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  1. Hello All, How is everyone doing? I am doing okay. Here is an update on my tank! What do you guys think? I added a hood cover, moved around some decore`, added substrate, and added an extra bio "wall" or whatever you call it. Tell me what you think and whats new in life! http://imgur.com/JIC15U5 http://imgur.com/LXPhltx http://imgur.com/0ml4Rtf The extra bio wall I added is that white spongy thing. http://imgur.com/DOW0vYe Now I have a five stage filter! Filter Floss --> Charcoal --> Secondary Filter (Plastic) --> Bio Wall --> Bio Wheel.
  2. Hey All! It's been quite some time, I've been busy, getting use to some new changes. I recently dropped out of my public school, and I am now taking classes online. AP Psychology to be exact! Yeah! Here is the picture you requested so long ago!
  3. It's been almost 3 entire months; If not, longer. And my "common goldfish" has not got any bigger. So with that being said, I did some research and I have found out that he is a rosy red minnow! I will still keep him, But may move him into a small 5 gallon tank. Right now I do have some black nose dace in with the rosy red minnow, They seem to be getting along! Well, I'm not sure if its good news, but I am happy about it. I recently got another 10 gallon tank and will be planning on using it for a lizard/salamander or possibly a frog! Im not sure where to put something like this, so sorry if in wrong section!
  4. I do not currently need to upgrade if I am correct. I did some measurements and I believe these still have plenty of room to grow into with!
  5. Hello KoKos Members! How is everyone? I am doing fine myself. Any who, I wan't to have a tank that is bare bottom and have substrate, what do you guys and girls think of this idea? How would I go about and do this? Any suggestions? Thank you! If you are curious to why I want to do this, this is because I feel my filter isn't picking up everything, and keeping up with the gravel is really annoying me! That is why if you are interested to wonder.
  6. Pretty! I have always thought about becoming a professional photographer! I deff have the gear for it!
  7. Thank you somuch Chelsea, the videos as long as the advice you gave me helped me! I know have a better perspective, thank you!
  8. I saw your post when you QT Mochi. I absolutely adore cute little Moch now! <3 Is he doing good still?
  9. I Have to admit though. For some people this may seem extreme. But to me, it actually is not. I feel this way because I find it absolutely amazing! When I get older, and I move out and get my own house. And hopefully I'm still into the aquarium hobby. I will do something like this.Accept just not on a big scale like that dude did. "133 Inch wide screen, and something is always on!" - I balled my eyes out on that part! Thanks for the idea, really!
  10. The funny part is that I'm actually Chinese and I do know a lot about the modern culture. I am very close with my Chinese relatives that live in Boston, and I have been to Chinatown many times! Chinese and Japanese are totally different. I know that. But they are the same Asian ethnic so I will have a some what understanding. Thanks for the article!
  11. I could do that. But I will decide what to do after I remodel my room.
  12. Thanks for telling, I will note this! But if I get a baby Ryukin, how fast would they outgrow the tank? I will need to save up money!
  13. But I love Goldfish. I couldn't have one Ryukin?
  14. Don't worry! I don't intend to have Koi's. They are too big! I have a 10 gallon.
  15. Hello KoKo's Forum Members! I currently have either 3 Rosy Reds, or 3 Common Goldfish. I'm not sure, or even how to go about on how to find out what kind of goldfish they are. But I am thinking about rehoming them. So does anyone live in the Lebanon, New Hampshire area, that would like them, care for them? But that is not what this post is about. I'm trying to decide what kind of Goldfish to get. I was thinking of a Ryukin. But I'm trying to find a goldfish that has the following charistics. Very Colorful, Like A Koi. Has Many Fins, Like A Ryukin, FanTail & VeilTail So, with that being said, What do you think would be a good choice? Thank you! I like to also consider myself a -->
  16. Was a nice thought though ' Thank you KoKo. Do you have any pictures of what your tank looks like? As well as your Goldfish? Don't feel badly. I appreciate your efforts, and just wanted to make sure you didn't have to buy things unnecessarily. Thank you for the tip! I never knew that, that is something that has now come to my attention!
  17. I would love to see the articles, thank you!
  18. Aw, I tried to help at least. But thank you for the information!
  19. I did a little bit of some research and ended up finding this, I thought I would share this as this looks like a nice little guide, and also provides ways to treat them. Here you go! http://www.tetra-fish.com/aquarium-information/aquarium-fish-diseases-how-to-spot-them.aspx
  20. Thank you! I will keep your tips in mind!
  21. My mother said, and quote on my life. (Not really.) Mom: "You can do whatever you want with your stupid aquarium. Just keep it in your room!" But goldfish aren't stupid.
  22. No I have not talked to my parents. Sadly there is no PetCo within a good driving distance.
  23. Do any of you have ideas on DIY aquarium decor? Thanks!
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