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  1. Thank you guys for helping me out. He didn't make it but I gave it my all.
  2. I've added API Aquarium Salt. I do have Epsom Salt too. If that is better, I'll switch. I can get you video in the morning since the fish is sleeping now. I also have WipeOut by Crystal Clear too.
  3. A new oranda, named Howie, is in my hospital tank and I need a little assistance helping him through a couple of disease/illnesses he has. I knew I shouldn't have bought him but no one can resist those chubby cheeks. As far as I know... he has dropsy, fin rot, fish lice, open sores, and flukes. Show all the signs: pine-coning, eroding fin edge, green disk all over his tail and moving to his body, and clamped fins. Surprisingly though he is semi-active and always eats all the food I provide. Treatment started 3 days ago with .3%, kanaplex, and an 80 degree temperature. I'm trying to knock out the dropsy and fin rot. He is still pine-coned but I remain hopeful. The kanaplex says to only do 3 doses maximum every 2 days for a total of 6 days of treatment. Is it okay to extend treatment past that if I do need to treat more? I figured I would treat him for flukes after he healed from the dropsy. I didn't want to do too much treatment as to cause more stress. Don't want to throw the kitchen sink at him. Or, is it okay to do that now? As for the fish lice. I know they are feeding on him like a tick would a dog. That in turn weakens him so I'm worried that it could prolong the dropsy or result in something else dramatic. What should I treat to get rid of those things? I've heard salt does nothing and that potassium permanganate dips do wonders. But I have no idea has to how to go about treatment. Or if it just adding more undue stress. Also, do I need to manually remove the lice?
  4. Little update... day 3 with just epsom salt Swelling in his eyes has gone done. There looks like there is a small ring around him eye but I don't know if that is just how his eye is. At this moment I feel like I might be seeing things. This is partly due to his bottom sitting when I'm not in front of the tank. But when I come to the tank he gets up and starts moving around. Maybe he is just bored. After he eats he got energy and swims around does his usual. Now I'm starting to wonder if his eye swelling is not caused be a bacteria infection. It seems like just the Epsom salt fixes him right up. I'm confused.
  5. Unfortunately I did not take the water parameters before I changed it. The tap parameters are: Ammonia 0.25 ppm Nitrite 0 ppm Nitrate 10 ppm This is typical for my tap and hasn't changed. The ph is usually high around 8.6 until it degasses. On him so far I have used API Triple Sulfa, API General Cure, and epsom salt for a total of 9 days (almost 10) I had ran out of the triple sulfa and he was like his usual self so I moved him to the main tank. Right now on hand I have API General Cure and epsom salt. I will say that I know my nitrates get high over the course of a week. On my take I have a bypass that leads my water to a pot of pothos and then back to the tank. I'm working on the pots remodel so it has been off for the past weeks. So that might be what is contributing to the high nitrates (no pothos to suck them up). Here are pictures. The white eye is the one that is slightly puffier. Now the picture is took as a different angle than the red eye so it looks even more swollen than it really is. In the white eye picture you can see his other eye in the corner so thats how far they stick out. What I'm looking is the ring around his eye. It just seems more thick and puffier than the other. You can actually probably see the ring more with the red eye pic. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B1b_ivgd0ISYRm1xYnYwYlBQUjQ https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B1b_ivgd0ISYc1lnWks1VGhKbkU Photobucket was giving me trouble so i couldn't put the pic right in the board. Edit: Right now he is just in Epsom salt and it has reduced the swelling by about half IMO
  6. So I never came back for an update because at day 9/10 he was stellar. Swimming like usual, really looking like himself. I moved him back to the main tank and now a week later he is showing symptoms again. Although it is not as severe this time I can tell he isn't as robust as he usually is. One eye is slightly popped and he is bottom sitting occasionally. I did an immediate water change and I've moved him back to the hospital with just the epsom salt. What should I do next?
  7. Day 6 and he looks completely normal. How long should I keep treating?
  8. No worries... I realize you have a life outside of Koko's. What do you think about high nitrates causing the fish's face to swell, if he doesn't have popeye/dropsy?
  9. Thank you for the complements! He is looking fine to me right now. His face and eyes are normal but he's bottom sitting more than usual. No clamping or balanced color. I'm going to continue his the treatment just to be on the safe side (I spent too much money on him and of course I love him too). Right now he is still in the Epsom, Triple Sulfa, and Metro treatment. You only mentioned the Metro, should I take him off the Triple Sulfa/Epsom? I am also not adding heat. Should I? Hypothetically speaking, say he doesn't have an infection. Would the high nitrates cause such swelling in his face?
  10. Ok here's the video taken about 3 hrs after I added him to the hospital tank. He is looking much better. The swelling in his face and eyes has gone down considerably. His eyes were probably about three times the size of what is seen in the video. He actually looked like an Oranda with telescope eyes (kinda cute in a horrific way). He still does have a small ring bulging around his eyes which I tried to get in the video. He is more active with his swimming and bottom-sitting less. His ravenous eating habits are back and now he has gone to sleep with a full belly. Sorry about the lighting... best I could do with what I had. http://vid1025.photobucket.com/albums/y317/Miss__Goldie/GOPR0015_zpskxxlsfdn.mp4 Edit: I wanted to add my thanks toward you all for your support and love.
