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  1. That's awesome! My fry are a few days younger than yours and I'm enjoying reading your updates! Amazing at how quickly they grow. Mine are starting to develop different body shapes. Some are getting nice and round bodies and others are staying long and slender. A mixture of metallic and matte scaled fish is what I'm seeing with mine. Are you starting to see physical differences with yours too? Keep the updates coming!!
  2. I feed her the same way I feed the others - spread pellets/gel food/peas around the tank. Indi hovers just above the gravel which stirs up the food and goes into her mouth. Has the same attitude to feeding as any other goldfish I've owned She has had some mishaps with deflated bubbles where her eyes once in a while aren't as 'full'. They become floppy but after a week or so they are good again. This is one of her better days.... Since she acts like a normal goldfish, she smashes her head into the gravel looking for food and around the plants which probably adds to the deflated bubble mornings. The bubbles aren't as fragile IF you buy them young and feed them a quality diet. That helps with the eye sacs as they're able to grow to be more tough. I've bought another one who was much larger and I found that his eye sacs weren't as tough and constantly had eyes deflating.
  3. Hey guys There seems to be not many bubble eye photos around so I thought I'd share with you all my one and only bubble eye named Indi. Had her for about 2 years when she was about 4 cm and now she's about 12 cm or so. And yes I keep her in a tank with other goldies and gravel.... Show me your bubble eyes!!!!
  4. I would suggest using an airtight container. The extra moisture getting into the bags tends to 'melt' the gel when it thaws and that destabilizes everything. I think that's exactly it!! I might try that next time when I make another batch... or is there a way to 'fix' what I have left? Should I just melt everything in a pot, reheat and let it set again?
  5. I've been just putting it in zip lock bags
  6. Thanks for your thoughts. I'll try and clarify a bit more My gel food recipe is 1kg (2lb) of brocoli and peas and half a kilo (1lb) of shrimp. I add about 100g (4oz) of agar powder and it sets it at room temperature. I cut it up into blocks and freeze it. When I use it fresh when it's set at room temp it's all good in the tank. It doesn't make any mess and it takes a while for the fish to eat it. But when I add it after its been defrosted it like falls apart much quicker. More like really cheap nasty algae wafers. So the particles are like small dust. I feed them away from my filter intake so we can rule that one out Thanks again for the ideas
  7. Hi all I seem to be having a messy issue with my gel food. When I defrost it and put it in my tank, it seems to break up too easily and I have lots of small floaty bits in my tank. It seems that my goldies are missing a lot of it and my filter gets the bulk of it. I have a mixture of large and small fish so when the big guys attack the gel cubes, bits of food go flying and the small guys mop it up. But then there's a lot of smaller particles that cloud up the water which seems like a waste. My recipe is made up of shrimp, broccoli, peas and some multivitamins that I blend up. I bind it all with agar powder. Does anyone have any suggestions in minimizing the waste? Or is this all part of the joys of goldfish keeping?
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