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  1. The parents are gorgeous! I had a fry go dark like that and both parents are metallic. He lightened up afterwards
  2. Good luck! I *think* it's similar dimensions to mine. Mine's a bit longer but also has shelves and about the same width and depth. Mine's over 100 gallons but Sharon's probably right for this one. I'd just stock it lightly if you're unsure
  3. I'm not sure if anyone has made a thread on this before, but here goes. When making covers, please be aware of the safety of wildlife. This morning I found a dead hedgehog in my pond. I wasn't sure how he'd managed to climb in since this pond is partially above ground, but he'd done it. It was sad as I often see him around my patio looking for food. The cover on the pond had broken at the edge, and he'd fallen in. If I had made a stronger cover, this wouldn't have happened. It's very disheartening. Some animals are good swimmer, but will give up if they cannot escape due to steep sides. Thanks for looking.
  4. You could try here I've had good luck with them!
  5. My oldest are my shubunkin and my telescope, bought the same day (originally belonged to my mother) and are 12 later this year
  6. Depends on my shift. But, usually: 5amish - feed all tanks I throw something like spinach or seaweed in before I leave for work. 4pm(ish) fry and QT waterchanges fed again somewhere between 4-10 midnight(ish) - lights out Sometimes they're guilt fed at lunch time by my best friend who basically lives with me
  7. They're being starved! On a serious note, I looove your tank and fish!
  8. I think really you need to experiment with different foods. Different fish react differently, some foods will cause bloating and swim bladder issues whereas another brand won't. I don't know a tonne about foods available in the US but so far recommended I've seen: NLS Thera A + A Saki Hikari Hikari Lionhead Repashy Super Green/ Soilent Green Homemade gel food There are many more, but my brain's not working. For frozen foods, mine enjoy bloodworms and daphnia. They love live daphnia, too. I feed algae wafers, red lettuce, courgette, spinach, kale, peas, nori etc depending what's in the house at the time. You can feed fruit very occasionally (high in sugar, so not often). Mine love watermelon.
  9. I left my hood off for an hour and my wallpaper was wrecked by one of my singletails! They also grab the leaves of my water lettuce above the surface and flick it sideways and splash to get my attention. So if you have fish like this and want to keep your wallpaper looking pretty, I'd recommend a lid Also for Black who I noticed was in the UK, All Pond Solutions HOBs and canisters have surface skimmers.
  10. I didn't update on these guys but I changed their feeding schedule to pellets every two days instead of every day for a while, and mashed peas for them every few days and my old lady minnow is back to her usual size. Just in case anyone finds them self in this situation, fast a day, feed a day and mash peas for them every so often and see if that helps. It wasn't quick for her to go back to her regular size so patience!
  11. Congrats on your new fish! I couldn't go this time
  12. They'll be fine on them. They'll go for vegetables, algae, greens and any frozen/live foods you may feed them, too.
  13. That's a lot of fry!! How old are your first batch now?
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