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  1. I'm so sorry your boy isn't doing well. This is never an easy situation to be in, big hugs to you. xo
  2. Great tank, I would kill to have one that big! Your goldfish must be in heaven! Your vase is pretty awesome too...whenever I see it my mind tells me it NEEDS to have goldfish in it. Although realistically, they'd go stale (and gross) pretty quickly, it would make me chuckle every time I looked at my "goldfish bowl."
  3. I'm incredibly jealous of all of your tanks. Seriously, every one of them is beautiful! I would love to have a space in my house I could dedicate to just tanks. Curious...how do you have the pothos in the goldfish tank? Are they just floating or...? Also, what did you use for mesh in the betta tanks? Do you notice any issues with water quality being not as good on the side the filter is not on, or is there enough water exchange through the mesh?
  4. I love them, they're so silly, but same as above, I'm afraid of them, haha.
  5. From what I've been hearing, most people keep them in 5 gallons or less...he seemed so depressed in 5 gallons though, just kind of aimlessly floating around so I moved him. The 40B was already established, planted, and set up for tropicals so that's where he went He's so darn social and outgoing since I moved him that I think you're right to just leave them be..they're happy where they're at. I've never actually seen a betta in a larger tank, so I don't know if its having more space, or just his particular personality, but he's seriously so active, and comes to the glass all wiggly and excited when I go to see him. I'd be curious to see or hear how other bettas act. The ones in the store in their 1/2 cup of water obviously aren't a great example of character.
  6. Thanks for the suggestions! I'd really like to keep them inside for selfish reasons, but might move the two larger ones out to the pond. They have been in QT with two of the pond fish and got along famously so I'm not too worried about them, plus they're pretty fast swimmers so I know they won't have issues with food. I don't really like the 36 tall, so I think I'll just trade/sell that one and call it a day
  7. I currently have 5 young goldfish in a 55 gallon, the last 2 acquired unexpectedly and I just put them all together since they were small, knowing full well the situation would need to be changed as they got bigger. I was thinking about how to swap everyone around...I have a 40B with neons and a betta, and an empty 36 gallon tall. Do I put two of the smaller goldies into the 36 gal? Or move the tetras & betta into the 36 gal and put 2 goldies into the 40B? I'd rather not move the tetras since that tank was specifically purchased for them and is planted specifically for them - the betta was a walmart rescue we hadn't planned on, but they gave him to my husband for free when he gave them a piece of his mind about the brown water he was living in and the bits of his fins that had fallen off and were floating around at the bottom of his little cup. I also have about 150 gallons outside that has fry in it at the moment (they will be rehomed) and a 600+ gallon pond, but I've read on numerous different websites that its not a great idea to put single tailed goldies with fancies. I think I recall that it has to do with fancies not getting enough to eat since the single tailed fish swim so much faster than them, but I don't see that being an issue here, my fancies are pretty darn quick and the fish outside are very polite and take turns eating...its rather adorable, as adorable goes Now that the 5 of them have been together and are so social with each other I feel a little guilt about thinking about splitting them up...is that just me being anthropomorphic? I worry that they prefer being together. Thoughts?
  8. I've actually makeshifted a little bog box for it. I had one of these hanging around that I bought for my 40B tank and didn't end up using. Cut a slot for the filter intake pipe, and notched out the back a bit and it slides right under the filter and almost clips over the tank lip. Its the exact width of the filter so it fits just perfectly. I haven't filled it yet since I need to pick up a couple plants first, but if it works out I'll post a picture.
  9. Thanks! The one by me didn't have them and the employee had no idea where to get them, so I wasn't sure they carried them at all.
  10. I change the water once a week...maybe a couple days longer if I get busy and lose track of time but I'm usually pretty on top of water changes. My tank is in sunlight and has an open top which doesn't help, and we have had a lot of desert winds lately which dry the air out a lot so that's not helping either.
  11. I have done this before to reduce the turbulence for weaker fish and it totally works, but you're right, it does get yucky! I could definitely do this until I figure out something more suitable for a permanent solution. Thank you The basket is perfect! I've been trying to figure out how to fix something under the filter and the best I could find was this but it wasn't quite right. I'll pick up one of these today and see how it does. It'll definitely help keep my floating plants from flying all over the place under the filter water too. Thank you. Shakaho, you are a wealth of knowledge and full of suggestions, you have no idea how helpful it is for non-creative people like me Adding water is definitely the easiest solution and probably the most logical...I just know time gets away from me and it doesn't always work out. I'm going to try having an aged bucket available and combine all of the suggestions above to an extent. Thank you!
  12. With the weather heating up here lately the water in my 55G is evaporating a lot quicker, and the noise from the water coming out of the HOB drives me CRAZY! I had planned to just top off the water halfway between water changes, but by the time I get to it I'm only a day or two from a water change so I don't bother. Between that and the air pump its like ringing in my ears whenever I'm sitting close by...Any ideas to reduce the noise from the water entering the tank? I've seen ideas with sponges which would work but wanted to see if there were any other ideas floating around that might work better. I have the marineland penguin 350 filters. Also, I think I'll add tank covers to help with noise pollution, but there seem to be slightly different dimension covers out there. Anyone found covers for tetra 55G tank?
