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  1. I just found another article stating that our area typically has soft water with 0-60 ppm of mineral hardness, but I need more info. I guess I should keep tetras or angels! Lol
  2. I found a water report online, but I do not see anything about a kH, alkalinity, or carbonate values. I'll call or have it tested this week.
  3. I feel bad about the salt. There are so many conflicting articles on its use in goldfish. I was really trying to help his finrot and bloody tail, not make it worse. The tail does not have any tears or splits, but it has been frayed at the edges the past few days, along with the odd blood stains at the base.
  4. Ok I'll try to find out the kH values this week. I really need to know this for the goldfish and because I plan on setting up my saltwater tank again in the near future. My friend has a reef tank and he mentioned this value to me before.
  5. Ok I'm getting the salt and Melafix out, and I'll begin Prazipro when it comes in this week. Should I do the 5 day or 7 day schedule? I did a 50% water change today, and I'll do another one tomorrow. Is that too fast for removing the salt? The pH out of the tap is around 7.0 to 7.2. I'm not sure what caused the drop, so I want to figure out how much sodium bicarbonate to add. Thank you all so much for your help!
  6. But I have no idea what my kH is so I'm not sure how to read the table, and I'm not buying another test kit now. Maybe a pet store could measure it for me? I could also add some crushed coral.
  7. O.k. sounds good. I did order some Prime so it should be here this week. Today's parameters: pH dropped from about 7.0 to 6.8? Not sure why, but is this alright? ammonia - 0 to 0.25 (same as tap) nitrite - 0 nitrate - 0, I think. It might have had a very very slight orange tint. If it is there, I am super excited! So salt will get phased out in a couple of days. One more question, should I add any Melafix back in? I feel like the answer is no, but I wanted to be sure. Would that affect the pH? Thanks so much! I'm off to do a 50% water change, and the same tomorrow. Then the salt will be gone. I've got the tank at 75 degrees. Is this temperature o.k.? You guys are so helpful. I really want Ursula to pull through.
  8. O.k. I'll wait until I do anything. The salt is about 0.2% and Melafix is currently in the tank. Should I do a water change to get the salt back down to 0.1% or should I keep it at 0.2% since I haven't seen any nitrites yet? I may need to leave it in . . . thanks! Do you think another salt dip would help Ursula? She seemed to feel a lot better the other day, but someone advised to stay away from the salt for the moment.
  9. O.k. thank you. If I have any other questions, I will start a new thread over in the D & D section. I'll start phasing out the salt down to 1%, and no more Melafix before I add the Prazi!
  10. Thank you! I really do love her. Well, I don't know if it's a female or not but I named her Ursula. I'll try to get a video of my other one too. He is Archibald. Ursula is doing better today. She is swimming more, and never refuses mealtime. There is still some redness at the base of her tail but the blood is a little more rust colored so maybe it is healing? Should I start phasing the salt out? I thought it would help with her ragged tail fin, but I want to do what is best for her. Melafix is in the water, too. I've been changing about 25 - 30% of the water daily just to keep the parameters in check. She seems to perk up with the water changes. I will treat with Prazipro when it arrives this week. I remember seeing a good schedule for treatment on here, but I would appreciate the link again if someone has it. Does it sound like flukes? They both yawn often, and Ursula shakes her head sometimes and flares her gills. Since I don't see any parasites on them and the water quality is great, that is what I suspect. The strong salt dip really helped her, but she does still bottom sit and then there are those red marks on her tail.
  11. This was a great thread! It sounds like what I'm going through at the moment with one of my bubble eyes. I just ordered some Prazi and I hope that fixes the problems with my babies. It should get here this week. I'm so glad your fish are doing better.
  12. See if the link works! http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=kyINzOee-zE http://youtu.be/kyINzOee-zE
  13. I have taken several videos of her on my iPad so I will try to upload them to youtube soon. I have no idea if the tank has cycled because I have 0 readings on all nitrogen compounds as of this morning. Prazipro and Prime have been ordered along with some medigold food for the redness at the base of the tail. I suspect flukes or some other parasite since these two came from a LFS (never again! Lol)! One fish is fine, but the other one was so sluggish yesterday that I decided to give her a strong salt dip for a few minutes. She is much better this morning and not bottom sitting. Both fish are roaming around the tank and picking at rocks! The only visible problem is the redness at the base of the caudal fin on one if them. I am slowly increasing salinity back up to 0.3% and I will treat with Prazipro when it arrives. I'm still staying on top of water parameters, and I'll feed the medigold for a couple of weeks to combat any nasty bacterial problems. It could be that they have flukes and this is opening the scales to allow the bacteria to enter. My fingers are crossed for these little guys! I am open to any other suggestions, too. And please move the thread to the right area if necessary. I still have no clue if my tank is cycled yet, but if the parameters are fine I guess I shouldn't worry. These will be the only two fish in this tank, and maybe my only goldfish period!
