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  1. Oh, and excuse the mess...I'm laying some pavers as well right now so there is dirt everywhere from my toddler and 3 dogs.
  2. I decided to do a bit of work on the exterior of the pond last night since I don't like the black screws so visible. The idea in my head was a lot nicer, but I think I need wider lumber for it, so I took off the top rails and am putting wider on to cover the screws. It's a work in progress The filter I totally dismantled. After discussing media with you and your suggestion of materials to use instead of gravel/sand, I did some reading into products. Which led me to reading other products, and so on. I ordered a list of things, so once its here I'll be able to build one that hopefully works beautifully for this pond. So here it is...once its 100% done I'm going to stain it with a very, very lightly tinted stain. I want it to look basically like oil rubbed natural wood. And a list of things I have decided on for an upgrade... crushed glass and growstones, venturi injector, overflow drain - like in a swimming pool deck. I'm going to push out the top of the wall at the back and create a "step" this can sit in for the overflow. I really thought about the constant trickle, but whenever there is water flow the tap leaks, so until we fix that its a no go, BUT I did find this DIY automatic water filler we're going to give a shot. I'll have to do some mods to it since this one is a huge eyesore, but with the super fast evaporation here with the heat and dry air, it will be a huge help in at least keeping the right amount water in the pond. http://www.instructables.com/id/Automatic-Pool-Water-Filler/ Any thoughts??
  3. I absolutely could put in a venturi, the pricepoint is definitely a bonus! I live in San Diego. I think I might put a bit of money aside for the next couple of paydays and add a UV clarifier to the line. My father in law has a massive koi pond and he says that they are a no brainer. Not 100% necessary, but if you can afford one, then buy one. I'll post a picture up later today. I'm finishing up with some maintenance this after noon and will take a pic when its done
  4. You're very helpful in clarifying things. Thank you! I did do a large water change but it had been about 24 hours prior to the reading I provided so I guess it wouldn't be from the tap water considering my water circulates 100% in about 6 hours. I've been looking into products and such today and think I'm going to "rebuild" the bog filter media, ditch the gravel and sand, and check out the recycled glass aggregates you mentioned. I actually spent the day cleaning the pond and moving it to be closer to the faucet so I can do more regular water changes, so setting it up with a continuous flow would work excellently where its at. I've also been thinking today about buying one of the 20g tubs as a step between the bog and the pond so I can add a bubbler I already have and will house young plants and fish until they're ready to go into the pond. The pond dimensions are 60"long x 36"wide x 34"tall with about an 18"x20" window.
  5. Those aren't my pictures, but are pretty much exactly the same. I built my box and lined it with pond liner, however I have seen a virtually identical box in home depot building supplies section for $13. Its a pvc cement mixing tub and according to manufacturer is fish safe. The sand is definitely intended to be a temp substrate. I find it actually starts pushing up through the river rocks and into the drain, so there is a little bit of sand sitting in the pond underneath the bog filter drain. I was looking at other options for materials, so I'm glad you mentioned those ones I didn't make it really clear. The filter box has the larger pump in it, which outputs into the bog filter, the smaller pump is in some larger gravel substrate in a planting basket with my lilies and also flows into the bog filter. The planting basket doesn't do much for filtering so I only really consider it a container to keep that pump in place. I had planned on adding a second filter box for that pump just for ease of cleaning. The ammonia reading unfortunately is from our tap water. San Diego uses chloramine to treat its water instead of just chlorine. I think its time to put a container in the garage to filter water prior to adding it to the pond so I don't really have to worry about it anymore. Its just such a pain to have values constantly changing depending on the rain situation. I am very curious now about something...after reading your comment on algae blooms being rare in an established pond, I went to read a few things since I thought it would be pretty normal in a pond with ammonia when suddenly exposed to increased amount of sunlight. So, I came across this article that discusses algae blooms and how during the day the algae will release oxygen during photosynthesis, but at night it reverses the process and will consume oxygen and let off CO2, so that just overnight a pond with a significant amount of algae can actually deplete enough oxygen and increase enough CO2 to leave the water potentially fatal to fish. I'm now wondering if this may have had something to do with it... An algae bloom, plus a high dose of prime (due to the water change and my terrible tap water), both with the potential to deplete oxygen in a pond, may have been just too much for a fish that wasn't at 100%. The water does get aeration from the bog filter drain (the water drops about 8-10 inches into the pond) but towards the bottom of the pond I doubt it has any effect. Am I totally overthinking this?
