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  1. You have very specific questions with regards to breeding. Unfortunately, like Chelsea has said, goldfish fry are difficult to look after. From my experience, it doesn't mean that you have hand spawned the fish means that you are going to end up with fry. I will do my best with answering your questions. 1) For breeding it is suggested that having one female to two or three males is ideal. That way there is enough milt to ensure that there is fertilisation of the eggs. However since you want to have them when they are small, it can be difficult to sex the fish so buying several fish should hopefully have some males and females. 2) A lot of this depends on the genetics of the fish itself. As you are most likely going to purchase fish from an unknown source i.e. not a specific breeder, it is difficult to know exactly what genes these fish carry. The dedicated fish breeders in Japan hold onto their bloodlines very tightly and do not want to share them. These fish that these breeders keep have very specific bloodlines that have been bred over decades of years hence why they can produce spectacular colours. For your situation, it would be best to start out with fish who have the body shape that you prefer and who are most likely to develop the head growth that you desire. When orandas are young, very little headgrowth is observed. 3) Goldfish genetics are very complicated. They are not like other fish species such as livebearers and cichlids where if you breed the same colour with the same colour a vast majority of the fish have the colours of the parents. Again, as you don't know exactly what type of genes these fish have, there is a mix of colours that can be had. From my experience, I thought that by breeding calico fantails with calico fantails I would only get calico fantails. Instead, I got a mixture of about 60% calico and the rest metallic scale. Amongst these fish were also ones with telescope eyes and a few single tails as well. In order to get the colours that you want, you need to cull the ones that show the colours that you don't want and keep them until they are big enough so that you can breed them again to get the correct colour genes that you want. 4) Shallow tubs are good if you want to keep the body shape true to the form of the type of goldfish. For example, shallow ponds are used extensively for breeders of ranchu. Deeper ponds are thought to change the shape of the fish due to the pressure from the water. Usually a depth of 30-45 cms (1-1.5ft) is ideal. 5) Hand breeding is the best way to ensure that you get the right mix of genes from the male and female. If you want to let nature do its thing, that is when the ratio of one female to two or three males is required. If you have unexpected breeding, let the fish eat the eggs. Differences in fish from other countries If you have the money to buy fish from a reputable breeder, it is worth the time and effort. However, just to start out, it would be best to just buy some fish locally that you like and try and breed them. There is a very steep learning curve and you need to know what works best for you. Fish from Singapore, China and Thailand are different based upon the goldfish show standards that they have. For example, there are a lot of Thai black ranchu but in Japan, the black ranchu is frowned upon and is not identified as a 'true' ranchu. Hope this helps If you want to know more about goldfish genetics, this book is quite good. I'm currently reading it. It's a bit advance and would be good if you understand Medelian theory or genetics 101 "Goldfish breeding and genetics" by Smartt and Bundell
  2. I've stumbled across this whilst browsing my uni ebook library. Aquarium care of goldfish by Boruchowitz This is quite a decent beginner goldfish keeping book. It emphasizes how important 10 gallons per fish is and recommends large water changes.
  3. +1 for the aquaclears! Have one running for over 10 years now and hasn't missed a beat. Only had to replace the impeller when it wasn't working well... Other options would be external cannister either a fluval or an eheim. These hold more filter media and are as reliable as the aquaclears from my experience and friends. If you don't mind the look of them, sponge filters would be a good secondary/backup filter in case of power outage as sometimes the aquaclears and externals don't self prime.... have been caught out a couple of times
  4. it sure is.. here are a few more http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/forum/index.php?/topic/109032-leonidis-tumor-removal-11032013/ http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/forum/index.php?/topic/112323-leonidis-tumor-removal-31072013-4th-procedure/ Wow!! You have some awesome skills there Thanks for the links
  5. Very interesting read! I'm fascinated how they can perform surgery on fish. Here's another article about a fish called George who had a tumor removed http://www.cbsnews.com/news/goldfish-named-george-life-saving-tumor-removal-surgery/
