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  1. That is the question! Ba dum tssshh... I just got a used 75 gallon tank and have determined that there are no leaks! However, the silicone has bubbles in it and it a bit worn away. The first picture is the bottom rim of the tank the second picture is the side corner. The big problem is that my fish are currently in an un-cycled and overstocked tank (I've been doing daily water changes to keep up with the poo). The new tank is going to be cycled. Should I go ahead and cycle the tank or should I reseal it? If I go ahead and cycle will the tank be okay with the current seal? If so, how long? Or, it is bad enough that I am going to have to reseal? If I need to reseal, right now I have GE Silicone 1 for windows and doors. It is 100% silicone with no additives (including fungicide). I've been researching and some people say that this isn't strong enough for aquariums because it is not an adhesive silicone. They suggest that I used Momentive RTV108 silicone because it is industry-grade and is adhesive. What should I use? Has anyone had luck with GE Silicone 1 on a larger tank (75 gallons and up) ?
  2. I just had a thought. If I'm not mistaken doesn't Prime only lock down the chlorine and/or convert it to a safer form? I don't know if I am explaining it right but theoretically I would have to remove all the chlorine bleach by basically just emptying it out. Would it be better to use activated carbon to remove the remaining chlorine bleach that was left over after rinsing and using Prime. Carbon would completely suck it out right? I feel like I have made this too complicated!
  3. Yeah I was just worried about not getting all the bleach out before setting up and cycling. I don't know if bleach can adhere to surfaces or would be just suspended in the water column. Plus my sense of smell might not a good determining factor on if I got out all the bleach. Maybe I'm paranoid.
  4. I figured that you would need a higher concentration with the vinegar. But, then I remembered that I heard somewhere that acetic acid can dissolve glass. I don't know if this is true. Probably only really high concentrations would do this, though. Anyways, I think I am going to go with the bleach solution. Tell me if my math is right. Considering the dilution 1:19 water to bleach, I used a proportion to determine that I would need 3.75 gallons of bleach. 1/ 20 (total volume of dilution) X amount of bleach needed/75 (total volume of tank). I was also thinking that I could just wipe down the tank with 91% alcohol. However I would not be able to reach every nook and cranny as the bleach would. Another thing, should the water be heated for the bleach to be activated? I know that when bleach is heated it releases chlorine gas which is definitely not good. Just wanted some different opinions. There is some school of though that heat is needed for bleach to be effective.
  5. Will do. If I'm unable to find the right bleach tomorrow at the store, would white distilled vinegar work just as well? I've got about a half gallon of that.
  6. Empty and dried for five days. I haven't checked for leak free but this picture was taken little over a week ago. The dicus were removed and the tank drained before being picked up. The couple seemed honest so I just took their word. If I was to leak, could a reseal it?
  7. One last question. I guess since I am getting rid of everything should I use the 1:9 dilution or will 1:19 be sufficient? .
  8. Is bleach safe? That might be a silly question considering you probably know what you are talking about. If I use a stronger vinegar is white distilled vinegar good? Should I fill the entire tank with the cleaning solution and let it soak as well as scrubbing? If yes, how long should I soak everything?
  9. Just got a great deal on a 75 gallon aquarium. Only $365 on eBay and it includes all kinds of goodies. The tank, stand, and canopy of course. Also a 9W UV, 300 W heater, Fluval 405, T5HO florescent lamp, 25' gravel vacuum, and Tetra Whisper 10-30 air pump. Whoo.... out of breath! Now that I have it, what do I do?!?! Just a couple of questions. What do you guys recommend for sterilizing the equipment? Is it okay to keep their cycle or start my own? The tank has been empty for about a week, so are there any BB left? I am also planning of painting the stand and canopy black. Any particular paint to use?
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