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  1. How's it going now?

    Pretty good! They are both active, eating, and being quite social with me. George's gills look great. I honestly have never seen them be able to open so much. She still tires, but I expect that to take a little time...

    I'm still curious about the bubble things on their head though, as those haven't changed...I can't find a thing anywhere about anything that might be similar.

  2. Right?! I mean, I have seen quite a few but people tend to hold a higher value in their used tank then there really is. Sure, they discount a tank that retails for $100 down to $80 but for me, I'd rather spend the extra $20 and get something clean and new.

  3. Thank you, I didn't know that prime made it inactive but that it would still show on the reading. I feel a million times better now! I have been using filtered tap water, BUT its been with a drinking water filter so I'll give it a shot with the aquarium filter.

    DieselPlower - rain explains the ammonia because of where I live. I'm in semi desert region of san diego, we get rain maybe 4 times a year, so our reserve water is from run off, which is not treated with just chlorine here but with both chlorine and ammonia and the new water is given sort of a loading dose before being added into the reserve. I guess I was vague about that...

    Are you on city water?

    I live in central California (Santa Cruz County), and we don't get much rain either. Of course the entire state is in a drought right now, too ...! I was just curious because I wonder if it's the same situation for the water in my city.

    Nice to see another California resident, BTW - there aren't too many of us on here! I was born in Rancho Bernardo, but my family moved up here when I was 2 to be closer to relatives. I went back and visited with my mom at age 17 or 18, and it was beautiful! [emoji1]

    Very cool! I don't know that this is a very big hobby here...as far as I'm aware there is only one koi club and it looks pretty small. It probably has a lot to do with the amount of temporarily stationed military, since I doubt they'd take up fish knowing they could be transferred around every few years.

    And yep, I am on city water. You might have it in yours too but it would totally depend on where your water source is from. You should be able to look at the consumer confidence report on the city website.

  4. Thank you, I didn't know that prime made it inactive but that it would still show on the reading. I feel a million times better now! I have been using filtered tap water, BUT its been with a drinking water filter so I'll give it a shot with the aquarium filter.

    DieselPlower - rain explains the ammonia because of where I live. I'm in semi desert region of san diego, we get rain maybe 4 times a year, so our reserve water is from run off, which is not treated with just chlorine here but with both chlorine and ammonia and the new water is given sort of a loading dose before being added into the reserve. I guess I was vague about that...

  5. Thanks for the responses!

    Justin, by sensitive, I mean that they tend to get "sick" more easily than goldfish typically do. For example, nitrate should be under 40ppm or something, right? They would need to be under 20ppm or they become lethargic, and they become constipated very easily, more so than my others. They react to stressors much more quickly than I would expect them to.

    MK_12, right now they are getting aqueon sinking goldfish pellets, and I also give them blood worms, algae tabs, spinach and peas. I definitely don't want to ditch pellets all together, just these ones. The ingredients list isn't great, so something more nutritious is what I'm hoping for.

    Lisa, I take probiotics myself when on antibiotics, so I feel silly the thought didnt even cross my mind to give them any! I'll definitely be doing that.

    I'll have to check out all of the suggestions and see what is most readily available to me. Thank you!!!

  6. I've asked a couple questions in a few forums this morning, so I apologize in advance if I annoy anyone...

    I'm questioning if I should set up a permanent hospital/QT tank. I have a 10 gallon, an extra filter and bubbler and once all the fish I have at the moment are happy and healthy I plan to add some more to my outside pond so I'll need the QT anyway.

    Is it worth it to set up and have a few small fish live in it...like a couple of neons or some very young goldfish I can transfer out to the pond when they get too big for it, or should I just leave it unassembled and use some of the media in the main tank to cycle it when I need to set it up?

  7. I can't get to the shop today to pick up some ammonia treatment and I have sickies in hospital tank that I'd like to have on pristine water conditions.

    After checking (3 times...) my tap water tests with 1.0 ppm ammonia. We just had rain which explains it though doesn't help my situation.

    I have already added the max of prime and the ammonia is still at 0.5 for some reason. Is there anything I might have at home that can possibly neutralize this??

  8. Hello :) I have 2 orandas that have been through some significant health problems over a few years - dropsy, bacterial infection from a wound,and now some secondary illness possibly due to a fluke infestation? - anyway, they've become more and more sensitive to food, water quality etc after each illness.

    I want to try to prevent future illnesses as much as possible so I think its time to ditch the generic goldfish pellets and go for something that is more quality, and nutritionally balanced.

    Can anyone suggest a diet for these two? Thanks in advance!!

  9. Good morning! So things are going ok so far. Sunday afternoon my girl started floating upside down so I started feeding boiled peas...she had a HUGE bowel movement and as of this morning is righted again. She looks a lot happier and is swimming around and eating voraciously.

    I did notice that one of them has a reddish black dot on her - its small and hasn't gotten any bigger. The other has some dark red to the tip of his fin. I've attached pictures just incase its something to be concerned with.

    Somewhat random side note: I decided I just need to get a much larger tank for them...they were more sensitive to their environment after having dropsy so I'm imagining they will be even moreso after this and it will be so much easier to stabilize water parameters with them in a larger volume of water...so my husband and I decided to browse around local aquatic stores to see what is available and I must say I've found a couple of hidden gems. I guess there really is a silver lining to every cloud. :)

    I've also attached a video clip of them this morning...a far cry from a fish I was having to stimulate to breath just this weekend!



