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  1. Technically it is complete, since it's processing 3ppm of ammonia in 24 hours. I don't mind double and triple checking though!
  2. Oh I see, that makes sense ^_^ I did have to wait on them but I got them and posted the test results here, it was 2 kh and 3 gh out of the tap. I'll do that water change and tests for you, sure, any particular day that you think I should do it? Or just whenever I get around to it? Here are the readings from today 10/5/14 8:30 PM pH 7.6+, High pH 7.8, Ammonia 0ppm, Nitrite 0ppm -> 9:00 Added 2.8mL Ammonia -> 9:30 pH 7.6+, High pH 8.2, Ammonia 3ppm
  3. Oh okay, so it does the same thing as baking soda? Or does it do the same thing as baking soda & seachem equilibrium together? Sorry just want to double check. Would others recommend using it instead or..? Also...do ya'll think I can get this hardness stuff figured out by the 14th or 20th? I know the tank will be cycled by then since it is so close, here are the readings from today: 10/4/14 7:30 PM pH 7.6+, High pH 8.0, Ammonia 0ppm, Nitrite .25ppm -> 7:50 PM Added 2.8mL Ammonia -> 9:00 PM pH 7.6+, High pH 8.2, Ammonia 3ppm, Nitrite .25ppm, Nitrate 80-160ppm (bright red) I got sidetracked is why I tested a bit late after the ammonia dose Thanks again for putting up with me
  4. I don't have a link for it, sorry! That's what I was thinking (and I asked about the crushed coral to my water chemistry friend) and he seems to think the same way. I havn't tested for nitrate since the reading of it I gave ya'll before, sure I will test that today and post the results Thanks, ya'll are very reassuring! Would that level of salt be the same even if I am using a half dose or 1/3 dose of the mix? I wouldn't be using a full dose like I would if I had cichlids. Oh I see, that may be good then. I never miss water changes for a full week though, usually 3 days at most and that is on a really bad week ^_^ Yeah, I'm glad it's been staying stable! I'll be sure to post results later and hopefully we'll have had 6 days of being stable. It didn't confuse me, or well, I'm still just going around in circles with myself since I don't like the thought of adding things to the water. Buut I need to if I want it to be good for the goldies..so I guess I better get used to it Thanks again by the way! you could buy buff it up on goldfishconnection before its all gone... call him and mention your a KG member and get 10% more off your order... I used to use it all the time Was that for fantail or for me? If for me, is this something I would use in conjunction with the other stuff or something I could use on it's own?
  5. Hiya, again. I'm sorry I seem to be going in circles here, I'm just mentally freaking out still. I asked a friend who is very knowledgeable about altering water chemistry, although he does not know much about goldfish. Something that he showed me though I won't link it here (unless I'm told I can), mentioned using rift lake cichlid salts but at a much lower dosage. Thoughts on that? It seems less confusing than messing with baking soda and the seachem equilibrium. Or, if not that..I know some have said they didn't get much out of crushed coral. If I tried it though, would I still need to use the baking soda? Or if I can fit enough into my filters would I be able to stop worrying about adding stuff each water change? Again, I'm sorry if I'm acting a little dumb, I just worry...a lot..and get confused easily. Here are my recent readings as well: 9/30/14 5:30 PM pH 7.6+, High pH 8.0, Ammonia 0ppm, Nitrite 0ppm -> 6:05 PM Added 2.8mL Ammonia -> 6:40 PM pH 7.6+, High pH Raspberry Purple (http://www.solidcolorneckties.com/v/vspfiles/photos/RA57NA-0057-2.jpg), Ammonia 3ppm, Nitrite 0ppm, 6 KH (6 dkH/107.4ppm), 3 GH (3 dGH/53.7ppm) 10/1/14 6:30 PM pH 7.6+, High ph 8.0, Ammonia .5-1ppm, Nitrite .25ppm (definitely between that and 0) 10/2/14 5:30 PM pH 7.6+, High pH 8.0, Ammonia 0ppm, Nitrite 0ppm -> 5:50 PM Added 2.8mL Ammonia -> 6:30 PM pH 7.6+, High pH Raspberry Purple, Ammonia 3ppm, Nitrite 0ppm 10/3/14 6:30 PM pH 7.6+, High pH 8.0, Ammonia 0-.25ppm, Nitrite .25-.50ppm -> 6:55 PM Added 2.8mL Ammonia -> 7:30 PM pH 7.6+, High pH 8.2, Ammonia 3ppm, Nitrite .25ppm Thanks again
  6. I will keep that in mind from now on, thank you very much If I can get my hands on some then I may do that, thankies! I am still freaked out by all of this so I could not figure the chart out at first and my friend pointed the stuff out for me and it was really obvious.. Here are the latest readings if you want. 9/28/14 11:30 PM pH 7.6, High pH 7.4 or below, Ammonia 1ppm, Nitrite .25ppm, 2 KH (2 dKH/35.8ppm), 3 GH (3 dGH/53.7ppm) 9/29/14 5:00 PM pH 7.2, High pH 7.4 or below, Ammonia .50ppm, Nitrite .25ppm (maybe between that and 0) -> 8:30 PM Added 2 tsp baking soda -> 10:30 PM pH 7.6+, High pH 7.8, Ammonia .5ppm, Nitrite .25ppm (definitely between that and 0)
