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  1. Ok update time. Today I dug out the 10 gallon tank that I was going to use as a QT and went through the ebbs and flows of cleaning. Filled with water and about an hour later there was a ring of water around the bottom of the rim. It has a leak somewhere. I am definitely not having the best of luck! I went to the LFS and exchanged the Tetra Lifeguard for API Triple Sulfa. Unfortunately they did not have any API General Cure, so I couldn't get that. On a good note though, the GH and KH test kit came today. The Prazi is still in transit and should be here by 8:00 pm EST. Goldies are not look any better. Nox is starting to get a white fuzzy rim on his deteriorating fins. His breathing is labored too. Zip is now showing signs of deteriorating fins. Pollock still has red streaks but no signs of fin rot. Twitching in all the fish has basically become non-existent. They are all bottom sitting. I'm just waiting on "GO" from one of the Mods. I was going to do a 75% water change and add 0.3% salt to the water that I have changed. I know that adding the medication could ruin the cycle but right now I could care less since they are all in a bad way. I don't mind doing one or even two water changes daily as necessary. I'll wait until I get a response to do anything. Questions: Should I just follow the instructions on the box for the Tripe Sulfa? When the Prazi comes, what are the instructions for that?
  2. OMG! I guess you can tell I not too hot at math. I did the math over, your right! Yes twitchy since the salt. Once I added the salt, they stopped bottom sitting as much and were dashing about and shaking/flexing their fin in an inconsistent way.
  3. I have about 30 grams of salt in the tank. Tank total volume is 29 gallons. Right now the fish are acting really twitchy.
  4. In response to what Tithra said, I was trying to do a 3% salt treatment. For some reason I thought 3% meant 30 parts of 100. So I multiplied the amount of liter my tank is (109 L) by 30 instead of 3. I weighted out ~25 grams and added it to the tank. I'll clean the 10 gallon tomorrow and set it back up. I still have carbon cartridges for it. Should I use those? I'll also go and exchange the Lifeguard for the other meds. Would I be able to buy Kanaplex or Furan-2/TriSulfa at the LFS? I do also have the Prazi comming. Is that of use?
  5. On hand right now i have Tetra LifeGuard (All-in-One Treatment) and Tetra Fungus Guard. Since they all need treatment, can I just treat their tank all together. If I was to make a QT, I would have to dig out my 10 gallon from the closet and thoroughly clean it. I don't know how well that would do. Yep, I meant 30%. I am a moron. I panicked and did my math wrong. Basically I added 25 grams of salt per the 75% water that I changed. The total tank volume is 29 gallons (109 L). Should it be .3% or 3%? Should I do another water change to get rid of the salt?
  6. That was kinda too soon for a response. I went ahead and added ~1.5X prime for the water change today. I also replaced 30% salt in the 75% of the water I changed. They don't look so hot today. I feel like Nox's fins are deteriorating more. And, around his entire body there is a fuzzy halo. It kinda looks like what I would expect a slim coat to be, but I don't know. I also noticed that my other black moor, Zip, is also developing a copperish hue to the tips of his fins. I could only assume that this is fin rot too. The ryukin has more red streaks today in her fins. I tried to get a good picture but it just wasn't working out. You can kinda see the redness. Edit/Update: They are also all bottom sitting but still actively trying to get food. With water pigs noting stops them from getting food. Even a sick day! The Prazi is scheduled to show tomorrow.
  7. Right now I am doing a 75% water change. Do you all think that it would be beneficial to double the amount of Prime I put in the tank?
  8. I'm at work right now, so I'll give an update in about 8 hours. Pics includes.
  9. Alright sounds like a plan to me. I could use the 29 gallon as a QT too. Lol I'm not hard to convince! Plus you guys are the experts and I am far from that.
  10. So a fish-in cycle is suggested? Wouldn't it take longer to cycle the additional biomedia because I have to keep the ammonia and nitrites low for the safety of the fish?
  11. I have no biomedia in the current filter. But I could use the current cartridge filter pad to seed the new biomedia that I bought. Fish-in cycle might not be for me. I've already exposed my fish to toxins and I don't want stress over the fish and the cycle in the same tank. I might just take it one at a time.
