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  1. I don't mind to pay for a heater. I just want to make sure my fish are safe. The pond is for the fish to have a better life. We plan on having a nice defensive cover for the pond too.
  2. Sorry - I know I keep popping in and out on here all the time. I've also made multiple post about wanting to get a pond together. Well for once we actually have the money and a legit plan for the pond. Originally, I was just going to get a 300 gallon, but now my Dad is going to build me one that's going to range from 1,400 gallons to 1,900 gallons.(8ft x 8ft x 4ft deep or 3ft deep). The pond will be above ground because I don't want to damage his land I will need to move it in the future. We're suppose to start next week. One of my concerns is about my fancies making it through Kentucky's winters. I know I've heard some people say it's not as harsh as other states. Only a handful of days does it ever go below 0. I've asked this question in different places and gotten different answers. I've been told that it wasn't possible to keep fancies outside. If that's the case I'm at a stand still because I can't have tanks in my Dad's house (I just moved back in). I've went back and read my old post but still feel scared about this. My current goldfish breeds are: Black Moors, a Shubunkin, Comets, a Common, Calico Telescopes, Fantails (the majority), and Orandas.
  3. Peach is still doing great. No more swelling or raised scales.
  4. Hope you don't mind me adding this picture. This was the first picture I had saw whenever I was asked if I could take the fish that had been found.
  5. It makes it a little difficult for me considering I don't know anything about their past. I'm still confused as to why someone would leave these two rather long fish in a fish bowl outside with only 3 inches of water. You wouldn't believe how happy they were when they were finally put in a tank with clean water. There's no way the girls could have been in that bowl very long. I'm still curious as to why these people left the fish behind.
  6. Thanks. I think Peach has done a good job fighting off the dropsy. I'm really hoping she will be "in the clear" soon. I'm grateful I'm able to get help and support on here.
  7. I'll get a picture up soon. That is if my camera doesn't decide to upload all 2500+ of my pictures again... And it has decided to upload all the pictures again.
  8. Not going to lie. I woke up today expecting the worst, but she was fine and swimming around. Can I feed her normally or does anything need to be changed? I just gave the fish a little bit of food just now because I hadn't fed her for two days since I wasn't exactly sure what was going on where she was bloated.
  9. I'll have my Mom pick up the Epsom salt tomorrow. If she doesn't I will. Out of everything that's what I forgot. I had it on my mind when I ran into someone I knew. (I'm extremely scatter brained ) The only thing I had done was a 100% water change and that seemed to help a lot. I'm guessing the previous salt that was in there was making it worse. I just added the General Cure in hopes it will help even more. I did the recommended dosage on the box, one packet per 10 gallons. Should I add more or just follow directions for now?
  10. Update on my fish, I call her Peach and her tank mate is Daisy. I got home just now and examined her. A LOT of her scales have went back down and she's looking less bloated. I went ahead and went with API General Cure since it was the only thing I could find quickly. If her scales have gone back down for the most part does she have a good shot at getting better?
  11. Let me try to see what I can find tomorrow first. Thank you for the offer.
  12. Any idea on her chances of making it if I have to order a product?
  13. What about the API General Cure? I know I've seen it at PetSense. Ingredients: Metronidazole-250 mg and Praziquantel-75 mg per packet.
  14. Do you think a vet clinic would have Metronidazole that's is suitable for fish?
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