  11. Woke up today and Rosco's staring back at me with globes as eyes and fat lips. Ugh... Popeye! I knew I should have taken the time to do my regular maintenance, that I ALWAYS do, during these busy last couple of weeks. Nevertheless, I didn't and now he is like this. My go pro is charging right now so I'll get you guys a vid soon. I've already moved him to a 15 gal hospital with an air stone and added 1.5 tsp epsom salt, triple sulfa, and API general cure (contains 250 mg Metronidazole). He is eating just fine, a little hesitant but I think that is just because he is in a new environment. He bottom sits when I'm not around (I'm sure the pressure behind his eyes is giving him a serious migraine) but when I come over he makes an effort to swim around. Dorsal fin is sky high so I at least know he is sorta feeling okay (he usually tucks it if he isn't feeling well). I added him to the hospital tank about an hour ago. Idk if it is just me wanting him to get better but I feel like the swelling in his face has gone down just slightly. His lady friend, Storm, is doing fine in the main tank. No signs of popeye but I don't know if it is contagious. Is it? Please help me fix Rosco. I was thinking about making medicated food but Idk where to start. I have the Metro that I can mix with the gel food but I don't know how much. Each packet contain 250 mg of Metro. What dose should I give him, if any? On hand I have: Epsom Salt, API General Cure, Metro, Tetracycline, and Triple Sulfa. I've heard that many people have success with oxytetracycline. I know that it is the bigger and better improved version of tetracycline. I wanted to ask you guys about it before I was to add that to the hospital. I don't wanna go antibiotic crazy but i know that popeye leads to dropsy. Dropsy's tricky because it you don't throw all your stones at it you might not get to later on but you don't want to compromise the fish's health either. Any help is greatly appreciated. Test Results for the Following: * Ammonia Level(Tank) Unknown because I changed the water as soon as I saw his bulging eyes * Nitrite Level(Tank) Unknown because I changed the water as soon as I saw his bulging eyes * Nitrate level(Tank) Unknown because I changed the water as soon as I saw his bulging eyes. I'm sure it was high because it's been two weeks since water changes and I haven't had my pothos in the water like I usually do to suck up the nitrates. * Ammonia Level(Tap) 0.25 ppm * Nitrite Level(Tap) 0 ppm * Nitrate level(Tap) 10 ppm * Ph Level, Tank (If possible, KH, GH and chloramines) Ranges from 7- 7.6 depending on CO2 * Ph Level, Tap (If possible, KH, GH and chloramines) 8.6 because of supersaturated gases, drops to 7.6 after 24 hrs of degassing Other Required Info: * Brand of test-kit used and whether strips or drops? API Test Kit, drops * Water temperature? 72 F - 74 F * Tank size (how many gals.) and how long has it been running? 75 G, running for 1.5 yrs but just changed the soil about 3 months ago * What is the name and "size of the filter"(s)? 2 SunSun 304B @ 525 mph * How often do you change the water and how much? Once a week, 75% * How many days ago was the last water change and how much did you change? Before the water change today, I changed the water 2 weeks ago. I NEVER do that and of course it bit me in the butt this time. I'm always diligent but life took over these past weeks and I was unable to do the regular maintenance that I usually do. * How many fish in the tank and their size? 2 Orandas, both about 6" sl * What kind of water additives or conditioners? Seachem Prime, ferts for the plants * What do you feed your fish and how often? Give the brand, type of food (sinking/floating pellets, gel food, steamed vegetable, etc.), and how frequently you feed each. Hand Fed Repashy (gel food), 2-3 grams daily, split into 2 portions. Diet also includes Nori and peas as a supplement * Any new fish added to the tank? None * Any medications added to the tank? None to the main. In the hospital 1.5 tsp epsom salt, triple sulfa, and API general cure (contains 250 mg Metronidazole). * List entire medication/treatment history for fish and tank. Please include salt, Prazi, PP, etc and the approximate time and duration of treatment. Only Prazi * Any unusual findings on the fish such as "grains of salt," bloody streaks, frayed fins or fungus? Bulging of the eyes and swelling in the nose/mouth area * Any unusual behavior like staying at the bottom, not eating, etc.? Eating, no crazy like he usually does. Has recently started bottom sitting but will swim up when I approach the hospital tank.
  12. Hahaha... That's how my inspection went. When the maintenance men came in they went straight to my tank checking out the fish and plants. They totally forgot what they were supposed to do. After about 15 mins of 'tank chatting' they were out of there saying "everything looks good here". It's pretty funny how a cute pudgy goldfish can bring a rough burly man to his knees, to get a better view of course!