  14. Thanks. I do have one going in the general section about cycling a tank and the weird symptoms one of my fish is displaying. I might start one in D&D too.
  15. I'm so sorry about what happened. I'm battling a strange illness in one of my babies at the moment, too. My fingers are crossed for your survivors.
  16. And I do have ceramic media, and mechanical media sponges in the bio wheel filter. It is very slimy so I think the cultures are coming along ok, but I just don't know why I have no nitrate or nitrate readings. I hope I addressed everyone's questions!
  17. And my measurements are for their body without the tails, so maybe 2 1/2" total with the tail.
  18. Thank you all so much for the help! I do have a heater, and I bumped it up a bit. I was scared to set it too high because I read that ammonia would be more of a problem at higher temperatures. Does 76 degrees as a final temp sound alright? I can bring it up slowly. I have no idea what my kh reading is, and I don't have a test for that. I have heard great things about Prime so I will definitely get some, and I ordered some Prazipro. They eat high quality sinking pellets (soaked first), skinned peas, and sinking spirulina pellets. Sometimes I soak the peas in garlic to boost their immune system. Right now I only feed tiny amounts once a day. I did a 25% water change again today and didn't add any salt back in. I using API water conditioner, and I did add a little melafix. Do you recommend water changing it all out or trying to keep a very low level (1 tsp/gal)? Unfortunately the little guy that isn't doing well has some red streaks at the base of his tail and is very sluggish (that's why I added the melafix). Should I give him a strong salt bath? The other fish is fine and I refuse to use antibiotics in the tank, especially since I'm having such weird parameter readings and I don't want to mess with my bacteria. I ordered these guys from a LFS, so maybe they just were unhealthy to begin with. I'm doing all I can for them, but I honestly feel like giving up at this point! They only cost $6 each, and I'm busting my behind to save them. My saltwater tank was easier than this. Lol. Help!!
  19. Hello, I've had two small (1 - 1 1/2'') fancy (bubble-eye) goldfish in a 30 gallon tank for over a month now. My water tests are done with a liquid API test kit. pH stays around 7.0, temperature is 72 (maintained by heater) Penguin biowheel power filter rated for more than enough filtration and two airstones ammonia fluctuates from 0 - 0.25 (hard to read, even in sunlight at times) no nitrite or nitrate whatsoever I change about 25-30% of the water at least twice a week. Sometimes my fish act fine, but the past few days one bottom sits or likes to swim near the top of the tank. There should be no problem with oxygen saturation in the tank, and ammonia never gets above 0.25 - 0.50. I feed them a varied diet once a day, just enough for them to eat in 2 minutes. They never refuse food, but at times the fins on this same one are clamped. What is going on? Weird. I kept the salt level around 0.2% for a couple of weeks (slowly bringing them up) to help relieve some stress when I first got them and to ward off the dreaded ich, and I've been bringing the salinity back down slowly. I read on several forums that the minute salt level should not effect the biological filter. The weird acting fish seems to be happier with the salt added so I added a bit back to bring it up to 0.1% again. I did add some Tetra Safestart a couple of days ago to hopefully boost the bacteria, but I tested the water today and I keep getting no ammonia, nitrite, or nitrate. I'm baffled! I've kept all kinds of fish from freshwater to marine over the past 25 years, so I feel like a somewhat experienced aquarist, but I've just come back to the hobby after a 5 year hiatus. So confused!!!! Any input is much appreciated. I've never had this much trouble with goldfish before, and I even kept bubble eyes and celestials for many years in the past. Maybe they are fine and I'm just fretting over them too much. Or maybe they have flukes? I do not see any visible parasites, but the funny acting one does flare his gill covers sometimes and yawns. Something is irritating him, and I don't think it's the water parameters. But the tank isn't cycling for some reason. Thank you, Heather
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