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  1. Background: I have been feeding Saki-Hikari (purple bag) for ages as well as Repashy Super Green gel food and my lot have done really well on them. My usual process is Saki-Hikari pellets for the morning feed and then their Super Green Repashy gel food for their other feedings for the day. I also give them Bloodworm/Daphnia etc three times a week. My issue is that I have a Lionhead called Munch who gets floaty from the Saki-Hikari although she is fine with the gel food so I have had to be really careful when feeding her. I like giving them the daily Saki-hikari pellets as I know that the Super Green is not a complete staple diet for Goldfish as it lacks in protien. However I have now come to the last dregs of both my pellets and gel food so it's time to order more. My question: The main question is should I order the Repashy Soilent Green instead of the Super Green and forgo the pellets? Should I buy 1 smaller size Soilent Green and 1 smaller size Super Green and forgo the pellets? Should I stick to what I know and just buy more Super Green and Saki-Hikari? Should I stick with the Super Green and try other pellets? (my concern is that all the other fish expect Munch do really well on the Saki-Hikari with no floaty issues, a diferent pellet might change that and a new one might still set off poor Munch). Note: I would still be giving them their Bloodworm and whatnot anyway since it's tasty I want to give them some variety (I also still have a bunch). Sorry for all the questions but honestly my budget is extremely tight at the moment so I can't afford to buy a whole bunch of stuff, just what they need. If I had the funds I think I would buy both Super Green and Soilent Green and more Saki-Hikari pellets but it's not possible right now. I'm thinking it would be more affordable and more sensible for Munch to just buy the Soilent Green gel food and still add in the Bloodworm etc three times a week for variation - do you guys think this is a good idea? Money issues aside it's important to me that my guys are getting a good diet.
  2. Thanks! At the moment I'm all over the place and just trying to focus on other things. I work in health care though so it's given me a good perspective on everything, I know many people who are in far far worse situations than me so it keeps me from feeling too sorry for myself . Lying in bed and watching my fish is one of my great joys, I can easily watch their silly antics for hours . I honestly don't know what I would've done if my husband wasn't helping me with my babies though. I can manage feeding them myself now but water changes and cleaning is just impossible at the moment. It makes me feel for those people who are forced to give up their pets because they can't look after them anymore. I knew one elderly man through work who was placed into a nursing home and they took away his little dog. The dog went to another family member but the poor man was sobbing, it was absolutely heartbreaking
  3. My horde do exactly the same thing. I swear they practice when nobody's looking. My husband does sometimes feed them now instead of me so they'll do a massive beg as soon as they see him....even though I've just fed them! . Thankfully my husband now checks with me first before feeding them, but they've managed to sucker him more than once Better than my fantail's "feed me" dance! She dashes around in loops and then smacks super loud at the top of my tank. Makes me fiance want to fry her up and eat her because her smacking hits these low, disgusting tones that make you want to throw up ... O.o My big girl Bubbles likes to smack her lips on the surface and makes this really loud 'smacking/popping' noise. I have them on a fairly set feeding routine and whenever she thinks I'm running too late for her liking she starts with the lip smacking. Such a Madam! On a few occassions when I've overslept and was late feeding them she's actually woken me up with the amount of noise she was making. I can never understand it when people say "But fish are boring", lots of words come to mind when I think of my fishy horde but 'boring' certainly isn't one of them
  4. Thanks for the well wishes! I know I'll be fine
  5. Thanks ChelseaM . Their tank is due a water change tomorrow anyway so I'll make sure to do 100%. I'll also make sure to do a full water change everyday for the QT tub until she stops spawning - thankfully the QT tub is nowhere near as big as the main tank .
