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  1. so cute. But watch out for the intake of your HOB, my goldfish love to have sand in their mouth then swim up and spit them all over the tank.
  2. choji002

    New 40G

    It looks fantastic, I would love to see more pics of your tank.
  3. I love the JBL Sansibar Black, could be found on amazon.
  4. We are discussing that one also but the idea kind of freaks her out. Release the Kraken.
  5. Omg so cute , hope they grow strong and big.
  6. my fish like to dig and sìting through the sand so I dont have problem with poo conner, all the poo disappear the next morning :miracle. You could use air stone or air disk. They work fine for me. The debris get picked up and push around the tank till they reach the intake.
  7. But Eyeris is gonna eat all of their food
  8. Chelsea is that polisher the same as this http://www.jbl.de/en/aquatics-freshwater-products/detail/2402/jbl-symecmicro#sizes
  9. She seems to be happy as a clam! She is to busy looking for food! I have had two goldies before and there was always food aggression. I hated it. Eyeris eats so slow. She knows where to find her food. I feed her in the same spot each time but she can take her time and I know she is getting enough. She tried the Marimo Ball a couple of times but didn't pursue it after that. Not to her taste I guess. She would rather just order him around. When I got her she was in a tank by herself. It was the Java Moss tank. It was full of the moss. There was absolutely nowhere for her to swim. She was returned because she was sold as a Panda then changed to orange. I guess the Java Moss tank was the only place they had to put her. She was also pretty floaty. So now with room to swim and being able to get to the bottom it is just forage, forage, forage all the live long day. I really think she is just to darn busy to be lonely. Side note on the Marimo. If I see she is starting to eat it I will take it out. I have had it for over a year and a half. It is the last of three. My other goldfish devoured the other two. Glad that she is doing good now.
  10. Thank you guys. It is JBL Sansibar Black sand, it is very fine sand but should take lots of time to clean and it looks beautiful. You can check it out at this website: http://www.amazon.co.uk/JBL-Sansibar-BLACK-10kg/dp/B007FKK8VOTheir official website is on maintenance so I give u this site instead. I was looking to see if that brand is sold in the US, but I was having a hard time finding it. However, I did find Tahitian Moon Sand. http://www.amazon.com/Carib-Sea-ACS00821-Tahitian-Aquarium/dp/B007R55QUU/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1400951284&sr=8-1&keywords=Tahitian+Moon+SandIt looks similar to the sand in your tank and I've read a few good things about it. Here's a video of it in someone's goldfish tank: It looks like they love it! I might get it for my new tank. Yes I heard that Tahoti Moon Sand is really good sand too, but it is a little bit darker than JBL Sansibar, if you want a lighter look you could search for Seachem Onyx it is a type of sand but has nutrition for plants too, however from some forums I heard that Seachem Onyx is a little bit sharp but it is not confirmed yet. The jbl website is finally accessible: http://www.jbl.de/en/aquatics-freshwater-products/group/3397/substrate
  11. Beautiful and cute goldfish. Does Eyeris feel lonely in there ? Is moss ball safe with goldies ?
  12. Stop showing ponds, you guys make me jealous
  13. Yay but it depends on the source, not that they have healthy fish all the time. But usually I would avoid these shops because if I go there I would stay around and try to look for a cute goldfish.
  14. Thank you guys. It is JBL Sansibar Black sand, it is very fine sand but should take lots of time to clean and it looks beautiful. You can check it out at this website: http://www.amazon.co.uk/JBL-Sansibar-BLACK-10kg/dp/B007FKK8VO Their official website is on maintenance so I give u this site instead.
  15. Don't worry Jay, you can do it. Even though I don't have ay experience in keeping fry but I think you just need to avoid putting anything that can harm them in the tank, water quality and food and environment condition and that should be ok. Best of luck
  16. Here are the vids if you guys want to know more about it
  17. Here is one of the shops on the nearest fish shop which I often go to, the fish are not kept in good condition though, but they have many types of fish.
  18. Yah, but all the beautiful and healthy 1st rank goldies are mainly imported from China and Thailand so the price is a little bit high. But some fish farms have been established, I hope that the local sources would be cheaper. :3
  19. Wow I didnt know that it is hard expensive to get fish in USA. It is much easier to choose and get fish here in Ho Chi Minh city, Viet Nam. We have 4 fish streets (we call them fish street because many shops on that street sell fish, equipments, tanks...) here and each is about 5 to 7 km from each other. The nearest one is 1km from my house. I feel so lucky . Sara, you could save for some more, because it is better to pick fish from trustworthy sources like ECR or raingarden.... Good luck, hope you can find the fish that you really like.
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