  13. Maybe thats why he's grown so much.... he's got a big mouth to eat all the food! I think the photo is a little blurry at that spot. Makes him look like Jay Leno!
  14. Super cute chu! $25 what a steal! That's awesome that your able to shop for your fish locally. Its fun to meet new characters in our story.
  15. Definitely agree with Chelsea. Anything food related and you've got the golden ticket to have some fun. Almost every time I hand feed repashy, I get them to line up on right of the tank. Then I dunk my hand with the food on the left side and watch them come racing over. And, boy do they race! They've definitely gotten faster too. Now they line up on their own when they know I'm coming with food. I don't know if I've trained them or not. It was really something I started to do to make them 'exercise'. A burst of motion is good cardio, right? It's like they're doing sprints, of course on the way to eat, but nevertheless it is activity. I wonder if they get cramps like we do when we move around too soon after eating (I usually space their feeding portions about 15-30 min apart)? I've seen that some people feed frozen foods out of a container that limits the amount of say bloodworms from being eaten in one swoop. Don't know what it is called but I think it takes all the fun out of a good treasure hunt for food. When I feed any frozen stuff, I (after defrosting and draining excess liquid) release all the food in a swooping motion so it spreads out all other the tank. They go mad! Once they gotten all the ones out in the open, they're onto the hunt. I've got a densely planted tank so food hides everywhere and anywhere. They're usually entertaining themselves and me for at least 30 mins. If they don't get it the snails come in to clean the mess. Everyone wins. Mine seem to like marimo balls too. Everyone once in a while I see them nudging and rolling them over. That might be because they are just trying to see if there is more food under it. When I'm cleaning I'll toss the balls in the water and they'll chase them down. Now that I think of it, it really like a dog that never returns the fetched toy. Now if they did that! I would truly be impressed but I doubt they have the strength. Maybe with smaller pieces.
  16. I've got a red cap in my 75 gal with a blue oranda. When I first added them the red cap took over the tank. She was the boss and would nip at the other's fin, even pulling away. It started during feeding time but eventually became a frequent occurrence. Both are females so spawing behavior was out of the question. I got nervous and starting researching. What I found was that many people said their red cap, specifically, was a little more aggressive. Maybe it is due to genetics. Add with all goldfish there is inbreeding. Maybe the aggression is linked with the red cap. Who knows? To me it looks like they just might be getting to know each other like Fantail said. Idk if the pearlscale looks "weak" but it does seem floaty to me. I would just keep monitoring. To help my situation, I added another fish (male) to diffuse the situation. I took the red cap out for three days. Allowed the male and the blue female to stay in the main tank. When I put the red cap back she tried to regain her dominance but the male wasn't having it. Eventually everything settle but every once in a while she will get the nerve to attack both the other two. This is now usually only during feeding. It maybe happens now once a week but that's way better than the to give times a day. And, who knows what's happening while I'm gone
  17. Hahaha... he does look like he put his fin in a socket the way you can see his veins. Does he have matte scales? I've just never seen a Betta like him.
  18. Very unique... congrats on the new addition!
  19. Congrats! Its good to see that when one door closes another one opens. Wishing you success with this batch.
  20. Interesting point Diesel! My tank has a dirt substrate cape with sand. I've always thought that by providing a substrate I could mentally stimulate and enrich their lives. By doing something they do naturally, wouldn't they be happier? From a human perspective the substrate would be smelly, makes total sense. But from the fish's view... who knows. Maybe they forage because they are bored. Not they become bored if they can't forage. Even with a substrate, my fish tend to forage in the plants more than at the bottom. But that's only when I'm paying attention to them. Who knows what they do when I'm gone. I often find mounds where they've moved sand around so they do it must sometime. I do have to push it back to even it so the dirt doesn't escape. Maybe they don't need a substrate, just enough plants to pick through. I do think you should provide one or the other. Being in an empty tank has to be boring!
  21. I saw that too LOL. Thought it was just me 'SOK, I had the same thought... when I first saw the photo I was "what kind of fish again?" then I realised I was looking at the rock. When I finally saw the pearlscale my little heart went 'sqeeeeeeeeeee!' They are a beautiful crew Phil, all very sweet! Great minds think alike... The little lip on the rock definitely confused me too. I was thinking, "that's a big ..... oh wait, that's a rock." All are super cute and so tiny in the first pic. I've got a sweet spot for Red Caps and any blue goldfish. Pearlscale is beautiful though... with good grooming it'll be gorgeous.
  22. Do you think that the calcium and magnesium would be enough to affect the water hardness? I already add a hardener when preparing the water.
  23. On the box it does say Sea Salt and the ingredients only list sea salt. I hope I'm good because I'd hate to go back out to the store.
  24. Bump Quick question, is it okay to use Kosher Sea Salt (no additives) in lieu of the Mortan's? I know the grain size would be different but I plan on weighing out the salt so I think I'm covered there. I just didn't know if there is really any difference so I thought I'd ask first.
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