  13. Sorry for the slow reply! I have moved some of the larger fry into a 10 gallon tank for now. I actually have a couple more bins than I thought I had that could be used. - one at 15" x 22" x 11" tall and two more at 14" x 18" x 15" tall. I think some of the larger fry (1+")are large enough to be in the pond...and its nice and warm out so I might pick up a few extra plants for them to hide in and move em over. They are thicker bodied goldfish so I think they'll fare well. I also have not made arrangements for homes for any yet...I would love to keep them all, but our pond is only 600 gallons and already have about a dozen in there. If need be, I'll buy a small stock tank for them. An update: I don't know what was going on with my water a few days ago...the pH is still up about 8.2 out of the tap - which is higher than normal, its been 7.2 or so for as long as I can remember - but it has stabilized. It is no longer changing. I also tested the KH using API 5 in 1 test strips and it was between 80 & 120. I'm going to retest again tomorrow and see if everything is the same - if not, I'll post the results to see what to do next Thanks!!
  14. Most of them are about 3/4" including tail. I have another 10gallon tank, plus a couple of 47L rubbermaid bins, but I don't have anymore filters.
  15. I went to go pick up a test to check the KH in the tanks yesterday and the place I went was out of them. I didn't have time to go to another store (my fault for not giving myself more time but I honestly didn't expect them to be out) so I didn't end up picking one up. Last night I went to do a weekly water change on my goldie tank and when I went to test the water the chemistry was off...which is weird because its always in pretty decent shape even when due for a water change. It wasn't horrible though and I'm suspecting the denitrate I keep in the filters was exhausted so I've swapped it out with fresh. (pH 8.2, amm 0.25, nitrite 0, nitrate 20-40 - this morning pH 8.0, amm 0 < 0.25, nitrite 0, nitrate 0 < 5.0) I also decided to check the water in my other tanks while I was at it...HOLY COW. My fry tank was horrible, which I don't understand since I do water changes every couple of days now that they're filtered...and my betta QT water was not as good as I would have expected either. Fry Tank - pH 7.6 (down from 8.2 a couple of days ago), ammonia 1.0, nitrite 5.0+, nitrate 40 < 80 (but closer to 80 on the color chart) last water change a couple days ago @ approx 90% treated with a double dose of prime approx 30 fry, 7-9 weeks old, 36 gallons with 200 GPH filtration, no substrate Betta QT - pH 8.2, amm 1.0, nitrite 0, nitrate 2.5 < 5.0 last water change 2 days ago at approx 90% 1 small betta, 10 gallons, 200 GPH filtration, no substrate I lost a handful of fry overnight - the betta looks happy and nice and rich in color, and my goldfish seem to be acting normal but I'll have to see a bit later (they're usually quiet in the morning so I'll have to see if they perk up when they normally do.) The LFS close to me that I know will have the test kits isn't open until 10:30, so I thought before I go, I'd check and see based off this information if there is anything else I should be going for. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  16. Ooooooo, so teeny! Adorable!
  17. I actually have that exact finnex light on one of my tanks. I think you'll be happy with it I also have a black background on a couple of my tanks, and the algae honestly isn't that noticeable as long as your light isn't shining directly towards that back glass. Removing it from the back and leaving it on the sides, it'll just grow back on the back glass anyways. I'd just put the background on that you want first and see if you really notice it or not before stripping it off the tank wall
  18. That thing is pretty cool, and for that price point, definitely worth giving it a go. A lot more cost efficient than buying my water My water is from the escondido-vista water plant. I'm having a hard time trusting the above table since that was from the 2013 collected date. They won't release the data from 2014 until sometime closer to july apparently. Not so helpful. Where is your water from?
  19. I have a young betta in QT. He's new to our home. My H came home with him after a trip to walmart and found him half dead in brown water with his fins all falling off...he had words for the manager, and told them he was taking the fish and wasn't paying for it...surprisingly they just let him. I actually suspect he was put into a cup with another fish...his fins look torn, not frayed, and he has what look like mouth shaped marks on his face. There were also fin fragments in there that were not the same color as the fish. Ugh. I'll go pick a KH test up this afternoon and see where it reads.
  20. If you are concerned about space for another lamp, what about a hidden LED lamp? I have a LED finnex that has white lights and blue lights called "moonlight" that removes any yellow hues and really shows off the colors of the fish. It in no way deters plant grown. I'd definitely go with something blueish to offset the yellow. I have another LED on my goldfish tank that has white lights as well as red & blue. It also really shows off the colors. I'm not sure what purpose the red & blue colors have other than to increase the vibrance of color in the tank, but they sure do a good job at that The algae in your tank will for sure add to the yellowing...it its on the glass, its probably in the water too. I personally wouldn't worry about removing a small amount of algae, especially if your fish like to eat it, as long as it didn't start to take over. The colored lights will take care of the yellow from it, so I would just leave it if it were me.
  21. Good morning! So I'm completely confused by all of this. Please bear with me, I know I'm probably frustrating. This morning I've tested the water in my QT tank pH = 8.2, ammonia = 1.0, nitrites = 0, nitrates = 0 Is that small drop in pH ok? What I'm confused about is the ammonia levels. My tap water always has ammonia in it, usually in the 0.25 range on the API master test kit chart. Right now, the tap water looks more like 1.0 if not a bit higher, but still less than 2.0. I gave a double dose of prime to try to account for this. Am I still seeing a reading 24 hours later because its an uncycled QT tank? Do I need to be concerned about this? Everyone seems just fine except the young betta in QT that is looking pale this morning.
  22. Ok, I'll check the water again tomorrow to see how/if it changes at all.
  23. I believe 80-130 is the range of reported values with 108 being the average.
  24. This help?? I'm sorry, water chemistry is definitely not my strong suit...
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