  6. Watching my tiny goldfish quickly grow into GIANTS!!
  7. Yeah, I was thinking of hand spawning because my fish are in a display tank where I cannot raise fry. When I have tried to remove the few eggs that are left after I come home, they do not hatch (I think this is because they are sensitive and need to be kept in the tank, where there is current and aeration. I had great success using floating breeding baskets in the past, but that was when I was there to catch the eggs as they fell from the fish). I have considered putting the adults in a separate tank for spawning, but I am rarely home to supervise this and cannot know when it will happen. The people here and my Fancy Goldfish book both advise doing things to initiate spawning after a heavy rain, but I live in California where we are in the midst of a massive drought and we don't really get seasons like most other parts of the country do. The weather is weird here! [emoji4]I hope my fish will make use of the spawning mop I have put in the tank, as that would really help to protect the eggs before I get home from work. Unfortunately, they seem rather intimidated by it! [emoji53] Totally understand about the weather! I'm down in Brisbane Australia and we have similar weather. Very hot and dry with very little rain. Haven't seen decent rainfall in a very long time... My godlies are in a display tank too so I'm waiting for the other females (mainly ryukins) to spawn. I tend to feed them a little more to encourage the females to make eggs. Other than that, I just wait and wait and wait... until some spawning action happens!! Usually the good spawns occur about 4-5 in the morning when it is still dark and they continue for a couple of hours. I also miss out most of the time as I like to stay in bed. I'm not sure what you are using for a spawing mop but I have been using a big bunch of elodea tied down. This is under the outlet of my pump so water flows over it. I find that the eggs attach in a lot of places that the other fish can't get too whether it be in the middle or on the under side of the leaves. If I see some eggs attached, I just take the plant out and put it in a half filled two foot tank and an air pump. I find that there are LOTS of eggs that I don't see and usually end up with hundreds of fry. Even tho I can only count 10 eggs at most! Here's a pic of what I have in my tank at the moment. Hope this helps!
  8. I have a similar experience. A couple of days ago I was watching my fish and they were all bunched together frantically looking for food. Turns out that my large female was releasing 10-20 eggs every time she'd turn around. I also have a few large males in there with breeding stars and they were also not interested in her. I scooped her up and lots of eggs came out! I gently massaged her belly whilst in the tank until the eggs weren't coming out as easily (hundreds of them). My partner said it looked like snow. That was the goldies special treat for that day. I let her go in the tank and she was fine. Was more interested in eating the eggs..... As for hand spawning I have tried it a couple of times with her and another fish. It isn't as scary like you said but I think that you need to make sure the female is full of eggs as its really easy for them to come out. That way you don't hurt her insides. As for males and milt, I've found that some have more than others and you gently press their bellies and it comes out. I haven't been too successful with hand spawning tho. My eggs go all white and fuzzy....
  9. I've left my fish for a week unattended on several occasions. My routine is to do a 50% water change two days before followed by another 50% change the night before I leave. I give them a feed before I go and add my plants usually large bunches of elodea floating. Plants don't cause more ammonia in the tank only when they are rotting and decaying in the tank and this also alters your pH. As long as you have a well established filtration system that's cycling the tank water several times an hour and your fish are in generally good health and you've kept to the stocking guidelines, they should be fine Just do a big water change when you get back. This is probably the most important part. Hi Helen Regarding the battery air pump. They are good in emergencies! I have a few of them and they run off D sized batteries. I know they last at least 4 days as that's how long I had no power for without any battery change with some good alkaline batteries. They do get quite noisy but are relatively inexpensive. Here's a link to what I have: http://www.aquariumnet.com.au/38/list.asp?id=6072&meid=38 You can also get these air pumps which run off electricity and continue running when the power shuts off as they have some sort of rechargeable battery in them. Haven't got any experience with it but it on my wish list http://aquariumproducts.com.au/catalogue_products.php?prodID=3609&catID=8