  6. Sorry, yes I mentioned the indoor QT tank earlier because I thought the deaths might be related to either the water or the prime, but thinking back I think I didn't get the prime into the water of the QT tank fast enough for a fish who was already stressed out from the transfer from store to home. The values in the form are from the pond. The filter box is exactly the type in your link. The bog filter is plumbed like sort of like this: http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y69/sharpchick/Aquaria/Bog%20filter%20build/1rackforfiltermaterial.jpg and is layered 4 inch pea gravel on the bottom, then 6 inch sand, then a layer of river stones at the top. There is an "overflow" drain that is level with the river rocks so once the water flows up through each layer it drains back down into the pond. The box is about 36in x 20in x 12inch. It isn't heavily planted. I have a couple of impatiens and a fuschia. For a dewormer I used API General Cure. As for algaefix, I typically dont use it more than once a month, but I've used it twice this week(10 days) since we had an algae bloom with our patio cover being off.
  7. This guy has a tonne of missing scales and looking a little red around the gills and pectoral fins.
  8. These three look fine to me, and are acting pretty normal. Maybe a little more sluggish than usual.
  9. I do not, I live in San Diego, but we are going through a stage 2 drought so tap water is mostly run off water atm. Gross.
  10. Sorry, ph 7.5 ammon <0.25 nitrite 0 nitrate 5.0 The water that came out of the tap had high nitrates...prob 60-80 which is unusual, but I treated and retested before adding the fish. It also has 1.0 ammonia out of the tap. Ph still 7.5 Ammon and nitrites both 0. GH & KH were both about 120.
  11. I've been hit super hard this last month with sick fish and I'm starting to get really frustrated. At the beginning of August my orandas in my indoor aquarium got significantly sick and almost died. After a few weeks of meds they made a recovery, but are still coming up to 100%. Yesterday I bought two little pond goldfish to add to my outside pond. I prepared their QT tank and got them settled in. Within 30min they were both laying on their sides gasping. I literally tried everything. I tested the water multiple times, changed some out etc etc, I finally said *F* it and stole some from my indoor aquarium. We still lost one overnight but the other looks fine this morning. So I go outside to say goodmorning to my pond fish as I do every morning (its an above ground with a window) I don't see any of them waiting for me at the window. Two of them I've had for YEARS and are ALWAYS there. So I poke around in the water and what do I find? A dead fish. The only thing these tanks have in common is 1. the tap water and 2. the bottle of prime. Nothing else. I've tested the water over and over and our tap water isn't great but it gets within optimal limits with water treatment. I'm now concerned that either A) the bottle of prime is bad, or B) there is something in the water the API masterkit doesnt test for. I should add I did test GH and KH and both were normal. And both the new fish and the pond fish got new water and prime from a brand new bottle. I'm at a loss here, and wondering what I can do to figure out what the issue is. I've already lost one of my long term goldies, and haven't seen two others yet. Two of them are alive, but I want to get them out of there until I can fix the issue, so I need to know what to do with the water to put them in. AH! Any help is appreciated.
  12. Hello! I have been using the activated carbon filter pad that goes with my filter - aqueon quietflow - but I've been told recently that there are better things to use in your filter other than that. I'm just about to put in an order for supplies so thought this would be a perfect time to pick up some of that stuff too. Any advice?
  13. Hello! I'm sorry for dropping off the face of the planet! I myself got sick so I wasn't making it beyond the 100% necessity things on my list of to-dos and then we were without internet connection for a bit. Anyway, just wanted to say thank you so much! Both of my orandas are back to 100%, happy, and wiggling away at everyone who comes into the room like they're little puppies. I've switched to feeding them about 4 times a day smaller amounts - it leaves less leftover food in there with them - and siphoning out the poops everyday/every other day ontop of water changes so I think thats helping a lot! George, my girl who was the worse off one, has actually lost the blister on her head. Mr. Wiggles still has his, but he also is seeming to have a bit of wen growth right now as well so maybe thats all it was with him? Again, thank you so much! I look forward to reading both of your replies to other posts and learning a thing or two more. I appreciate it!
  14. Sure Should I continue both the general cure and the furan-2? I'll run out of F2 in a couple of days so I'll go pick up more today if need be. Alex, I'll get some photos/video shortly and post them up. Thanks again everyone!
  15. Pretty good! They are both active, eating, and being quite social with me. George's gills look great. I honestly have never seen them be able to open so much. She still tires, but I expect that to take a little time... I'm still curious about the bubble things on their head though, as those haven't changed...I can't find a thing anywhere about anything that might be similar. Good to hear they are doing well! Regarding George's gills, she is probably getting relief from the gill flukes that are being done a way with. Can you do a summary post that indicates the meds used and how many days the treatment has been happening. I know that Alex required 14 days of treatment. I think it was Day 1 meds/Prime, Day 2 Prime, Day 3 100% wc meds/Prime, Day 4 Prime, so on and so on until Day 14, correct? Remind us of the treatment plan so that Alex or another mod doesn't have to re-read the thread. Thanks! If one of the mods doesn't respond by the morning on the bubble things, I'll "report" the post so that it gets the mods attention. Thanks guys! Ok, so this is a summary of what I did... Aug 1 - Day 1 - 100% water change (into QT), prime, and a hydrogen peroxide dip before heading into QT Day 2 - 100% water change, prime, general cure, furan-2 Day 3 - prime Day 4 - 100% water change, prime, general cure, furan-2, epsom salts Aug 5 - Day 5 - prime Day 6 - 100% water change, prime, general cure, furan-2, epsom salts Day 7 - prime Day 8 - 100% water change, prime, general cure, furan-2, epsom salts ---> I'm d/c the epsom salts today as I don't feel they need them anymore - day 4 of GC + Furan2 so I'm going to d/c today and see how it goes. I've also been feeding peas to help with the belly yuck antibiotics can give and some of the bloating, and keeping water a touch cooler to help with oxygen saturation. As of today, the red streaks in the tail are significantly reduced, scales are no longer pineconed, facial edema in gone, the black "dot" on George has faded. They're both eating. Gills looks MUCH more open and respiration is with much less effort. They're also being very social again However, the head "blister" thing doesn't look any smaller...it hasn't gotten bigger since starting meds, which is great, but I still have zero idea what it is. :\ Note - the HP dip was before I knew what to do, and I thought G was on her way out.
