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  1. Wow I didnt know that it is hard expensive to get fish in USA. It is much easier to choose and get fish here in Ho Chi Minh city, Viet Nam. We have 4 fish streets (we call them fish street because many shops on that street sell fish, equipments, tanks...) here and each is about 5 to 7 km from each other. The nearest one is 1km from my house. I feel so lucky :).

    Sara, you could save for some more, because it is better to pick fish from trustworthy sources like ECR or raingarden.... Good luck, hope you can find the fish that you really like.

  2. It looks really nice and your fish are so cute! :)

    Thanks :3

    Wow, it looks REALLY good! Congrats! :) And clearly your fish seem to love it too! They look like they are having so much fun sifting through the new substrate.

    I think it makes the fish stand out much more than the white sand. Very beautiful, make sure to keep posting photos and videos! :)

    Thanks, I'm looking for some green fake plants with soft parts to put in the tank.

  3. We have sand that looks like that when the beach erodes! It's magnetic and looks really nice. :heart

    I think you made a lovely choice with a finer-grain sand. :D

    Yes even my fiah love them more than the previous pool filter sand that I used, the grain size is 0.2mm to 0.5mm as compared to 1mm - 3mm of the pool filter sand. My lionheads and orandas are continuously sifting through it.

  4. As promised, here is my tank with new substrate JBL Sansibar Black. It's kind of fine sand and my goldfish really love it, the grain size is so much smaller than my previous pool filter sand. But rinsing this kind of sand is a pain, took me 2 hours rinsing but the water is still a little bit cloudy after 3 days.

    The Video (with background music this time YAY):

    The Pics:











  5. I think there's nothing we can do about it because if the owners of those shop really care about the fish it wouldn't happen and the employee won't act like that. There are many shops like that here , lack of advice and knowledge about what they are selling.

    Last year, my cousin had an indoor pond housing some oranda, she went to the shop with me to get them some tank mates cause the pond is pretty big. They advised us to buy twelve five banded barbs, we did bought some and it was a nightmare, all the chasing and tail nipping. All the oranda ran for their life, so I had to set up a divider. It was horrible.

  6. Goodness!! Hugo's coloring is just amazing. When I got my ryukin, I wasn't so sure about her coloring. I couldn't make up my mind and my husband said she was the best. So, we got her, and I am completely in love with that fish. :rofl Kite is everything I wanted in a calico :heart

    Can I ask, what happened to Finny's fin?

    I can not say for sure. Maybe was "born" like that.

    But I remember there was a fry that got himself caught inside the fiber of the floss of the "sponge" filter for a while. Eventually he got out. Sometimes I wonder if that was him, and somehow the circulation to his tail got cut off by the fiber floss and it "fell off". I'm not even sure if that is possible at all though :lol

    This is him at only three or so weeks old and you can already see the missing tail. It is a very straight line, almost looks like it was cut off with scissors. I didn't do it though! :rofl

    So I can't really say if it was a birth defect or caused by injury :idont


    Wow, wonderful. Glad he could make it this big.

  7. They are gorgeous! I didn't know you could keep UD Catfish by themselves, but I googled it and apparently that's fine. Very cool, I love these guys! :D

    I have three of them. But that nor is never with the other two

    Beautiful goldfish you have !!! What type of pleco is that ?

    its a bn pleco

    Thanks, he looks so strange.

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