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  1. Hello All, How is everyone doing? I am doing okay. Here is an update on my tank! What do you guys think? I added a hood cover, moved around some decore`, added substrate, and added an extra bio "wall" or whatever you call it. Tell me what you think and whats new in life! http://imgur.com/JIC15U5 http://imgur.com/LXPhltx http://imgur.com/0ml4Rtf The extra bio wall I added is that white spongy thing. http://imgur.com/DOW0vYe Now I have a five stage filter! Filter Floss --> Charcoal --> Secondary Filter (Plastic) --> Bio Wall --> Bio Wheel.
  2. Hey All! It's been quite some time, I've been busy, getting use to some new changes. I recently dropped out of my public school, and I am now taking classes online. AP Psychology to be exact! Yeah! Here is the picture you requested so long ago!
  3. It's been almost 3 entire months; If not, longer. And my "common goldfish" has not got any bigger. So with that being said, I did some research and I have found out that he is a rosy red minnow! I will still keep him, But may move him into a small 5 gallon tank. Right now I do have some black nose dace in with the rosy red minnow, They seem to be getting along! Well, I'm not sure if its good news, but I am happy about it. I recently got another 10 gallon tank and will be planning on using it for a lizard/salamander or possibly a frog! Im not sure where to put something like this, so sorry if in wrong section!
  4. I do not currently need to upgrade if I am correct. I did some measurements and I believe these still have plenty of room to grow into with!
  5. Hello KoKos Members! How is everyone? I am doing fine myself. Any who, I wan't to have a tank that is bare bottom and have substrate, what do you guys and girls think of this idea? How would I go about and do this? Any suggestions? Thank you! If you are curious to why I want to do this, this is because I feel my filter isn't picking up everything, and keeping up with the gravel is really annoying me! That is why if you are interested to wonder.
  6. Pretty! I have always thought about becoming a professional photographer! I deff have the gear for it!
  7. Thank you somuch Chelsea, the videos as long as the advice you gave me helped me! I know have a better perspective, thank you!
  8. I saw your post when you QT Mochi. I absolutely adore cute little Moch now! <3 Is he doing good still?
  9. I Have to admit though. For some people this may seem extreme. But to me, it actually is not. I feel this way because I find it absolutely amazing! When I get older, and I move out and get my own house. And hopefully I'm still into the aquarium hobby. I will do something like this.Accept just not on a big scale like that dude did. "133 Inch wide screen, and something is always on!" - I balled my eyes out on that part! Thanks for the idea, really!
  10. The funny part is that I'm actually Chinese and I do know a lot about the modern culture. I am very close with my Chinese relatives that live in Boston, and I have been to Chinatown many times! Chinese and Japanese are totally different. I know that. But they are the same Asian ethnic so I will have a some what understanding. Thanks for the article!
  11. I could do that. But I will decide what to do after I remodel my room.
  12. Thanks for telling, I will note this! But if I get a baby Ryukin, how fast would they outgrow the tank? I will need to save up money!
  13. But I love Goldfish. I couldn't have one Ryukin?
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