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  1. I've been feeding them twice a day but since my tank is newly cycled and is not stable so I think I'm gonna feed them twice a day but reduce the amount of food to a half for a couple of days, is it ok ?
  2. Thank you, I got my water changer now so I am able to do large water change in a breeze , buckets are painful. Any recommendation on the feeding, since my tank is newly cycled ?
  3. Hi guys, I have this oranda and a comet lived together in a 7 gallon container for about 9 months. I bought a 53 gallons tank 2 months ago and moved them in, is my fish stunted, I want them to grow to their full potential too.
  4. Thanks, I have my cousin buy a couple of veggie clips for me when he return from the USA next month. And I got the result: Does this mean that my tank is cycled. What should I do next ?
  5. Thank you, I'm excited for the test result tomorrow, please be cycled already. :finger crossed I'm thinking about getting a pre-filter sponge for my intake. My fish seem like they don't like peas at all, is there anything else good for them ?
  6. Yes my last water change is 24 hours ago, and ammonia is 0
  7. I'm using the Prodac Nitrite Test and my nitrite is 0.05ppm.Yes I have aquarium salt but I haven't put it in. Both nitrate test and seachem prime are sold out, I'm waiting for the Local fish shop to stock it. May be next week.
  8. Hi guys, I tested the water today: Ammonia: 0 Nitrite: 0.05 PH: 7.5 Is my tank cycled ?
  9. Beautiful fish. I would love to see a picture of your tank too. I love to see everyone's decoration
  10. I have this set up right now on my canister filter: 1st tray: sponge and bio sponge 2nd tray sponge and gex mega bio 3rd tray: ceramic ring 4th tray: ceramic ring and sponge 5th: 1 litre of Seachem Matrix I'm thinking about switching the 4th tray for mor Seachem Matrix. What do u think ? Is this arrangement good ?
  11. BTW, I have 1 litre of Seachem Matrix in the filter now, is it good if I add 1 more litre of this product.
  12. OK then I will do another water change Thanks. How do I know if my tank is fully cycled ? Both ammonia and nitrite read 0 ?
  13. I did a 80% water change yesterday after the first test. And I didn't put any salt into the tank. So should I do another water change ? How many percent ?
  14. I tested my water this morning and got this: Ammonia: 0 Nitrite: >0.05ppm. What should I do next ?
  15. I was away from home for 4 days and had my brother fed the fish for me. I have just come back home this morning and tested my tank water. This is the result:Ammonia: 0.5 ppm Nitrite: 0ppm Is this normal ?
  16. Nice tank and really cool fish
  17. So cute, is it hard keeping him with other goldfish ?
  18. I did too, I attached the veggies to the clip and put it in the tank, but they still chose to nibble on the plants. Bad Goldfish
  19. Anubias and Java Fern work well with Goldfish and some people have success with Swords and other plants. But, I do agree to avoid plants with hard, sharp leaves.Yah I totally forgot about them but I think my goldfish are naughty, they don't want me to have some nice plants lol. It s like they are trying to say: "only take care of us". I think I will try again with Anubias or Java Fern
  20. I don't think any plants could go well with goldfish, my surface plants which were destroyed completely after 1 day, they ripped the roots. But bubble eyes are weaker as compare to others especially their eyes, so I would keep some plants which don't have too sharp leaves.
  21. Nope lfs said that it will be available nextweek, so I am waiting, I live in Viet Nam so things like Seachem Prime have to be imported.
  22. Do you guys happen to to know what type are these rock ? Because I was given by my uncle sine he has a lot of this
  23. I made a mistake Tap water: Ammonia: 0 Nitrite: 0 PH: 8.0 Tank: PH: 7.5
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