  7. Thanks for the explanation, that helps! In my 55g I have two betta ocellata, 15 rummynose tetras, 7 albino cories, 7 khuli loaches, 1 female guppy (she was an oopsie), and 1 bristlenose pleco. They have been just fine, although I just got the bettas this past monday. I believe these are softwater fish except for the guppy so that might be why? Here are the results from after the W/C, which I hope was large enough? 9/27/14 10:30 PM Did a 65% Water Change -> 10:55 PM pH 7.6, High pH 7.4 or below -> 11:00 PM Added 2.8mL Ammonia -> 11:30 PM pH 7.6+, High pH 8.0, Ammonia 3ppm, Nitrite 0ppm, 2 KH (2 dKH/35.8ppm), 3 GH (3 dGH/53.7ppm) I havn't added that baking soda yet as I was unsure with doing the water change and such if I needed to just yet. I probably should have, I'm sorry
  8. I am using mature media from my 55g. This is why it's cycling so fast. Not a stupid question at all! Yes, sorry, I actually tested the pH of the 55g right after I posted but when I came back I could no longer edit it and I didn't want to post like 3 times as I still had plans to post the gh and kh and ph of the cycling 29g before and after the water change. The pH of my 55g was 6.6. Okay, so, I lied..I did mess with the 29g, I just forgot. I topped it up last night as it was getting kind of loud. So I havn't done a W/C on it yet but the pH is at 6.4, kh 1 drop (1 dkH/17.9ppm) and gh 4 drops (4 dkH [or is that meant to be dGH?] or 71.6ppm) I have a question..not sure if it will make sense. Do the goldies just need the high pH and such or do they need the calcium content associated with it? I'll post results for after the water change as well, just need to feed the other fish first. ^_^
  9. Okay. I wasn't sure if you guys just want my tap gh/kh or the one for the tank as well. Or if it could be any of my tanks. I went with my 55g in this case as I wasn't sure what the tank I'm cycling would mean since it's pH has dropped to 6 and I have not messed with it since I last posted. I hope I read the chart right for my tests, it was in the instructions for them. 55g - 1 drop of KH (1 dkH or 17.9ppm) Tap - 2 drops of KH (2 dkH or 35.8ppm) 55g - 3 drops of GH (3 dkH or 53.7ppm) Tap - 3 drops of GH (3 kH or 53.7ppm) I'm going to go test it for the cycling 29g now and write it down and then do a large water change and add ammonia so I can get this going again. Thanks for any and all responses
  10. I hope it's okay as well. I was already a member there though, if it helps Let's see..the only one I am seeing is from someone whose name starts with an N and she is seeing who will be interested? If so I know her and I do hope to buy from her in the future. If not..I'll keep an eye out. Thanks so much! <3
  11. I love the one on the left, though they're both great. I also really like the tank! Where did you get those stones? How long is the tank? ;o
  12. Cynthia from ECR actually monitors our forum quite carefully, so I'd like to advise you that your best course of action is likely to let it drop, and continue on. If she eventually feels that she is ready to put you back in her good graces, then I have no doubt that she will reach out to you. Well I hope she does monitor this thread so that maybe she can let me know what I might have done wrong. Since I really have no idea what I could have done or said that would have made her decide to block me. She was my favorite pick and had two that I really wanted. And after reading glowing after glowing review of her service and fish, I am well and truly baffled not to mention hurt by this blocking. In the mean time I will keep trying to find some other breeders. Thanks hon! I look forward to reading the write up when that comes out ^_^
  13. Wow, he/she is very lovely! Thanks for sharing with me. I figured someone would say that. I don't mean that in a rude way, just saying. I'd be happy to post the conversation but I don't think it's allowed. If you want to see it I suppose I could PM it to you? Maybe you can figure out what I did wrong. *Edit* Forgot, I can't PM yet, need 100 posts. >.< I'm not looking for a specific quality, I don't think. Just one that looks cute to me and that I feel a connection with. I will do some more reading though! Do you have any recommendations on where to start? Of course I'm going to go search around on here although I noticed there doesn't seem to be a specific sticky on ranchu in the types of goldfish section. I seem to be a terrible searcher though so hopefully I stumble upon something Thanks again <3
  14. Wow, he is precious! Thanks so much for sharing
  15. I would like to watch them grow, yes I want them to be whatever size they should be for a healthy goldie though. As in he should know what breeders or he'll have information on care? I mean both are good just curious. Thanks Is that one of your ranchu? If so, yes.
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