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  1. Thank you all. I really appreciate your help and kind words. Recurring dropsy finally took its toll and my two sickies are now together on the other side. Mr Wiggles - nov 16 George - dec 2 <3
  2. Any suggestions on other humane ways to do this? Came on suddenly and she's really struggling so I'd rather not wait until morning when I can go buy some...if I can even find it It was impossible to locate the last time I looked for it.
  3. Growing up my parents bred platys and we'd see this nipping behavior fairly commonly between two males. If they're possibly already acting territorial because of tank size, it could be aggravated by the sex of your fish as well. Could you get a photo of the other two fish?
  4. Hello! I don't have any advice to offer on your fish, but wanted to touch on the cave ornament that was brought up. I believe that is the same one sold at Petco, in which case I'd check the insides of it. I found that it had some really sharp bits where the seam between the two halves is on the inside. I had to sand a bunch off of one I had after it cut one of my fish. Also - if you still want to buy (I see you've already added bio-stars), I just bought filter media on amazon this morning and found some really good prices. It was around $3.50 or $4 for both the sponge and bio rings. Hope they get better quickly!
  5. I thought I remembered coming across a list of suggested online retailers, but now I can't find anything. I remember tasty worms, but nothing else. Am I dreaming here or could someone link me please?
  6. I'll be looking out for your reno. I'm a fan of above ground ponds with wooden surrounds
  7. Oh my goodness, they're so little! And you have so many! I had platy fry a few years back and watching them grow was so much fun!
  8. I have Aqueon Quietflow filters, but one is about to die so I'm actually looking into new a new filter. I haven't decided on that yet, but I'll still need stuff for the quietflow. I bought a couple boxes of carbon cartridge before when that was all I was using, so I'm still using them until they're gone then don't want to buy anymore. I've since added Seachem matrix, purigen and some filter floss.
  9. You have a good point about meter calibrating. They probably do need to be done fairly regularly. I did see a newer product that suction cups to the glass in the water and you leave it there. It apparently tests 5600 times a month and will alert you if any concerns arise. It wasn't horribly expensive considering, but if I remember correctly it only tests pH, ammonia, temperature and something else I don't remember, but not nitrates/nitrites. Too bad though My pH never changes and temperature is pretty consistent year round too, so it'd be a waste for me for that one.
  10. Hello! I know to each their own, but curious about everyone's thoughts anyway. I'm about ready to order some new products - which include a new test kit since my API is about dead on products (and I'm down 2 test tubes anyway thanks to a 2 year old) but I've been recently looking at test equipment vs. drops/strips kits. Has anyone used water quality testing equipment? I've seen some digital ones that have pretty decent reviews, and although a little pricier than the kits, I'd think they'd be more accurate purely on the reduction of human error using them, no? If you have one, which is it and would you buy it again? Thanks! - I'm also needing new filter media, so on an aside, if you have something you hands down stand behind, I'd love to know what. I'd like to get away from the carbon cartriges.
  11. I don't know how I didn't see this, sorry! Anyways, not the greatest shots but you'll get the idea. I drilled a hole in the tub with a diamond bit, then used tin snips to clip it to the size I wanted. Used a dremel to sand it down a bit to make sure there weren't any sharp edges. Fit a bulkhead fitting through the hole and sealed it with aquarium sealant. It has bee balm, chocolate mint & cherry tomatoes growing in it, even green ones on there. I took the strawberries out - they didn't like quite that much water. I think I've shown you the pond before, but here it is again. Its an above ground with a 18" x 20" window in the front.
  12. Thank you very much for your help and honesty.
  13. Is there anyone that has any suggestions to help?
  14. Thanks It definitely makes it more work than enjoyment. They definitely are healthy and swimming normally more often than not. Prior to this year they would have problems 1-2 times a year. This year has been worse, but they're still happy when doing well. I moved them to the 55gal a few days ago, but symptoms were already showing. I figured they were just getting too big for the 36gal and were dirtying the water too quickly and becoming stressed.