  10. Northside of Brisbane is covered now for the Southside. In my experience, quality goldfish are found based on luck depending on the shipment. Many of the pet stores especially the chain ones order their fish from Bayfish (http://www.premierpet.com.au) and from Aquarium Industries (http://www.aquariumindustries.com.au). If you check out the Aquarium Industries site, they list all of the current stock they have as well as some videos of their stock. If you like them, you can check out their list of pet stores and they can order them in for you as you can't purchase directly from the site. I haven't personally done it myself, but have got in discussions with pet store about getting some and they're happy to do so Now for my list to be added for Brisbane. City Farmers I think I have been to every single one in SE Queensland EXCEPT for the one at Caboolture. The best ones for goldfish I've found are the ones at Capalaba and Beenleigh. Capalaba Old Cleveland Rd, Capalaba QLD 4157 The guys who work in the fish section there are pretty cool and knowledgeable about their fish. Sometimes they get their goldfish had selected from the suppliers and so their quality is better. Beenleigh 3/137-141 George St, Beenleigh QLD 4207 They have a massive 8x2x2 goldfish display tank. It's cool. I enjoy just looking at the massive comets and shubunkins they got in there. They say they always get comments from customers on how big they are or if they do anything different to them as they are so big. They are very knowledgeable in terms of goldfish keeping and they also have decent stock sometimes also hand selected from the supplier. Independent stores Pet City 224 Wishart Rd, Mt Gravatt QLD 4122 Can have some really good quality goldfish from time to time but be expected to pay big $$$ for them. Have a nice selection of fancies and good for Hikari foods. Exotic fish connections Shop 28 Building G Sherwood Road, Rocklea QLD 4106 These guys are across the road from the Sunday Brisbane Markets at Rocklea. They have a nice selection of goldfish and always have a good variety and quality. The Pet Barn 19 Hinkler Dr, Nerang QLD 4211 Not to be confused with Pet Barn chain stores, they say they had the name first and have been trading for over 20 years. They have a nice fish selection also. Again if you get there when they have a new shipment, quality goldfish can be found. Other random things to buy for your goodies. Aquarium Plants If you happen to visit the Brisbane Markets at Rocklea, there's usually a guy there who sells aquarium plants mainly amazon swords, anubias and Java ferns as well as many others. His prices are quite cheap as he is a supplier to the pet stores and any of his excess stock he sells at the markets. Dry Goods - Age of Aquariums Unit 2, 10-12 Webber Drive, Browns Plains Qld 4118 https://www.aquariumproducts.com.au/home.php You can order everything that isn't living from these guys. If you ever go and visit the store, they are like the absolute best as you can have really good and interesting fish related conversations with them. They are great for equipment and ship all over Australia. That's all I can think of at the moment.
  11. Very nice eyes! Will look super cool once he gets big!
  12. Awesome guys! Thanks for the input! You've given me some great ideas. I've always been happy with my fish so I've decided to go and build a fish tank stand to keep me busy. I have to build a rack to fit the two 4 footers in. Should be fun
  13. So my partner has been banning me from going anywhere that sells goldfish as there's a bunch of fry that we're trying to grow out and to minimize the likelihood of acquiring some more. Being a total fish addict, I went to one just one pet store to have a look. As odds are always against me, I rarely find anything that I like so I thought it was safe. Until I found these guys!!! I really like the black oranda on the left.... I've been obsessing over it and trying to find room. I've been given permission to set up two 4 ft tanks but these are only for my fry to grow out. So I have to say no but part of me is saying "it's okay. I can just have the fry in one tank and make a display out of the other." Then I look at the logistics of it all as in having to cycle tanks, water changes and testing and that I already have many fish and that I'm being greedy. What I want to know is: How do you stop at what you've got? How do you say no to that cute goldfish in the shop? How do you tame the GAS? I'm finding it really really hard at the moment
  14. $50 on a couple of ryukins. I get scared when I spend large amounts of money on goldfish. I've had a run of bad luck with fish costing more than $20 as they die unexpectedly or develop dropsy after a couple of weeks from purchase
  15. You're so lucky that you haven't had any deaths! This is my first batch of fry and I had lost about 100 of them as I tried to save time and money and stopped feeding BBS and tried hikari first bites for a few days... I was losing them by the hour! I've since gone back to BBS and haven't lost any since. So I agree, BBS all the way! I'm also starting to feed my little guys chopped up blood worms and they're enjoying them Loving the photos and videos!!
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