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  1. Love your setup! What kind of plants are those? I am planning on starting up my 75 gallon tank once again, in the summer, after 3 years living overseas. For now, I'm slowly brushing up again on goldfish care, tank set up, etc. Can't wait to see your 100 gallon tank all set in place
  2. Ohhh that is just so adorable!!!!! Now I want one! lol Though the smaller the cuter they seem haha I'm going to let my sister know that bit of info Gosh that bundle just looks so comfy!
  3. Well judging by the video, Jett doesn't seem too sure he wants to take his chances either but only you would know if he ever dared. My sister and her husband want to get a corgi too some time in the future. She said they are known to be very active dogs. Jett definitely seems to be very curious haha
  4. Bettas are so much fun to watch! He is quite the character flaring and all congrats!
  5. Ooo I like that song! Your babies are so cute nice gravel choice too!
  6. Congratulations!!! he is really cute! I've always heard of dark colored gf turn to lighter colors but not the opposite. I could be wrong though lol My orange fantail has never changed color.
  7. Jett is such a cutie pie!! Your chus are really on it!
  8. Love this song so graceful! Very nice tank and your snail is awesome!
  9. Thank you! I like his patterns too! Thank you! Thanks! Ha ha they sure rock!
  10. Yup! I believe he is a tiger stripe or red dot nerite snail? I think they may have different names for this particular one LOL I was glued to the tank for the first 30 minutes just watching him move! Does your betta bother your snail?
  11. Me too! he is so cute Thank you! Yes, he definitely adds some color to the tank
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