  15. If thats the case then yes, my tank is cycled since all I did was a water change, the media is not new nor was it cleaned, I only rinsed the gunk out in the tank water I was removing. I'm sure the nitrates are zero due to fresh water treated with prime. I honestly, am only using the filter pads since I have them until they are gone. I did learned here from one of the mods that they weren't necessary so as soon as they're gone, I won't be using them anymore, since you're totally right that they're expensive! For biomedia, does seachem matrix not count? I was under the impression it worked as biomedia in your filter. If not then I will definitely have to get some. I am definitely underfiltered right now, but they were in 36 gallons with the 400GPH filtration, and now that they are in the 55gal tank, I have the 400GPH filtration and I am building another filter which will add another few hundred gph filtration to the mix. Could being under-filtered really be that big of an issue over a short period of time when the water quality is still good?
  16. It has some tunnels through it. Tried to get as little reflection as I could.
  17. I did a large water change the other day, but filter media & substrate etc are all the same. So probably not as much as normally would be...
  18. I filter with a charcoal & floss filter pad. The tank is 55gal. As for meds, most was on recommendation from mods on this forum. I'm linking the threads if interested. http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/forum/index.php?/topic/117038-sick-fish/ http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/forum/index.php?/topic/118314-what-is-this/
  19. My network is being slow this morning...sorry for the wait. http://youtu.be/TRrCuBzqeQA
  20. Yep, give me just a few minutes
  21. Good morning! I know I don't say much on here, but I just wanted to thank everyone who contributes. I do pop on to read up on things, I just don't really have much advice to give so stay pretty quiet. Anyways...I'm beyond frustrated and hoping for some advice (once again, sorry!) Back story - I have 2 orandas that are 4 years old. When I first got them as babies/young'ns, they had dropsy pretty badly, but after about 2.5-3 weeks or so got better. Since then, they have had dropsy more times than I care to count. It seems as though they are more sensitive to off water parameters than I think they would have been if they never had it in the first place. - this year alone, they have had dropsy 3 times...this will be the 4th. ugh. This is where I'm stumped. I've disinfected the tank, added more filtration, removed potentially irritating decor (sharp, painted etc), added oxygenation, changed water conditioners, changed food, increased water changes, treated for bacterial infections, treated for parasites, treated for fungal infections...nothing seems to be working. I'm now beginning to think a few things. 1. my water is WAAAY more messed up than I think. I do use API master test kit, as well as API KH & GH tests (which I compare to city parameters on tap water for accuracy) but now wondering about minerals - copper, iron etc, and potential rust? My house is 34 years old with original pipes. 2. they have some sort of kidney issues - damage? birth defects? who knows. They are pet store goldfish so very well could be malformations for all I know. 3. I suck at this way more than I would like to think I do and don't know how to read/test water properly or something. GRRRR! Anyways. Water parameters: TANK - ph 7.2, ammonia - 0, nitrite - 0, nitrate - 0. KH = 108ppm, GH = 210ppm temp = 72-74 (KH & GH took the range they fell in and it coincides with city survey averages, hence the precise values) TAP - ph 7.2, ammonia - 0.5-1.0, nitrite - 0, nitrate - 0, KH = ranges 80-130ppm, GH = ranges 136-222ppm I have 2 filters running - both aqueon quietflow 30. Filter 1 has quietflow filter pad as well as Seachem Matrix, filter 2 has filter sponge, matrix and purigen. I treat water with seachem prime and filter it for 24hours prior to adding to tank. Water changes at least once a week. I have 2 bubblers going, one on either side of the tank. They eat omega one goldfish pellets as well as boiled peas and the occasional bloodworms or algea wafers Since april-ish they have received treatments with general cure, furan-2, maracyn-oxy, methylene blue, kanaplex, aquarium salt, epsom salts and a good 'ol hydrogen peroxide dip. Sounds like overkill written down, but they weren't all at the same time, or on the same incident. Did I miss anything?
