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  1. Wow can't believe I never thought of this.. My hoses are an absolute mess, so much so that I think it's slowing down the flow alot! But never got a start on cleaning cause I couldn't find something to do it with... This makes sense..! Cheers!
  2. Hey all you wonderful people! Here's the issue, my light reflector ended up falling off through the night. Turns out it must have been touching the bulb at both ends as it was warped and burned... So I now need a replacement, but I've heard of people using tin foil? Anyone have photos or personal experience? Or if anyone has any other solutions they have done (i don't want therories or "this should maybe work..") Also just read I could paint the inside of the lid white, as that'll reflect light? If it helps, I have a fluval Roma 125l.. Thanks! x
  3. Haha the volcano is cute! http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/261334710567?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2649 I was maybe even thinking of something like this.. I like how it has a colour controller, that's a big cool feature..
  4. Someone talk to me about bubbles! I wanna get a couple of air stones, maybe placed under some rocks for a natural look, or maybe a bubble curtain running along the back of my tank. Dunno if I'd be better with a larger bubble ring type thing instead of typical stones? Also, I don't know what sort of air pump would be best, and at a good price more importantly? I seen a pump at Pets at Home for £10, but I'd need to buy everything separately? Then I have seen this on eBay also, which looks good. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/111352057873?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2649 If it helps, I have a 125l tank, just slightly longer than 2ft?
  5. I'm fascinated with this tank. Amazing.what's the floating plants called? That's an attractive idea!
  6. Yeah, 125l. Using the good measuring units lol. And my filter is a APS 1400ef. More than enough. The treatment I'm using, I don't k ow about how it works as a chemical, but the instructions and from what I've read online, it doesn't KILL algae, it actually reacts to it and forces it to bind together, making it manageable to be caught through the filter. I'm due a water change tomorrow so if I have time I will do the filter as well and report on that if you guys want As always, thanks for the advice. It's still nicer than what other replies get elsewhere lol.
  7. And you know who I have to thank? (Besides you amazing people giving alot of advice!) My amazing fiance! She picked a water treatment when we were at Pets at Home, and it worked. Tetra GREEN AWAY. It's insane how it worked IMMEDIATELY. Anyway, here's a quick photo. I've had pea soup water for a while so haven't totally cleaned up after it just yet, so forgive the mess! I cannot believe how difficult it is to get a good, justifiable photo of my tank right now haha. Before it was like a green cloud in there. Nasty.
  8. I will be getting mine from Amazon then! So I forgot to post, but the other day I rearranged the filter, 3 sponges on bottom, then ceramic rings, then bio balls on top, no carbon. Waters clearer. No problems. Haven't tested the water but it certainly looks a lot nicer!! When my new sponge comes I think I might add another layer of sponge to the bottom as well..
  9. I was looking for one yesterday in my local Pets at home and it cost £28. Now convert that to $ and see if that's fair haha.
  10. Ah, iverstocking. A beautiful topic of debate indeed haha. Currently I have only 3 fancys in a 125l tank. I think some consider that 1 fish too many. Going bigger isn't an option though. I'm going to do a big water change tonight, using API Stress Coat+. The filter media is gonna be rearranged as well, sponges in bottom etc. I have some more sponge coming too. Ultimately I can see me soldiering on for the next week then deciding to redo everything and move it also. If I was to do this, I'd need to use some quick start treatment stuff instead of cying though as the fish would be temporarily in tubs or something
  11. Ok, my tap water.. Gh 30 Kh 40 Ph 6.5 Nitrite 0 Nitrate 0 or maybe just 20?? If it makes any difference I haven't done a water change in 2 days, it's due tonight and I have the treatment stuff now. My general plan was to do a big water change, 70% sort of thing
  12. Ugh. No I know I should invest in the big kit, but I had just been shopping and didn't have much cash left lol. And this pack came with like 5 strips. Pathetic. Huh, this tank has been going for a good few months. I think since February? I did cycle it for a few days but also seeded some water from an old tank that was running at the time. and was fine n clear. I do water changes every 2 days, 3 days at a push. Typically I take out about 40% at a time. Right now I'm UN the mind set that I may move the tank to the dinning room to hide it from some light. And by doing that I will need to empty it etc so that'll be a col start. I may give it a week or so n see how it goes tho
  13. Huh, so here's some readings. I was gonna start a new thread but don't wanna clog the place up when this is already here lol . This is what I think the turn out it. Gh 0 Kh 40 Ph 7.0 N02 (nitrite) 0.5 N03 (nitrate) 40
  14. Good news. Got a little test kit. Bad news. It's only some strips. I had been shopping and didn't have enough for the big £28 API kit. How the he'll is it so expensive??? Also got a big bottle of API stress coat I think. So I will give it a test in a bit. Me and the missus have been talking about maybe moving the tank into the dining room now. Living room to dining room is kindda open. Where there is space for it, it's still adjacent to the living room windows. albeit 14ft further away and the dining room is kindda always dark with the blackout blinds...
