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  1. My fantail goldfish, Calvin, I have owned since May 3rd (2 days before my birthday ).A few days ago noticed that he had gotten bigger but it wasn't until I saw his pictures from his first day I got him that I realized how much he has changed. I have learned so much from this forum and I just want to give everyone a big thank you! May 4th July 30th
  2. The tank is cycled, and I tested the levels and everything is good I plan on adding new rocks, a few plants and a larger rock decoration.
  3. Hi. I'm somewhat new to having fish so I'm a little nervous and careful about what i do. I have a tank that has been going for 5 days, I got my fantail on the third day. The first day he was slightly stressed but now he is very comfortable. My question was would he be stressed if i changed the decor? I plan on switching out the decor completely for new stuff. (There are only 2 things in the tank right now.) Would the switching of decor change the pH levels? Also how long should I wait after washing the decor in tap water before putting it in the tank? Thanks so much
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