  12. How could my filter on my current tank be cycle if I continuously change the cartridge? Doesn't the carbon in the cartridge remove the bacteria's food, ammonia/nitrite? Yesterday when I did a water change, I changed out the cartridge and rinsed out the filter of all the debris.
  13. It really just depends on how long it takes to cycle. I have all the media and liquid ammonia to get it started. I just need to wait 48 hours for the silicone to cure. I've got a scale so I'll measure it out. Could I use kosher salt? It says it does not contain iodine and ingredients says "SALT". Lol, that probably means no additives.
  14. Woops just saw your post, Tithra. Will do everything you say and there will be an update tomorrow. 75% water change was just finished.
  15. I don't know why I think the tank is not cycled. I never went though the means to cycle it. I listened to the LFS and added fish after the filter ran for like a week. The Prazi will be here on Thursday. The filter is most likely an Aqueon 30. It came with the tank. When I bought the 75 gallon it came with a Fluval 405 canister filter. I was going to use that as the main and add something else. I don't know what though yet. How much salt should I use?
  16. Big water change is being done right after I type this out! Those reading are pretty typical. I have no idea why the pH drops so rapidly. I do use the cartridges and replace them once a week (or every two water changes). None of the other fish are showing signs of fin rot. I can make a QT tank but it would take me a while to clean it out. I would be using the cartridges too though. The QT tank that I will have to dig out is 10 gallons. Unfortunately my gh/kh test kit has not showed up in the mail yet. Recently, I got a used 75 gallon tank. I just resealed it and waiting for the silicone to cure. And, it will be cycling it afterwards. My current tank is not cycled. I know it is an issue but I am working with what I've got til the new tank gets cycled. The LFS just closed. RIght now I have Tetra Lifeguard (All-in-One Treatment). Can I use that? I'm ordering the Prazi right now and I can get the salt tonight too. I feel like a bad fish mom! Edit: Forgot to mention that I also have Tetra Fungus Guard
  17. Test Results for the Following: Ammonia Level (Tank) = 0.5 ppm Nitrite Level (Tank) = 0 ppm Nitrate Level (Tank) = 40 ppm pH Level (Tank) = 7.6 Ammonia Level (Tap) = 0 ppm Nitrite Level (Tap) = 0 ppm Nitrate Level (Tap) = 5 ppm pH Level (Tap) = 8.2 Other Required Information: Test Kit: API Freshwater Test Kit, Drops Water Temperature: Don't have a thermometer, so I would say room temperature. The apartment is kept at around 72 degrees F (22 degrees C) Tank Size: 29 Gallons running for 2 years. Name/Size of Filter: Aqueon Filter that came with tank. Change water every 2-3 days about 75% each time I changed water yesterday, 75% One large Moor and two small goldfish (Moor and ryukin) I use SeaChem Prime They are feed 3 times daily (Omega One Pellets, Seaweed waffer, and Peas, Other greens sometimes) No new fish. No medications added. I have never medicated my fish as I haven't needed it til now. Plus being ignorant to these matters doesn't help much either. I have noticed that the Ryukin has some red streaks but she has always had it so I never worried, until now that is. The Moor has frayed fins. Everyone has been eating like normal. I have noticed that the small Moor and Ryukin have been bottom sitting and flashing/flicking. The large Moor is slower than usual, like really fatigued.
  18. A couple of day ago I noticed that my Black Moor, Nox, had some ripped fins. I read that it just takes time for them to heal with good water quality. Yesterday the lobes were a different color than usual. A coppery color instead of black. And, today parts of the lobes are missing and they look "ridged". I don't know how to explain it. Hopefully the picture will help out. What should I do to help him out?
  19. Yeah I was just reading about having your finger wet. Some people recommend that you mix the water with dish soap to get the seal really smooth and professional. But, isn't soap like a "no-no" with tanks? I don't know if this is possible but could the silicone trap the soap in the tank?
  20. Last night I took off all the silicone and taped my edges. Got a little frustrated but at least now the hard part is over. Now for the silicone smoothing should I just use my finger to push it down or can I use a spoon? I obviously don't want to scrape it off with my finger/spoon, but just how hard should I be smoothing it down?
  21. I just wanted to make sure that the GE Silicone 1 is just as good as the silicone that is made specifically for aquariums. Is a gimmick to try to make more money or does Momentive/Dow Corning have a higher tensile strength?
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