcap: Thank you for your input. Yes I have seen the "Eheim Liberty" too bad it does not fit properly. Does it make a lot of noise in this interesting but functional angle ? But perhaps I am more lucky with the "Aquaclear 70" or else I have to get an extra external canister. The price is just in another range, so I am crossing my fingers. go go "Aquaclear"
  19. #7: Thank you so much My intentions with the powerhead was to move debris to the filter intake, but it seems not to work. Perhaps I should to get an extra filter. I have looked at the "aquaclear 70" but I am not sure if it could fit on my tank, as it has a frame about 1,3 inches. (It's an old akvastabil tank, if you know this) (see picture)
  20. #7 thank you motherredcap how nice of you
  21. did something wrong in photobucket, one more try.
  22. First time posting picture, hope it works.... Yes of course it is called a power head (stupid me ) thanks #4 marka83
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