  22. Hey, thanks! I'm actually using the growstones in my pond bog filter and love the performance of them. The tips for inside are helpful, I'll definitely do something like that. I'm building a custom cabinet for the tank so seeing the link now before its finished is great so I can accomodate the filter. I noticed you mention that if you had something more in view you'd use a nice flower pot, but might I suggest a galvanized tub? I used one for outside, and it looks gorgeous with the plants and the spout pouring into the pond. I'll look around, but ask anyways, do you happen to have a link or list of houseplants that would work for this, aside from the pothos? TYIA!
  23. Good morning! About 2 months ago I added a small bog filter to an outdoor pond and it has worked beautifully for the pond. My water has been crystal clear, parameters perfect, and fish incredibly happy, active and social. I couldn't be happier with it...PLUS, it has been growing some cherry tomatoes, chocolate mint and beebalm for me I'm now looking at my indoor tank. I am in the middle of moving my fish into a larger 55gal tank, and have been toying with the idea of building a filter vs buying one, since I'm not sure the 2 I already have in there will be enough. I've been having some trouble with some chronically sick goldies...they had pretty bad dropsy as babies when I got them, and luckily pulled through, but now they are super sensitive to any off water conditions so I really need perfect water for them. Since I've had so much luck with the bog filter outside, I'm wondering how a small one would survive indoors. Does anyone have any experience with this? Enough sunlight? I'm open to any and all suggestions on filter types or more efficient ways to filter the water. I'm not including parameters since they are fine right now, this is more of a preventative attempt than anything since I do have to fight with the water. I have 2 orandas about 4-4.5 inches each from nose to tip of tail, and 3 serpae tetras about 1 inch each. No new fish, these guys have been together for 3 years or so. I currently have two aqueon quietflow 30 filters running, and have slow flow through seachem matrix and seachem purigen. Water changes are about 30% every 5-7 days. I use prime to condition the water and have a bubbler constantly running. TYIA!
  24. I thought about the container for trickling water it but I wasn't sure about how to move the water...are there pumps with settings low enough to move smaller amounts of water like that? What do you use? I do want to put in a bottom drain, but was procrastinating doing it since I'd have to completely empty everything out. I probably should have done it when I cleaned out the pond this time but didn't have the parts. I'll check out whats around me though and see what is available locally. I have a pretty empty weekend (which is unusual for us) so it'd be a good time to do it if I can get my hands on all the pieces today. The Bog filter I just broke down sat ontop of the pond across the back...kind of like a 2nd tier. Somewhat like the pond in this picture: http://media-cache-ec0.pinimg.com/originals/fe/73/dd/fe73dd665075bf25c35851ad094f5cc8.jpg With the span from side to side though I felt it was too heavy and worried about sagging etc. I guess with the lighter weight substrate it wouldn't be an issue, but I've already moved passed that. I'm thinking of doing it across one of the back corners...enclose the container in a triangular wooden box for visual appeal. I had used used a bulkhead fitting on the old bog filter and it worked just fine. Sealed with a little extra touch of aquarium silicone for my own mental paranoia I think if I can sort out a container of dechlor water to trickle in, I might build a matching box to the pond right next to it to house the container of water inside (along with supplies etc) and sit the bog filter ontop. I know the dimensions of the box are a little unusual. Its pretty tall compared to what most people do, but with a 20 month old child who climbs everything, and a jack russell who loves playing with the fish and any body of water he can find, we needed it taller. I've pulled the dog out of the last two ponds we've had and the last thing I'd want is for him to be unable to get out. So I've raised the height and cut divets into the underside of the rail to fit some steel bars across the top so neither of them can fall in. The only way to get the bars off is to remove the front rail, which is easy enough for me when needing to clean etc, but impossible for my son. I should probably be a better planner than I am. I typically want to do things right when I decide to do them...which is fun, but also makes a little back-pedaling a part of most projects.
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