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  1. ghoti

    Betta Startup

    Oh... Okay. I guess its a never mind on getting a betta
  2. ghoti

    Betta Startup

    Okay so I mentioned on my blog that I've been wanting a betta again recently. So I've compiled a list of what I intend on buying and things I already have, and I'd like a few opinions on whether I should change or go for something else. Planning to buy: - Top Fin 5.5 Gallon Starter Kit comes with; - 16" Incandescent Hood and bulb - Power Filter w/ Cartridge - API Test Kit Currently have; - Aqueon Betta pellets - Nutrafin Betta flakes - Seachem Prime - Two Marina Betta heaters (listed as good for 1 gallon) - Thermometer ---- I read some reviews on the 5.5 Starter and apparently the light fixture and light tends to stop functioning due to evaporating water and rust. I will probably work a way around the light. Someone correct me if the source is wrong, but I read somewhere that bettas don't need a lot of light and are more of a low-light fish. Again if this is wrong, please tell me. I don't remember where I read it but it was from a few months ago so there is a chance I misread it. The filter is also apparently graded for a 10 gallon and some people say its too strong for their betta. I intend on baffling the filter with some floss and not using the cartridge. I'll most likely use more floss/sponge and maybe a few ceramic rings. For now I'll see how warm the two heaters I currently have will heat up the 5 gallons. If it isn't enough then I will get a new heater. I'm predicting for now it might not be but it's better to try right? lol And the test kit I've been needing/wanting for a long time now so it'll always be on my list of things to buy xP So my questions; 1. Would the Top Fin filter suffice? Or should I just splurge and go for the AC20? 2. How would you set-up the betta filter? 3. What heaters would be good for a 5 gallon, in case the two heaters don't work well enough. Thanks:)
  3. ... when you make sure the fish are nowhere in sight while you're eating sushi ... when instead of watching tv or netflix you just watch fish videos online or watch your aquarium
  4. There is an amazing sale on the Marineland Penguin 350, and a sale (but not as compelling) on the Aqueon QuietFlows. I just wanted some of your opinions on these filters. Thanks in advance:)
  5. Yeah, I actually removed the plant earlier because I figured it might be that causing it, just as a precaution. And thanks:) my friend had a hard time parting with some of them because they were so cute, haha.
  6. Nop, no irritation whatsoever. Somewhat. It isn't constant or frequent, there are just time i see them chasing or headbutting one another on their sides, but not too hard. here are the photos, and I guess my eyes deceived me, because the other fish didn't really have any scaleless patches. It was mostly the horizontally striped one and a few from the all white. took out the some of the fake plants, but here they were before now the fish: i kept them large so it'd be easier to see the patches:
  7. I'll try to post some more photos of the other fish. Mean On my blog the second photo looked like there were missing scales (according to tithra) and that simlar thing started to appear on my other fish (except the big one). That fish in the photo got a bit more now though, so I'm beginning to think it might be the fake plants since she likes to go behind them a lot... And as for the form: Ammonia (tap): 1 ppm (according to LFS) Nitrite (tank/tap): n/a Nitrate (tank/tap): n/a pH (tank/tap): n/a kH (tank/tap): n/a gH (tank/tap): n/a I'll try to update the form once I find the other info about my city's tap water. Unfortunately I only know of my city's ammonia reading because my LFS told me last time I went there. Pictures will also be posted, but the camera doesn't always capture the "blank areas", so I'll keep trying.
  8. First, if this is in the wrong subforum, could a mod move it the the right place? I didn't really know where else to ask it. I've noticed my fish losing scales and I was wondering what causes goldfish to lose scales. Apparently it isn't uncommon (unless I read that wrong), but I'm kinda worried because its like patches of them missing. The patches aren't large, so maybe its a few scales in the general area. I suspect it might be the fake plants or maybe even the tank glass because its pretty scratched up from the inside and they tend to swim by that glass(?) Sadly, I don't have a test kit so if I need to give the readings I won't be able to. And, how long does it usually take for scales to grow back? Thanks in advance -ghoti
  9. Ooh okay. Thanks. So would a 40 be okay for a 60, in your opinion?
  10. Does the air pump's "gallon grade" have to match the tank's volume? Here's what I mean: Let's say a Tetra Whisper 40 is used on a 60 gallon or something that's higher than 40 gallons - is there anything a person should be weary of or know before-hand? And the same if the 40 is used on a 10 or 20 G. (I'm assuming the 40 means its meant for a 40 gallon - correct me if I'm wrong, lol and I also didn't know what else to call the number so I called it a "gallon grade") And additional question: Do the Tetra Whispers actually whisper? I think I heard somewhere in a video they don't (I think it was a Tithra video). And are there any maybe better (maybe even cheaper) alternatives?
  11. Its so beautiful, I especially love Hashi's coloring! Could you tell me what that substrate is? (side note: pleasepleaseplease make a new video lol)
  12. My LFS is having a sale on Marineland Canisters (not by a lot, about 10-20% off) and was wondering if it would be worth it to get one (a C-530). I've been hearing about how the quality of Marineland wasn't that good so I wanted some of your opinions. Thanks as always:)
  13. Ohh. That makes sense. Thanks for the quick response as always Chelsea!
  14. So I'm back with some good news - I may have a tank by July, hopefully earlier. Things are still being worked out, and, (I think, and truly hope - I forgot to ask when I was there) my LFS might sell cycled filter media, so hopefully I won't have to cycle as long. Anyways... How do you weigh single-tails (when they are over a foot long)? I was thinking it would be the same as the fancies and just put them in a larger bucket, but wanted some confirmation on this. I know some fancies get particularly large too, so maybe its the same way? I'm not entirely sure, so maybe someone can clarify for me, haha. Thanks in advance:)
  15. That was sort of the part that confused me. If it say, drops to only 3ppm or 2ppm, would I still add, or do I wait for it to reach around 0-1 ppm? I ask because at first it says "When ammonia drops near 0ppm, add enough ammonia, etc.", then later "bring ammonia up to 4ppm as necessary." And as for the water change, I assume I'd be adding some Prime in as well?
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