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  1. Thanks! We are going to do the deep sand bed using the old sand from the established tank. We heard a few ideas about getting the pump more quiet, but we were kinda hoping that it would break in and quiet down. Please follow the thread and drop some knowledge if you can, I'm new to reef tanks. I usually do a bunch of research when a problem comes up, but it'd be nice if the problems can be prevented lol. Are you doing the deep sand bed in the tank or in the refugium? All I do is keep researching. Anything I come across I will definitely share.
  2. Simply amazing! I can't wait to see that carpet grow out. It's going to look even more incredible. Those chubby cheeks on Hashi are adorable. Almost didn't recognize him with that total color change!
  3. You've got a follower! This project looks so exciting. I wish I just had the courage and money to start a reef tank. Great idea on the magnetic doors for the stand. That would make it so much easier to clean. Some suggestions though, learned from my father who is an avid reef keeper. I see you have some rock in your refugium. In that same compartment you could also have a deep sand bed which would handle some denitrification. Since there are no fish down there to disturb the sand, you won't get any toxic gas released. I know that marine fish have low tolerance to nitrates so this option would definitely be easier than doing a bunch of water changes. Especially with your R/O only giving 20 gallons every 5 hours. You could also add macroalgae too. This link might help for some explanation on that. Return pump too loud. I wouldn't know how to help there.
  4. I sent her a pm...i can tell her your email if you would like Yeah sure that would be nice as long as it's okay with her.
  5. I would love to relieve you of all your plants. Unfortunately I can't figure out how to PM you. Edit: I don't have enough post to PM you. Can I e-mail you?
  6. I'll help dig a new pond to see what happens! Who's with me?
  7. Thanks for the link, very informative! I also noticed that they were posted by Ichthius too.
  8. Most of the time I used it in my filter.... but when I moved I needed to add it to the tank major time..So I had it as substrate... The only problem I found with it like that was it was rough on there fins. Yeah I worry about this too. Also worry about some sharp irregular pieces as they are sifting through it. I know my bag a has some full shells and larger pieces in it that could pose a hazard for the right sized fish/mouthI was thinking the same thing. The pieces of coral seem pretty sharp. Especially since they will be sifting through it. I actually had a fish that would rest his belly on the bottom of the tank when he slept. This worries me too. It's working to raise my KH and buffer my pH but it might not be a good choice as a substrate. I ordered some aragonite sand as a replacement. You guys think this is a good idea?
  9. I actually just removed all the coral and rinse it better to remove some of the cloudiness. It's looking better and not making as much of a cloud when I shift it around. I was thinking that if the coral doesn't work out I would use aragonite sand. Do you know if that helps with GH as well?
  10. Thanks for the info Does anyone know if coral affects GH? I'm getting conflicting information on the internet.
  11. I've been reading in other forums that when you add the coral it buffs, stabilize, hold (for lack of a better term) at a pH of 7.8 when people use it as a substrate for African cichlids . In their case, the tap pH was lower less than 7.0 and they were looking to increase their pH. When they added the coral it normalized to 7.8 and remained constant. I was really wondering if the pH will remain of 8.2 because it is being buff by the coral or if it will eventually shift to 7.8? I was reading that the calcium carbonate (the main buffing ingredient of coral) that erodes from the coral could be release for years. This would depend on how hard or soft the tap water is. If the KH in the tap was lower than the KH of the tank, calcium carbonate would would continue to leach to meet equilibrium. If you were using crushed coral in a lower quantity per gallon, it would dissipate faster if the tap water was soft. Since I am using it in a higher quantity per gallon, as a substrate, wouldn't the coral last for a very long time?
  12. It will not raise the ph only the kh ......which it looks like it did Yeah, it just buffs the pH. So then my pH will remain constant at 8.2? I was hoping that the coral would buff the pH around 7.8. A pH of 8.2 is too high for goldies, right?
  13. Yeah I'm using it as a substrate. The KH has raised from 53.7 ppm to 89.5 ppm. The ph is at 8.2. Do the crushed coral maintain the tap pH (mine being 8.2) or does it hold it at around 7.8? I've been reading that usually can't get their pH to go past 7.6-7.8 when using crushed coral.
  14. I have 15 lbs of crushed coral in the tank now. Do you think that would be enough to raise my KH without using baking soda? I am starting to feel like this might not have been a good purchase. It's just so dusty... I'm going to remove it today and rinse it more.
  15. Recently I bought a 75 gallon used tank. Right now it is not cycled because I have a couple of water quality issues. The parameters of the tap water are: Ammonia: 0.25 ppm Nitrite: 0.0 ppm Nitrate: 10.0 ppm pH: 8.2 KH: 53.7 ppm GH: 89.5 ppm However after letting the water sit for 24 hours, the parameters are: Ammonia: 0.25 ppm Nitrite: 0.0 ppm Nitrate: 10.0 ppm pH: 7.4 KH: 53.7 ppm GH: 89.5 ppm I was told in another thread that the reason by pH is unstable because my KH is so low. I added some crushed coral as a substrate to combat this and it has completely clouded the water. So much so that I can't even see the filtration or hoses when looking through the front. There is also some school of thought that as the bacteria start to colonize the substrate that their biofilm will "pull down" the suspended particles. Another concern I have is when I do cleanings I will have to move around the crushed coral. This will create yet another cloud. Will it clear up eventually and the water be crystal clear or will it remain slightly cloudy always? Should I remove the crushed coral and rinse it more?
  16. Last night I did a double dose of prime and discovered that Pollack had died. This morning when I went to do a health check, Zip had passed too. Like I said yesterday, their death was not in vain. Thank you everyone for your help and condolences. The silicone in my new tank had cured so I'll be posting in water quality soon to figure out my water source issue.
  17. Unfortunately today when I went to do a health check, Nox had passed. However, his death did not go in vain. Since I've had him, I've learned that goldfish keeping is more than just tossing beautiful fish in water and hoping for the best. I've continuously educated myself on goldfish keeping and learned something new each and every day. Even in his death I have obtained more knowledge. It might not be now but eventually I will be a goldfish guru. I've still got two other goldies with me. Right now they are doing ok with the same behavior, bottom sitting. No labored breathing.
  18. Earlier I did a 75% water change and added double Prime, double PraziPro, and Tri Sulfa. I haven't added the salt but I have a solution ready to go if you all think I should add it. I also did another test of the tap water since the KH/GH test came in. Now we know why my pH went down a whole point in one day. I also looked up why there is ammonia and nitrate present in my water source. Apparently it is from fertilizer and factory run offs. Ammonia: 0.25 ppm Nitrite: 0 ppm Nitrate: 10 ppm pH: 8.2 KH: 53.7 ppm GH: 89.5 ppm
  19. It is PraziPro. So that will be done and done. What should I do with the API Triple Sulfa?
  20. The Prazi just showed at the door. So I've got that on hand too.
  21. They didn't have that either. I couldn't find the Kanaplex either. I asked the staff but they didn't know what it was and said that their shipments come in on Tuesday. I would have to wait til then to get the API General Cure. So you say I should go ahead and do the water change or only add the salt?
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