  10. She's hanging in there. I put an extra bubbler in with them and took the water temp down a touch since she was gasping pretty badly, and it seems to have helped. My guy is a little swollen and gaspy but seems happy enough scrounding around the floor like usual and wiggling his bum around like an overly happy puppy.

    I actually have two questions...first, once flukes are cleared up, do I need to do anything to help clear up any extra mucus in her gills or will it clear itself? And two, they both seem to be retaining some fluid...should I leave that alone for now or go ahead with a touch of epsom salts?

    Thank you for asking ;)

  11. Thank you :) I know the outcome here is grim...I haven't seen them like this before.

    My girl, George, (we didnt know she was a girl) is doing quite poorly. I don't think she'll make it to tonight even but we're trying. I have her next to me since every so often it seems I have to "remind" her to breathe. Hopefully stimulation to breathe will last long enough to get the meds moving her in the right direction. :( My boy, Wiggles, however is still pretty feisty. He's the stronger of the two anyways, so I actually have high hopes for him. He's still swimming, eating, and socializing with me so fingers are crossed.

    Everything is done, in QT with the meds and fresh conditioned water. Parameters are pH=7.6, ammo=0, nitrites=0, nitrates=0, GH=120, KH=120. I remember when I treated them with dropsy one of the books I was consulting said something about bringing the water temp up...do I need to do anything with temp in this case?

    Again, thank you, you have no idea how much I appreciate this. :)

  12. I went to the store this morning and grabbed a GH/KH strip to check it...I know nothing about these though so I'll need to be advised if somebody could :)

    GH = 120-180ppm and

    KH = 80ppm

    My girl isn't doing very well and is trying really hard but she almost looks like she "faints" and rolls onto her side, then its like she comes to, rights herself and is ok for a while. I've never seen this so I'm very, very worried about her :(


  13. This may seem like a no-brainer to some...but I had a "hmm...maybe I'm missing something" moment. Do you think there would be any issue using aquarium plants outside?

    I have a 350-400gallon outdoor, above ground goldfish "pond" and was going to add some aquarium plants to give it some ground cover in the water. Any advice on what type of plants would be ok for this?

    I live inland San Diego so it typically doesn't get cold, but the water can still feel relatively cold in the winter months. I did build some insulation into this one so hopefully it should stay a bit warmer than previous tanks.

    Thanks in advance!!!

  14. I decided to just go with the general cure. As for filter media I have the standard activated carbon filter cartridge that goes with the quietflow. I did do a large water change and am about to check parameters again this morning so will post them once I've completed that.

    Lisa, they definitely did have dropsy. I was more questioning if the dropsy is the possible reason they get sick more easily. And thank you, my tank is simple but it works. And yesm the blue stones are glass :)

  15. Good morning! Thank you again for your help. To answer your questions dnalex, they've had both salt treatment and methylene blue treatment. Last one was april/may-ish of this year. I have no problem getting general cure so if you think that's the one to go for just I can pick it up later this morning. I actually may have plain prazi here already since we use it for the dogs too. I do have a QT tank so I'll get them into it this morning in some fresh water. I'll do a water change in the main tank, but what do I do with the filter media? Do I leave it alone, change the filters? tyia

    Video - http://youtu.be/9hfI2nqOaeQ



  16. I unfortunately can't get a better picture. These guys wont stop moving whenever I'm near the tank. I am pretty positive it is clear fluid inside though, its fairly transparent.. Hopefully we can still work with the images I did get...

    I also don't have general cure specifically, but do have seachem metronidazole.

  17. I have 2 orandas that have a weird growth on their heads. I thought at first it was wen since it was only on one of them, but the other has the same lump in the same spot now. Both act very lethargic, laying at the bottom, back corner of the tank. Fins aren't clamped, but tails are pretty much limp. If I come to the tank they perk up and swim around very wiggly, but thats about the only time...that and when they get food. These two tend to go through little bouts of illness once or twice a year, (maybe due to having dropsy a few years ago?) nothing that usually a good water change doesnt help, but it was only a few months ago they were really sick, requiring medication etc in order to get better so now I'm nervous. There doesnt seem to be much else to their appearance other than their fins are looking thin. Not ragged or frayed, but like they've lost some mass and are more transparent. The one has a red streak in her tail, which she always gets when shes sick. Also, suggestions on a product to bring down nitrate would be greatly welcomed...TYIA!

    Currently they are living in a 36 gallon tank, with two aqueon quietflow filters running, an airstone bubbler, plants, and an almost bare bottom (there is a little sand and a couple of 1-2" riverstones because they really like playing with it)

    Parameters using aqueon master test kit drops

    - Tank

    pH = 7.6

    ammonia = 0

    nitrite = 0

    nitrate = over 100! (this is significantly different than a few days ago)

    temperature = room temp, but its consistently 80 degrees in here, so its warmer than I'd like

    - Tap

    pH = 8.0

    ammonia = 0.5

    nitrite = 0

    nitrate = 0

    36 gallon tank...we've had it for a few years but have done a 100% water change as recently as a few months ago due to illness.

    aqueon quietflow 30 (two of them)

    water changes once a week (10 days if I lose track) and about 30%

    30% water change 2-3 days ago. There are two 2-ish inch orandas (body only) and three 1inch tetras. We use seagrams prime and aquarium salt occasionally. They get fed small amounts of pellets a couple times a day, and steal some flakes from the tetras who are only fed once. They also get peas once in a while.


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