  16. Pretty good! They are both active, eating, and being quite social with me. George's gills look great. I honestly have never seen them be able to open so much. She still tires, but I expect that to take a little time... I'm still curious about the bubble things on their head though, as those haven't changed...I can't find a thing anywhere about anything that might be similar.
  17. Right?! I mean, I have seen quite a few but people tend to hold a higher value in their used tank then there really is. Sure, they discount a tank that retails for $100 down to $80 but for me, I'd rather spend the extra $20 and get something clean and new.
  18. Are you on city water?I live in central California (Santa Cruz County), and we don't get much rain either. Of course the entire state is in a drought right now, too ...! I was just curious because I wonder if it's the same situation for the water in my city. Nice to see another California resident, BTW - there aren't too many of us on here! I was born in Rancho Bernardo, but my family moved up here when I was 2 to be closer to relatives. I went back and visited with my mom at age 17 or 18, and it was beautiful! [emoji1] Very cool! I don't know that this is a very big hobby here...as far as I'm aware there is only one koi club and it looks pretty small. It probably has a lot to do with the amount of temporarily stationed military, since I doubt they'd take up fish knowing they could be transferred around every few years. And yep, I am on city water. You might have it in yours too but it would totally depend on where your water source is from. You should be able to look at the consumer confidence report on the city website.
  19. Thank you, I didn't know that prime made it inactive but that it would still show on the reading. I feel a million times better now! I have been using filtered tap water, BUT its been with a drinking water filter so I'll give it a shot with the aquarium filter. DieselPlower - rain explains the ammonia because of where I live. I'm in semi desert region of san diego, we get rain maybe 4 times a year, so our reserve water is from run off, which is not treated with just chlorine here but with both chlorine and ammonia and the new water is given sort of a loading dose before being added into the reserve. I guess I was vague about that...
  20. Hmm...reading your responses I'm shaking my head at myself. I think I was thinking moreso that a cycled tank would be ready for new fish or sickies, but that really is just pointless with water changes etc. Face, meet desk. Thanks!
  21. Thanks for the responses! Justin, by sensitive, I mean that they tend to get "sick" more easily than goldfish typically do. For example, nitrate should be under 40ppm or something, right? They would need to be under 20ppm or they become lethargic, and they become constipated very easily, more so than my others. They react to stressors much more quickly than I would expect them to. MK_12, right now they are getting aqueon sinking goldfish pellets, and I also give them blood worms, algae tabs, spinach and peas. I definitely don't want to ditch pellets all together, just these ones. The ingredients list isn't great, so something more nutritious is what I'm hoping for. Lisa, I take probiotics myself when on antibiotics, so I feel silly the thought didnt even cross my mind to give them any! I'll definitely be doing that. I'll have to check out all of the suggestions and see what is most readily available to me. Thank you!!!
  22. I found a wholesale aquarium supplier that will sell me a 60 gallon visio for $75 bucks. I might go for that one I have kept my eye on craigslist though...nothing really yet.
  23. I've asked a couple questions in a few forums this morning, so I apologize in advance if I annoy anyone... I'm questioning if I should set up a permanent hospital/QT tank. I have a 10 gallon, an extra filter and bubbler and once all the fish I have at the moment are happy and healthy I plan to add some more to my outside pond so I'll need the QT anyway. Is it worth it to set up and have a few small fish live in it...like a couple of neons or some very young goldfish I can transfer out to the pond when they get too big for it, or should I just leave it unassembled and use some of the media in the main tank to cycle it when I need to set it up?
  24. I can't get to the shop today to pick up some ammonia treatment and I have sickies in hospital tank that I'd like to have on pristine water conditions. After checking (3 times...) my tap water tests with 1.0 ppm ammonia. We just had rain which explains it though doesn't help my situation. I have already added the max of prime and the ammonia is still at 0.5 for some reason. Is there anything I might have at home that can possibly neutralize this??
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