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  1. Thank you dahling! They’re so cute, but shy right now! They’ve been darting out only to eat!
  2. I got 2 pearline (opaline?) gouramis as my centerpiece fish! Nothing else yet. But I’m excited with them; they’re very pretty
  3. My brother said the rams are probably too much work for me, cause they’re finicky about water hardness. I’m not interested in altering the ph of my tank. I don’t currently have a cover, just a light, so bettas aren’t a good idea for me rn. I want a nice show stopper fish, I just can’t decide what it should be. Then a school of fish- tetras or danios- and some bottom dwellers. I’m struggling coming up with stocking ideas that I actually like. Whenever I’ve had tropical tanks I’ve just had livebearers and I get bored of them fairly quickly, or they all die!!
  4. Sorry to double post; does this sound like ok stocking? -1 pair german blue rams -8 neon tetras -6 panda corys -maybe a trio of guppies or swordtails?
  5. I’m setting up the 30G for tropical fish! I put my betta in but I think he jumped ☹️ I’m gonna need a cover. He’s never tried jumping before so I didn’t think it would be an issue. I can’t find his body anywhere tho so maybe he’s hiding (or maybe the cats ate him!) also i I was wrong! It was one aquaclear 50 and 2 aquaclear 30s. 😄 any stocking ideas? I’m totally lost; tropical is out of my wheelhouse
  6. I just got an amazing deal on fish stuff!! 20H, 30L, a nice cupboard stand for the 30 and a metal pretty stand for the 20. 3 aquaclear filter (2x 30, 1x 20), 3 large heaters, 2 master test kits, 2 air pumps, water siphon, lots of fish food, assorted tank chemicals (all seachem!), nets, cleaning supplies, and a giant tote of decor, all for 80$!!
  7. Not sure. I feel like long term, just adding another fish to the 65 after qt would be he least trouble. But I hate qt and it would have to be on the floor (under tank stand) which would make wc annoying. Can I have a 4th in my 65 with 4 snails? I can only set up a total of 3 tanks in our apartment. I have the big tank and the 2 little tanks. I guess I’d like to combine my bettas into a divided 10g either way. The worms and guppies probably aren’t realistic things to do right now.
  8. So I’m trying to decide what to do next... 1. Vermiculture vine. Good for fishing, good for garden! 2. Set up split 10g and put my 2 bettas in there. 3. Get another 1-2 goldfish; qt in tank under big tank. (Could 5 fish fit comfortable into my 65g with 4 snails?) 4. Set up a guppy breeding op for live bait What do you all think?
  9. I noticed something interesting this morning. My panda moor, Julius, has turned entirely black within a month of getting him. But now, 2-3 months later, he has gone back to black and white! He’s wicked cute. Is this normal, or do you think it’s possible that when he “turned black” it was ammonia poisoning? It was his eyes and body but his fins were all originally black.
  10. We have two. Before Ben was born, we got a kitten, but it didn't work out and we had to rehome her. Thankfully Lady is fitting in soo much better with our household! Thank you! I'm slightly allergic but fortunately not enough that I can't have them.
  11. We got a beautiful new cat a week or two ago! We named her lady; she’s 4 1/2 and all beautiful and wicked friendly!! Also so I ordered snails for my tanks; ivory and golden mystery snails. 😊
  12. Can livebearers go with goldfish? Or can any fish? I have 3 tiny goldfish in a 65 but I’m not interested in getting more goldfish right now; they have such a high death rate during quarantine. Also, do snails need to be quarantined?
  13. He’s beautiful Mandy!! 😊 No worries; I got my name from a betta forum. For some reason it seems to be a very popular betta name haha
  14. Oh no! Sorry to hear that Mandy 😩 Do you have a cat that could’ve swiped at them?
  15. How are your babies doing Mandy?
  16. Woo look at those plants! It looks great!
  17. I think they all look good now! If you agree, I’ll remove the Paraguard Monday (that’s when I thought they looked good first).
  18. My 5.5 after a wc with Jasper, a juvenile copper half moon plakat. My red crowntail cape in yesterday and he’s gorgeous 😍 I don’t have any good pictures yet but he’s much nicer than I expected. He actually doesn’t look much like the auction pictures haha.
  19. After turning down the heat, Julius looks just as poorly. He’s hanging st the surface, barely swimming. I’ll do a 90% wc later and redose Paraguard and prime. Not sure what’s up with him.
  20. It’s at 80 still. I’ll turn it down! He’s still swimming today thankfully. I’m giving them a low stress day with the lights off and fasting to see if it helps too
  21. Julius is hanging at the top today. What could cause that? I’m honestly concerned he will be dead when I wake up tomorrow.
  22. 50%wc last night, readded Paraguard. I was only doing prazi for Chungus so I didn’t readd that. The plan is to do a 50-75% wc tomorrow to get rid of the rest of the salt and prazi. The tank is pretty cloudy today, as it was yesterday. Julius, Jason and mike all seem ok. Tho julius has been hanging at the top a bit.
  23. Chungus died very unexpectedly last night. Now all I have are 3 tiny fish in my 65g and it looks ridiculous. Plus Chungus was my husbands beautiful oranda and I feel awful I couldn’t keep it alive for him. 😩
  24. Thank you! I do think it could be partially the salt: Chungus was very happy before I added it. I’ll remove it over the next two waterchanges. 😊
  25. 50% wc. Redosed salt and Paraguard. Added prazi to the mix. Black telescope “julius” seems about as well as he was prior to pineconing which is great! Chungus (my husbands oranda haha) is a little floaty and fin clamp-y. I think he has flukes, hence why I’m adding the prazi.
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