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  1. A chiller is not something I'm familiar with... will have to look it up. I got a kick out of the kiddie pool idea. The plastic wouldn't be toxic to the fish? I guess not since you mentioned it! Will give that idea consideration for sure. Haven't lived here long and working on making it pretty. Need plants and a pond!
  2. Yes, my wheels are SPINNING! :-) I would love to put in an outdoor pond but it's not in the budget at this time. So I was thinking.... OUCH, ha ha that I have a huge covered patio in the backyard. There just so happens to be an electrical outlet "that works" right where we have the patio table & chairs. I think it would be really cool to take my 55 gallon with goldfish out there. You think this could work? It does get HOT here, up in the 100's later in the summer. The tank would get morning light and shaded most of the day. I'm going to try and add a picture of the location I'd like to do this.
  3. I loved reading everything you all said. I had the tank all set up in the computer room, water and all... When I went to plug the filters in, the prongs wouldn't fit in the outlet. The prongs would just fall out. My husband said it had to be replaced. I'm hoping it will get fixed tomorrow. I am also thinking because of the algae I might just set it up in the livingroom. Too much fishy drama today. I'll keep you updated but pictures won't be beautiful because it's an old scratched up tank I got for free.
  4. My wheels are spinning now. Looks like I'll have this set up this weekend. The windows are new and dual paned, there shouldn't be drafts or anything... I'll put a thermometer in to make sure. Thank you two, I'm very excited to do this!
  5. I was just given a 55 gallon with no hood or lights. I have goldfish now (in another tank) and have kept them before but never without a hood and lights. So I was thinking of setting up the tank in our computer room (directly against the window) and letting them have natural sunlight. There are trees that give shade, and I have vertical blinds to close when necessary. Would this be acceptable or can you see any other problems other than algae that could be a problem? I do have a lot of filters, heaters, etc. for the tank out in the garage so would really like to set it up this weekend.
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