  6. Bubbles started spawning again this morning. Not sure why as the temp and such has been constant. I'm not planning on keeping the fry because I have another surgery coming up on the 20th this month and I will be bed bound again for awhile. Last month/end November before my last surgery she spawned and my husband was doing fish duty - I was very excited but all the fry ended up dying as the heater broke during a night when we had a big temp drop. Anyway I can't look after them myself and I don't want to put any added pressure on my husband - this surgery is going to be a bad one and he'll have his hands full with me and I don't want him having to worry about fry on top of everything else. So one of the problems I had last spawning was all the other fish pigging out and I had a round of constipation to deal with which was thankfully sorted out by a 3 day fast. Not long after that they all had another bout of constipation when my husband overfed them and although they're all fine now I really need to avoid it happening again. So this time I have separated Bubbles into the QT tub with heater, filter, air stone, plastic plant and my smallest (and toughest) male Chu. I was thinking of doing a relay with all three my males every few hours. I was hoping this will make sure Bubbles gets all her eggs out. Bubbles is about 4/5 times the size of the males so I'm not worried about them stressing her out (she seems annoyed that they think her butt is a vending machine more than anything else ). I will also have all my horde on a 3 day fast again because I think she probably started spawning during the night and they likely all have their tummies full of eggs by now, my repeat offender Munch is looking floaty already . If anyone can suggest anything else that I need to do besides just keeping an eye on everything please let me know. Any advice on how to reduce the occurrence of spawning would also be appreciated
  7. I have the EF2000 and it's really quiet, mine's in my bedroom as well. A friend has the EF1000 too and it's also really quiet. Maybe yours is faulty? It may be worthwhile speaking with AllPonds customer service department and see if you can get a replacement. Also, as others have suggested, I sometimes find that after I do a canister clean and start it up again I need to tilt it from side to side to get trapped air out even after I've primed it.
  8. Thanks ! I'll stick to 8 days then and up the temp a bit. I did test the water and everything was normal. I'll do it again and do a D&D thread after a few days if I find Munch and Nessie are still struggling though.
  9. I recently had surgery so my husband has been feeding my guys. He's been overdoing it a bit so they became constipated . My fault really, I don't bother weighing the food because I can eyeball the correct amount from having done it so often now. Husband is now weighing the food beforehand which I really should have made him do from the beginning . I know the dosage for treating a tank is 1/4 teaspoon per 37.854 liters but I did want to do a quick check on on how long it is safe to leave epsom salt in the tank for? I am assuming for about a week at most or until poop makes an appearance. We have already done the peas and fasting which has helped most of them come right but Munch and Nessie are still floaty (both tend to get constipated easily).
  10. Thanks . Recovery's going fine and it's somewhat entertaining watching my husband do the water changes instead of having to do them myself . Since the tanks are in the bedroom I can just lie there and give 'helpful pointers' . I just can't help feeling that if I had been more vigilant the fry wouldn't have died . Hopefully things will go better next time one of my girls spawn.
  11. Unfortunatley all the little fry have died I've been recovering from my surgery so feel a little guilty for not checking on them. The heater broke without us realising it and we had a temprature drop during the night. My husband said when he checked the fry in the morning they were all dead and the water was freezing. So sad, I was looking forward to watching them grow
  12. Ooooh, nice! I always like the contrast of pale sand with a dark background
  13. I finally got a few decent'ish pictures . Does this mean I get a green jelly bean? Hee hee I'm really pleased, they're all eating and seem to be doing really well I will be having surgery next week Monday the 1st December and then again in January. That means I'll probably not be on Koko's much or updating this thread. Once I'm back on my feet again though I'll post some pics of the babies - they should be nice and big by then . I'm really hoping I get a few that make it all the way through, my husband is already talking about getting a tank for the living room
  14. Super quick update: second batch of fry hatched two days after the first so now I have lots of little fry . Not sure how many in total since they keep moving about, probably between 30-40. I'm going to be taking the fake plants out tomorrow. I've been a bit hesitant as I didn't want to accidentally take out any fry with the plants! I'm currently feeding them on Liquifry 4 times a day but I'll be moving them onto decapsulated brine shrimp in a week (sorry - but I just can't bring myself to do a BBS hatchery ). I did try to get some pictures but they came out rubbish and you couldn't really see them anyway . I'll take some more photo's tomorrow when I take out the plants . Just wanted to thank everyone for their wonderful advice especially about what to feed these little guys .
  15. I give mine Saki Hikari (Purple Bag). I started with yucky generic sinking pellets from the LPS I bought my first 3 from but I changed it after two weeks. I have to say my horde really like the Saki Hikari and I've had very good growth and minimal health problems. That being said I don't just feed pellets but also Repashy Super Green, frozen bloodworms and assorted frozen stuff as well as the occasional fresh veg - mainly peas.
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