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  1. Hi I have had this tank like this for over a year now only with minor changes in decor, I don't have any type of algae (I think) and the plants do get a bit dirty but it would take like 2 or 3 months for me to need take them out and clean them, weekly I change 80% or so and I clean the filters every other week, I have two hang on filters, one internal and one sponge filter and that's basically it. Thanks btw and also I use a python to vacuum the sand but usually I don't do it cause my internal filter does the job lol
  2. I have done different things at different times/ stocking levels, but right now I'm going to be doing 50% once a week. Your tank is so beautiful! Thanks for your answer right now I'm doing 80% once a week, thanks
  3. Water change day! How much water you guys change? do you do it every week or every 15 days? just curious
  4. Thanks me too lol Thank you!!! Thanks!!! You're welcome ^.^ Thanks love!!
  5. Hello! Here is a little video of 5 of my goldfish, this 5 are the only ones in an aquarium the rest are outside in a pond sorry about the music I forgot I had that thing on lol
  6. Thanks!!! its not painted, I think its called Vinyl I took my tank to a store where they had like vinyl stickers lol idk how are they called tho sorry... Edited: so I found this video on youtube and this is exactly what the guy used on my tank and btw it looks really good it gives you a really matte finish and also has black silicone instead the clear one
  7. Thanks love and if I could I totally would for sure
  8. Ahahah yes! I had my hand inside the tank almost everyday putting back the plants so I gave up lol Thanks again
  9. Thanks love, those are fake plants I had live plants before this but they ate them all lol I tried tho but my goldfish eat everything xD
  10. Not a bad idea ehehe I will thanks lovely
  11. I thought the same thing!Beautiful tank! Thanks to you both, it does actually look so much bigger but the measurements are 140x40x40 cm, its a 59g but I always say 55g I wish it was a 125g tho one day it will lol thanks
  12. Thanks eheh and yes it looks bigger lol lol Thanks love It puts a lot of extra weight but its worth it thanks Thanks I tried my best!
  13. Hi Finally happy with how it looks so here's a photo of my 55g tank
  14. How can I measure the amount of dirt and sand that I need for my new planted tank(70g)?
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