  15. On the subject of lights, I used to leave them in throughout the day, but nowadays I only ever put them on for a few hours a day at most, because of this issue. I did do 5 days of blackout, it made a little difference, along with big water changes obviously. I will see if they have a API test kit when I'm there. It really is a Kong term necessity so I houldnt grumble too much. I wondered, would having an airstone/curtain make a positive effect? My external filter has a spray bar obviously, so that is breaking the water a lot and increasing oxygenation.. Just wondered though?
  16. Unfortunately I don't have a test kit. I'm going past a Pets at home today so might see what they've got for cheap cheap!
  17. Huh, sorry I'm replying via my phone right now so skipped it a little. My tank isn't near the windowx it's across the living room. I'm sure there will be the inevitable touch of light creeking in through the day when no one is in. I live in the 3rd floor as well, so the sun is kindda always level with us. As for lighting. Well.. shirtly after I got the tank the bulbs went, so replaced them with new Arcadia ones. Can't remember the details, but they're pretty much standard to my knowledge? It's just getting to be a complete pain and of course the missus is all "why don't you just clean it" oh aye.. the thought of just completely nuking it is something I don't really want to do, but can see it happening. Might actually add the gravel this time too.
  18. In hindsight, when I bought this filter I should have spent an extra £20 and got the one with uh built in. I had read it wouldn't have made a difference tho. Right now I can't justify buying uv equipment unfortunately! I just seen in another site, a thread where someone has the same filter and has a different layout of media. Where I have a sponge then media on each tray, he has three sponges on the bottom, then ceramic rings then plastic balls and ditched the carbon. I wonder if having all three sponges on the bottom would work a bit better? Also, would getting a little nerite snail (if that's what it's called) help with the algae situation? Or maybe moss balls?
  19. I'm at work so don't have the opportunity to take any photos for you sweet guys! So here's the deal. I got the APS 1400ef. Works great. Although I'm still getting green water, I've read it won't harm the fish but it is very unsightly. I want a visually attractive tank like everyone else! I do water changes every other day to try to combat it. The other day I actually cleaned out all the filter, took out alot of water, down to about 4 or 5 inches depth. The tank looked nice for a day or two then went back to going green. Admittedly I think through the day when we are out some light must hit the tank but not alot. I was using API water conditioner, which wasn't making much of a difference (I was I used it, as I've run out, need to get more. Recommendations?). There does seem to be some algae in my hoses though? Anyway my point; I'm looking to maybe put more sponge in my filter. What's the opinions? Considering swapping the carbon crap for another layer of sponge? Think this'll help catch algae before it hits the tank?
  20. My fish have names in Japanese, kindda relating to them. My black moor is called Kuro, that means black. The lionhead is called Sumo cause he's gonna be a wee fatty, and my blue oranda is called Buddha. Well..... Just because haha.
  21. You're little guys are so cool! I think your blue oranda is very similar to what mine is starting to look like, yellow markings on the same place lol. Looks cool!
  22. Aaaah, I'm gonna keep this in mind then!! About topping up my water level more, I was hesitant to do it before, just incase it gets too close to my bulbs? My moor loves to surface, quick regularly he jumps a little above water level and then dive bombs about hah. So was thinking about that? Think I should just go for it anyway??
  23. Every second day? That's dedication! I'm doing that now with a quarantine tank and I can't wait for it to be over. Changing out 20g every two days isn't exactly my idea of a good time At the end of the day, I know I may be over stocked, so the least I can do is try to keep the water in good quality. When I done a water change yesterday, I noticed the old water was actually still very clear looking as I poured it out! Before I have the external filter, it was always a yucky shade of green haha
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